Mark Cannizzaro Fan Chat Transcript

By Jets Staff
October 30th, 2007
Mark Cannizzaro, the talented Jets writer for Jets and the NY Post, was kind enough to do a fan chat with Jets on October 30, 2007. The transcript of the event follows:

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:32 pm: Good Evening Folks! Welcome to the Jets chatroom and welcome Jets Insider/NY Post Jets writer Mark Cannizzaro. Thanks for joining us, Mark!

[Tanginius] 8:33 pm: Great.. .thanks Mark for being here... just wondering what you think about Sutton or Schotty or both being fired at the end of the year?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:34 pm: Tang, don't see that happening with Brian, but Sutton I could see being "reassigned.'' Eric is pretty committed to Brian

[SBIIICHAMPS] 8:35 pm: Thank you for your time here tonight Mark. I want to ask you if the idea of Mangini pulling Chad at the mid point was his idea all along after obviouly seeing that the seson is down the tube. Thanks Brian/

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:37 pm: sbiii, I think Eric truly thought Pennington gave him best chance to win and thatís why he was so loyal to him, but after seeing things not get better Sunday, he knew he had no choice but to make a change. He's definitely still trying to win games, but he does know Clemens might lose a game along the way that Pennington might have won.

[Lord of War 599] 8:37 pm: Hey Mark, great stuff at the Post, what types of moves do you see the front office making this offseason, a Vilma trade or Asante Samuel signing perhaps? Thanks.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:39 pm: Lord, they know they have to fortify the defense with more 3-4 type help. Vilma, with one year remaining after this year, will certainly be (and already has been)_ shopped. They really need offensive line help as evidenced by the inconsistent play this year. As for Assante, they don't usually like to spend that kind of big cash for free agents, so I don't know.

[CTM] 8:41 pm: Mark, reportedly Mangini's regime is pretty tight with information, so much so that the guys covering the team are supposedly frustrated. Assuming this is true, how much of what you guys report is an educated opinion/speculation and how often are you actually getting some inside information via a leak of some kind?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:43 pm: CTM, yes they are tight with info, too tight sometimes in my opinion. but, speaking only for myself, I have some good relationships with some good sources who steer me in proper directions. I try not to speculate unless I absolutely feel it's necessary. everything I write is based on info I've gotten.

[CTM] 8:44 pm: thx...Follow up coming about VIlma's knee then :D

[Ikeyman3] 8:44 pm: Mark, you see Vilma everyday at Week Eubank Hall, is he walking with a limp? crutches? Do you know what is the deal with his injury?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:45 pm: Lord, I certainly do have opinions and write them, but those opinions are based on facts.

[Ikeyman3] 8:45 pm: And somebody wants to know who is the better player kobe or jordan?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:46 pm: lkey, truthfully, I haven't seen Vilma since last Sunday in the Cincy locker room. He wasn't around all last week and he was at the game but not in the locker room afterward when the reporters were in there. I have been told, however, that he is limping and favoring his right leg.

[gangGREENinsider] 8:47 pm: MARK, what have you heard in regard to DeWayne Robertson's future with the Jets. Does he stay? Does he stay at NT or move to DE? Will he be asked to restructure? Does his contract prevent him from being dealt? Thanks.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:47 pm: BTW Jordan way the fck better I say. Not even close.

[10PennyToColes87] 8:48 pm: LMAO! wow Mark just owned kobe (the player AND the poster)

[New York Mick] 8:48 pm: I think everyone but playa knows MJ was better

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:49 pm: GGI, D rob's contract is a serious issue with regard to the cap because he counts a ton against it. Mangini likes D rob but I see him pushed around by bigger guys too often.

[Mr. Yankee] 8:49 pm: Mark, would the Jets take Darren McFadden if the opportunity presented itself in the April draft, or would they be satisfied with the mediocre running backs they already have in Thomas Jones and Leon Washington and pass up the next Ladanian Tomlinson and the gamebreaker they so desperately need on offense?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:50 pm: Mr. Yank, I'd love to see it, but they just invested $20 mill in Thomas Jones. I think it would depend on how high they draft and how good Clemens looks in these last eight games. If he's no good, they might have to look at a QB if they're drafting really high - which seems at the moment to be a lock.

[Revis] 8:51 pm: could they possible do a jones mcfadden combo for a year or 2?

[pauliec] 8:52 pm: Mark, now with Chad on the bench and Vilma on IR (2 team captains), and Mangini mumbling his way through every dissapointing post-game conference, could you give us any little indication as far as what the general attitude in the lockerroom is, off the record? Is there still a ton of fight in this team or is general malaise starting to set in at 1-7? I can see it happening to even the tightest of squads. Thanks.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:54 pm: Paulie, I know this might sound like a bunch of b-s, but I think the locker room is filled with pretty good character guys and I don't see that they're on the verge of mailing it in. Your point with the Captains out of the games now is a good one, but I think you'll be surprised at the command, presence and confidence Clemens has.

[thebigragu] 8:54 pm: Hey mark thanks for your time is mangini the real deal or are we just holding our breath until we find our coach for this franchise long term, thanks [Landing Strip]: JetsFan89 has entered at 8:54 pm

[pauliec] 8:54 pm: thanks Mark, that's really great to hear about Clemens

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:56 pm: Big Rag, I believe in Mangini. I don't think he became a bad coach overnight. Now, he isn't having a very good year obviously, and this is a significant challenge for him doing something with the rest of this season. But, as dismal as this year has been, they have been in pretty much every game like they were last year, but they're springing new leaks every week and finding new ways to screw up

[10PennyToColes87] 8:58 pm: Mark, assuming Clemens DOES show enough to lead the team in 08, and assuming we have a top 5 pick, who does the coaching staff like in the draft at that spot? I know its early, but Id like some insight. Thanks.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:01 pm: Penny, if Clemens is what they hope he is and there's a franchise running back there like McFadden, it would be tempting. So, too, would it be if there was some sort of monster defensive lineman who can actually rush the passer. Imagine that.

[Bullitt245] 9:01 pm: Thanks for always asking the hard questions at the press conferences, Mark. While Elam has been solid, I feel as if the benching of Eric Smith was pretty abrupt. The only bad play I recall him making was the Curtis TD against Philly, and I feel like it is haunting him now. Do you have any insight as to why he's barely on the field now? And speaking of safeties, is Kerry Rhodes wearing an invisibility cloak this year?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:03 pm: Bullitt, as for Rhodes, I think his performance last year has gotten teams to pay a lot more attention to him now, though I would like to see Sutton and Mangini send him on blitzes more often. As for Eric Smith, Mangini has a tendency to bury guys who screw up, remember Drew Coleman vs. Vikings last year? How about McCareins this year? Now its Eric Smith and Dyson.

[JETS_for_life] 9:04 pm: Mark, would you agree that Mangini's coaching decisions/philosophy this season have been very different from his approach last year (aka not letting "the best players play", more conservative/fewer risks on offense, etc.), and if so, why do you think this is?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:06 pm: Jets for ...., he is still playing the best players - at least in his mind - and I'm not sure the offense is that conservative, they pass too much and forget about T. Jones too often in my opinion. His approach probably seems different because there has been no success. Last year everything he touched worked

[Blair Thomas] 9:07 pm: Hey Mark, some personnel questions: Has Kenyon Coleman met expectations and lived up to his contract? Why hasn't Bryan Thomas matched last year's output in your opinon? And do you think Hobson will be resigned this off season?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:09 pm: BT, I haven't seen much out of K. Coleman, surely not for the money they spent on him. Maybe Bryan Thomas was a fluke last year with those 8-plus sacks. Maybe teams are dealing with him differently, but he's been of zero impact. Hobson I think they definitely re-sign because he's a good fit in the 3-4 and still a young player.

[SBIIICHAMPS] 9:09 pm: Mark since my question was already asked, have you ever been to the Gate D spirals at Half Time? If not I suggest this Sunday stopping by on either of the three levels. Fun times. Also.. How much does Woody actually know about football? Do you know if he is a big football guy? I always wanted to know. Some owners just own the team.. many don't have a clue. ... oh yeah Dog The Bounty Hunter is on.. just some info if u have nothing to watch Mark. - Brian

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:11 pm: SBIII, Woody has learned a lot about football since he first arrived. When he first bought the team, his knowledge was rather thin. He is a fan who happens to own the team, but he is committed to listening to his FB peeps and not meddling.

[nj2socaljetsfan] 9:12 pm: Hey Mark thanks for stopping by, I would like to know your what you think of Revis and Harris. Do you think they were smart picks trading up? Also if clemens fails which qb do you like matt ryan or brohm?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:14 pm: SoCal, I know Revis has had some rough times, but I think heís for real and will get a lot better. I would like to see them use him on punt returns, but that's another story for another chat. How can you not like what you saw out of Harris? He did more in one game than Vilma has done all season. I think both were good picks and that'll prove itself out. As for QBís, I like Brohm a lot but havent see a lot of Ryan to be honest.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:15 pm: SBIII, Iíve never been to the gate D spiral

[Revis] 9:15 pm: Last year the Jets identified Cotchery as a young building block and locked him up relatively inexpensively, this offseason do you believe they will waste no time in locking up Rhodes to a long term deal or will they go through the process? I believe he is a RFA. Also will the Jets finally invest in a 3rd WR after this season w/ Coles having limited years left or are they that high on Smith and maybe Stuckey comning back

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:17 pm: 53 in the chatroom. I think this is a JI record

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:17 pm: Revis, I expect them to lock up Rhodes. as for third WR, they like Smith a lot and they want to find out more about Stuckey. I wouldn't say that's on the high priority list at the moment.

[doggin94it] 9:17 pm: Hey, something to make JI more addictive. Just what I needed

[SBIIICHAMPS] 9:17 pm: YEAH! 53!!! a whole ROSTER!

[CTM] 9:18 pm: Mangini's qualifications were a little thin when he was hired, and while he did do a good job last year and the Jets overall have drafted very well, I was wondering if he'd be coaching for his job next year assuming we end up 3-13 or so this year, or if his relationship with Tanny gives him a long leash. Also, you said earlier that you think Mangini has been playing the best players all along, but also just said that Harris played better in his 1 game then Vilma has all season.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:21 pm: ctm, i know woody is very high on mangini. so it tannenbaum. you throw out a lot of hypotheticals, but if they go 3-13 this year and are sucking wind again next year with no major injuries and no showing of improvement, yes i would say he would definitely be coaching for his job. as for vilma-harris, a fair question,. the thing is, harris is a rookie who's been workng his way into the lineup and has played some up to now. perhaps if vilma hadn't bene hurt we would be seeing more of harris anyway

[SAR I] 9:22 pm: The Jets have lost 5 straight. 2 games (Giants,Bengals) they had 10 point leads in the 3rd quarter, 2 games (Bills,Bills) down by only 3 in the 4th quarter, 1 game (Eagles) down only 6 in the 4th quarter. My question...

[PatsFanTX] 9:22 pm: This should be good.

[SAR I] 9:22 pm: Is it not true that even with our problems on D and OL, that an average QB has this team no worse than 4-4 right now? Do you believe that we are as bad as a 1-7 team usually is, or is this not an abberation and thus...

[SAR I] 9:22 pm: 1. We're not as bad as people think and 2. Mangini blew an opportunity for a surprising rebuilding season by not starting Kellen much earlier in the season?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:25 pm: SAR, I really believe this is more than on Pennington. Look at the fckups that have occurred to cause the jets to lose those close games. Yes, several have been Pennington INTs, a huge factor. but the missed tackles on long pass plays, the ridiculous penalties, Kenny Watson rushing for 130 and 3 TDs, that's not Pennington. I think the jets were not quite as good as we thought they were last year and not as bad they appear this year. As you said, every game has been close and they won more of those.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:25 pm: than they lost last year.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:26 pm: I think Clemens has a chance to be good. l in like what I see out of him and they are high on him. It's just that Pennington has earned the right to play his way out of the funk. Now we see what Clemens has in him. It's about all we have left to keep interest this year, right?

[gangGREENinsider] 9:26 pm: This question pertains to the organization's philosophy on how to put a team together. Do you think the Jets' "penny-pinching" ways is part of the reason for the drop off? How can the Jets expect to compete when they won't spend money in free agency and they expect their rookies to come in and produce right away. It seems they're trying to mimic the Patriots' philosophy early when in reality they lucked out in a lot of ways. And even they realized this year they needed to spend some money...

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:27 pm: GGI, I don't think they've really penny pinched - except in the case of Kendall and I think that was more personal than anything. they do have the same philosophy as the Pats that way, which could be arrogance, but the way to build teams is through the draft, and hopefully these guys they got in the last two will become the foundation

[Jetspennyfan] 9:27 pm: I just want to ask if you had any insight as to why Mangini has become so conservative on the fourth and short scenarios, has someone told him something, I first noticed that he had stopped going for the fourth and 1's during the home game last year against Buffalo, he seems to be doing the thing where he goes to the line and tries to draw an offsides but it never works.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:28 pm: Penny, I think that stems directly from his lack of confidence in his line. I know he was furious they couldn't move the pile in front of T. Jones on third and one last week. I spoke to him about it. I have noticed the same thing. I don't think it has anything to do with anyone saying anything to him. Those calls are born from the confidence you have in your team.

[Batmans A Scientist] 9:30 pm: As a fan/writer what are your expectations for Clemens for the rest of the season and at the same time what's the team's expectation for him? Is there something specific the team is looking for, or is it something as vague as "making better deicisions downfield"? Also, is Kellen going to have nearly the same freedom that Chad has in audibling in and out of plays right away, or is this something that they will let him grow into? Personally, it seemed like Chad was audibling into more.......

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:34 pm: Batman, asked T. Jones about Clemens yesterday and he talked about the presence he has in the huddle for a young guy. I think he'll develop into a pretty good player and I'm looking forward to seeing him play. He will make some youthful mistakes and probably cost the jets a game or two. Pennington might have won but they have to find out about him as for audibling, I see them continuing to use that sugar huddle and allowing him to audible just like Chad. Clemens is a pretty sharp dude.

[JI] 9:36 pm: How do you think D'Brick has done this year and were will we address our Oline probs

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:38 pm: JI, Brick has been up and down. He had been playing well until this week Schobel schooled him a few times. Clarke will be out of the lineup this week. They'll have to replace Clement and find a left guard.

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:38 pm: Guys, lets thank Mark for his time. Another great job, Bud.

[Tanginius] 9:38 pm: nice!

[Tanginius] 9:38 pm: thanks again to both of you

[JETS_for_life] 9:38 pm: Thanks Mark

[Bullitt245] 9:38 pm: thanks man keep pressin mangini

[Bullitt245] 9:38 pm: week after weeek

[MrSFJFC] 9:38 pm: Thanks Sooth & Mark!!

[Batmans A Scientist] 9:38 pm: Thanks Mark. Much appreciated

[JI] 9:38 pm: Thanks and take care Mark, Thanks Sooth

[SAR I] 9:38 pm: THANKS MARK

[Bonett] 9:38 pm: Thanks Mark

[10PennyToColes87] 9:38 pm: thanks Mark!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:39 pm: Enjoyed it. Thanks for the questions. Hang in there. There'll still be some fun to be had before the end of the season

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:39 pm: take care everyone

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