Re-Sign LaMont Now!
By Kevin Newell
Jets Head Writer
November 22nd, 2004
RB LaMont Jordan could be a big key to the Jets's future success and needs to be re-signed. (Jets Photo)
RB LaMont Jordan could be a big key to the Jets's future success and needs to be re-signed. (Jets Photo)
I think I speak for every New York Jets fan when I implore the organization to sign LaMont Jordan to a long-term deal. ASAP!

This guy is invaluable to the team. Anyone can see that. I dont care if he had an attitude problem during training camp because he felt he should be playing more. He should be playing more. I dont care if he helped blow the Ravens game with his ill-advised option pass before the half. Hes a running back. Not a quarterback.

Give him the ball and get out of his way. Period.

Youve no doubt heard the expression, Hes like a bull in a china shop. Well, Jordan (5-foot-10, 230 pounds) takes it a step further. He is a rampaging rhino in a church during Sunday mass. This guy is a destructive force. While we are blessed to have a Hall of Fame running back in Curtis Martin, there is no arguing that Jordan is the future of this team. Martin may have a year or three left in his legs. The man is just a physical marvel. So too is Jordan. And if he leaves as a free agent before next season, the Jets will rue the day he got away.

Besides, Martin and Jordan are prefect complements to one another. Many a team has utilized the two-back system and been successful. Why Herman Edwards and Paul Hackett scale back Jordans workload is beyond comprehension. Yes, Martin is the feature back, ranked sixth all-time in yards rushing. We know that Martin became just the second running back in NFL history (joining Barry Sanders) to rush for 1,000 yards in 10 consecutive seasons. We love CuMart. But how about some love for LJ?

Despite getting minimum carries (194 for 978 yards, a 5-yards per rush average, 10 touchdowns for his career) Jordan gives maximum effort, and better yet, maximum results. Through 10 games this season, Jordan has carried the ball 43 times for 253 yards, which amounts to a whopping 6 yards per carry, and two TDs. Just look at what he did Sunday vs the Browns in the fourth quarter alone.

Jordan proved once again to be the perfect understudy when Martin was felled with what has been diagnosed as a sprained knee. Although Martin returned in the final quarter to start the game-winning drive it was Jordan (18-73 on the day) who moved the chains with 31 yards on four carries, despite the Browns playing the run exclusively, that eventually led to Justin McCareins touchdown catch.

Hows this for a ringing endorsement: If we didnt have a LaMont Jordan here, I know how I am, said Martin following the 10-7 victory in Cleveland. I would have done whatever I had to do to miss one or two plays. But having him gives me that option to get my mind right and make sure Im legitimately OK.

We love how Jordan called Hackett from the sidelines and told him what plays he wanted to run. Way to be proactive.

Said Jordan: I picked up the phone and said, You know what? These are the plays that best suit me. Give me these two plays and Ill get the job done.

All Jordan has done since arriving from the University of Maryland as Gang Greens second pick in the 2001 draft is get the job done.

Now its up to the Jets front office to get the job done. Re-sign LaMont now.