By Andrew Scharff
Jets Staff Writer
October 22nd, 2007
After the Jets' humiliating 38-31 loss on Sunday, Head Coach Eric Mangini blew a fuse. He vowed to personally evaluate every person in the Jets locker room. Mangini began his evaluation on Monday as the team went back to work and he faced the local media.

During Mangini’s brief tenure as Jets head coach, he has never had a tirade like he had after Sunday’s game. During his 20-minute Monday press conference, Mangini still sounded as angry as he did yesterday.

“It’s [the teams play] got to be consistent in all three phases. It can’t be up and down,” said Mangini. “It’s collective. There’s not one phase. There’s not one person. It’s truly a group effort. Whenever you’re in that situation, it’s a group effort. We’re going to focus on it as a group.”

Monday Mangini began his team wide evaluation. He said that he will monitor everything and everybody with a closer eye than usual. Mangini did not say whether or not the evaluation would not result in immediate personnel changes, but one would think so, especially at the quarterback position.

This is the first week since the Kellen Clemens watch has started that Mangini has not declared Pennington the starter. Mangini was pleased with the things Pennington did on Sunday, but the coach said looking at a possible quarterback change is part of his process.

“He’s one part of the process. It’s a complete process. I’m going to go through the whole process and look at things across the board,” said Mangini. “Each decision is made on what I feel is the best for the team and what gives us the best chance to win on that week.”

Mangini spent nearly 10 minutes fielding questions just about who will be next week’s starting quarterback. Mangini said he is not sure yet who will start against the Bills on Sunday. And he has no timetable on when he will make his final decision.

The Coach made it clear that everybody on the roster is on notice, whether it's on offense or defense, no one is safe. Look at CB Andre Dyson for example, Mangini said he decided to activate CB Drew Coleman (in favor of Dyson) and start CB Hank Poteat based on what Coleman and Poteat showed in practice. And it was the same situation with safeties Erik Coleman and Abram Elam. Coleman, who suffered a concussion earlier in the season, did not play because of a coach’s decision and Mangini wanted to give Elam an opportunity because of the job he has done in practice.

After Elam’s fourth quarter unnecessary roughness penalty, Mangini removed Elam from the game and inserted Coleman.

Mangini was asked if he plans to get more involved with the defense this week. Defense is Mangini’s forte and with a defense ranked near the bottom in every category, it can use as much help as it can get.

“Really you’ve got to look at all three phases,” which is the answer Mangini gave for most of the questions posed to him this afternoon. “I’m going to work as hard as I can defensively to make sure that we get these issues corrected.”


Vilma Slowed by Injuries

Jets LB Jonathan Vilma had a rough go yesterday and when Mangini was asked about the performance of Vilma, the coach noted that Vilma was battling injury issues. Mangini did not list Vilma on the injury report entering the game. Vilma did start the game but not the second half. Mangini did not disclose what the injury was or when it he first suffered it. Vilma did not speak to reporters on Monday.

“Jonathan was dealing with some injury issues yesterday that I think dramatically affected his play,” Mangini said.

No Second Guessing, No Locker Room Divide

WR Laveranues Coles on Monday made sure to clarify a few things for the media. Coles said the players will not second guess the coaching staff nor the locker room will become divided.

“It won’t happen. It won’t happen,” Coles said. “I feel like being a positive influence things will go in the right direction. We will never second guess our head coach, he’s our head coach, he is the man, he points us in the right direction and he makes sure we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.”

TE Chris Baker criticized some of the play-calling in the loss to the Eagles. Baker was reprimanded by Mangini and did not accompany the team to Cincinnati. He was ruled out of the game because of back problems.

Time Off???

During Mangini’s press conference, he was asked if the players might need an extra day of rest. Mangini is known for his tough and grueling practices, gave an answer of a lifetime. After hearing the question, Mangini stared at the reporter for a minute before giving this response.

“There’s not going to be any day off,” Mangini said. “There’s not going to be any day off. I think we’ve done a good job with getting to a process that’s been good in terms of the practice week. I’m comfortable with where we are there.”

The Jets will hit the practice field on Wednesday as they begin preparation for the Bills. As always log on to for all the latest news on Gang Green.