By Andrew Scharff
Jets Staff Writer
September 10th, 2007
Jets QB Chad Pennington winces in pain as he as sacked by the Pats' Jarvis Green and sprains his ankle. The extent of his injury is still not known. (Jets Photo)
Jets QB Chad Pennington winces in pain as he as sacked by the Pats' Jarvis Green and sprains his ankle. The extent of his injury is still not known. (Jets Photo)
One day after a horrific loss to their division rival Patriots, the Jets went back to work as they begin to prepare for the Ravens on Sunday. The only problem is that the Jets don't know who will be their starting quarterback.

When Jets QB Kellen Clemens walked back to locker after team meetings Monday there was about 30-35 members of the New York Media surrounding his locker. Clemens, who got his first taste of the NFL yesterday, faced many questions about possibly being the Jets starting quarterback this Sunday, when Gang Green travels to Baltimore to battle the Ravens. While very member of the New York media is ready to name Clemens the starter for Sunday, he and head coach Eric Mangini are not.

“I think everybody is important on the team and I think that player safety is extremely important and we’re going to always view that the same way for every member of the team,” said Mangini. “I think that Kellen had a very good preseason. I think he’s made a lot of progress from last year’s training camp to this year’s training camp and that’s why he’s our No. 2 where last year he was primarily our No. 3 guy.”

“For me its just another week. I am going to prepare same. I am going to prepare as if I am going to play,” said Clemens. “So if my number called, I can give my team the best opportunity to win.”

In the third quarter of yesterday’s 38-14 loss to the Patriots, Jarvis Green sacked Chad Pennington causing him to hurt his right ankle. Pennington hobbled off the field and then threw his helmet to the ground in frustration. Pennington did come in for the Jets next drive, where he led his team down the field for touchdown. Pennington then approached Mangini and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and asked to be taken out of the game. With the Jets forced to pass because they were down multiple scores, Pennington said he “felt like a sitting duck out there”.

After the game Pennington was having his right ankle taped and during Mangini’s late afternoon press conference, he confirmed that the injury was to his ankle. Mangini would not say if it a brake, fracture or sprain, but he did say Chad met with doctors on Monday and Mangini will find out more Monday night.

Surprisingly Pennington remained in the game for a drive despite heavily favoring his right leg. Mangini took a lot of heat from the press for not only allowing Pennington back on the field and risking greater injury, but for allowing Pennington to run a quarterback sneak deep in Patriots zone.

“With any injury, you take into account the things that the player can do and can’t do, and you are making sure you’re not putting him in a situation where he’s at risk for any other further injury,” said Mangini. “And so we felt comfortable with what he could do on that play.”

Despite Pennington leaving with an injury and favoring the right leg a lot, Clemens is far from appointing himself the starter for Sunday’s game. Clemens knows what kind of warrior Pennington is and what he means to the team. He also knows Pennington won’t just give up his starting role.

“Chad’s an integral part of this team. He’s a long way from out right now,” said Clemens. “It’s important having him around. For his leadership, ability, and the experience he brings to this football team.”

Since Pennington did get hurt, Clemens, QB Marques Tuiasosopo and QB/WR Brad Smith are all expected to get more repetitions in practice this week.


Patriot Spies

According to report on NFL security confiscated a video camera and its tape from a New England Patriots sideline during Sunday's game against the Jets in a alleged spying incident. The camera and its tape were placed in a sealed box and on its way to the league office for investigation, Mortensen’s source said.

According to the report by ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen, the Patriots' cameraman, who Jets security apprehended, was suspected of aiming his camera in the direction of the Jets' defensive coaches who were sending signals on to the field.

If the Patriots were spying on the Jets, New England could lose future draft picks. Mortensen noted that the Patriots spying on teams while on the road isn’t a new thing.

Mortensen noted that a similar incident happened when the Patriots were visiting the Packers last season. Mortensen was told that the same cameraman who was questioned by NFL security on Sunday was also the same person who the Packers removed from the sideline during a game last season.

When Mangini was asked about it in his press conference, he declined to speak about it because it was a league related matter.

Clemens Cheered

When Clemens entered the game yesterday, many media outlets especially (ESPN-NFL Primetime) were scolding Jets fans for cheering when Pennington got injured. In reality if you were at the game you could clearely see that the sheer came after Kellen Clemsens was announced to the crowd and it wasn't a Pennington injury cheer. Mangini didn’t even realize what the fans were doing as he concentrating on preparing Clemens for first career NFL snap.

However, Pennington really didn’t mind either. “When I was a backup the crowd cheered for me, too. I would hope that our team would support anyone that’s out there,” said Pennington. “They gave him a cheer and I’m glad that they did. He needs support; our whole team needs support. There is nothing wrong with that.”

Fireman Ed Missing

You can blame yesterday’s loss on Fireman Ed. The longtime Jets fan was not in attendance yesterday and Mangini was clearly shaken as he game planned for Fireman Ed to be their.

“Someone had told me that later, and I had not game planned specifically for him being there or not. So I just kind of rolled with it,” Mangini said jokingly. “I’m not sure where he is for the next game. But he’s been a pretty consistent contributor to the team.” JI is trying to contact Fireman Ed to see why he wasn't at the game.

The team has off on Tuesday and begins preparation for the Ravens on Wednesday. Be sure to check back to JI for a complete practice report!

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