By Richard Adragna
Jets Staff Writer
December 28th, 2007
Jets rookie CB will face fellow rookie Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe on Sunday. (Jets Photo)
Jets rookie CB will face fellow rookie Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe on Sunday. (Jets Photo)
One similarity between Darrelle Revis and Dwayne Bowe is that both were selected by their respective teams in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft. CB Revis was selected to go to the Big Apple and play for the Jets, while WR Bowe took his skills to the Heart of America as the newest member of the Chiefs. Another similarity is that both have fared well in their rookie seasons to generate buzz, in spite of their respective teams’ struggles.

Here is where the similarities end, however. Revis is a native of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, a small city in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. A proud son of Aliquippa, he not only played high school football there, he also spent his college career close to it for the University of Pittsburgh. Revis, the 14th overall pick, has been a contributing factor in a defense that has hit its stride as of late.

Bowe, on the other hand, was born and raised in Miami, and spent his college years at LSU, where he combined with the first overall pick, Oakland’s JaMarcus Russell, to become the top scoring battery in school history. Bowe, the 23rd overall pick for the Chiefs, broke the team record for receptions by a rookie. He currently has 69 receptions.

Yet when the Jets play host to the Chiefs, their worlds will collide as a prospective match-up between the two young upstarts looms on the horizon. When asked in his press conference about the potential for this kind of match-up to take shape, Jets head coach Eric Mangini likes the chances.

“He’s got the ability to catch short passes and make something happen,” he said. “He’s got a nice mixture of things that he can do for a guy his size. It’ll be good for Darrelle to match up against another quality receiver.”

When asked about the prospects of this one-on-one challenge, Revis, being the professional that he is, simply said it’ just business as usual.

“I’ve been going against some of the greatest receivers so it’s just another game and he’s another player,” he said. “He’s one of those top-notch players who came up this year with me and I got to cover the guy and play him. I got to do my job.”

Revis vs. Bowe will no doubt be an interesting match-up as the Jets and Chiefs take each other on to close out the season. As to the question of who will prevail, the answer will be unfolded when the game ends and with it the New York Jets’ season.


Sutton Sits Down with Media

Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton held his last informal biweekly press conference of the season, discussing the topics of concern for his defensive unit. Among many topics discussed was the potential match-up between Revis and Bowe.

“Bowe’s having a really good season for Kansas City, and he’s done a good job complementing (Tony) Gonzalez inside, and that presents a challenge,” he explained. “There will be times where Revis will be on him, but I’m sure it will be pretty competitive. Both are good football players and are having good first seasons. I think they’ll be good players in this league.”

Antoher topic of discussion was the kind of bounce-back the Jets would have coming off of a bye in the two years Sutton spent as the coordinator.

“I give a lot of credit to the players. They work very hard and just to be able to come in here in that two-week period, it’s like, ‘Look, if you want to get this thing to move in the direction we need to go these are the things you need to do.’ For them to be receptive and willing to study these things and be able to take it from the meeting room to the field speaks very well. That’s all you can ask.”

Off-Season Plans

As the official start to the off-season comes near, one question becomes etched in the heads of both the players and coaches: What am I going to do now that it’s over? To Coach Mangini, the activities are varied. For the players, it’s a time to take part in interests outside of football, such as college, jobs or internships, and traveling. For the coaching staff, it’s about preparing for the next season, such as getting ready for the Draft, training camps and all of the off-season programs.

“Everybody has a different way that they spend the off-season,” he replied in the simplest terms.

As far as the players go, Darrelle Revis and D’Brickashaw Ferguson said they don’t have an idea as to what to do so far. Meanwhile, Leon Washington simply said he will definitely spend time with his family back home in Jacksonville, Fla., along with working out to staying in shape and relax.

Stress Management

Coach Mangini has kept cool in his press conferences, even in the face of a season such as this. However, the stress of going through this kind of year can get to even the most even-keeled coach, which begs to ask: How does Coach Mangini deal with stress?

The answer comes in a pair: his two sons Jake and Luke.

“The reason is because of their perspective on things—they’re not really concerned about the next opponent,” he explained. “They’re concerned about Buzz Lightyear and building castles. They’re concerned about a lot of stuff that’s a lot of fun to think about, and to see the world through their eyes and to just share those experiences with them, that’s probably the biggest stress reliever for me.”

What Statement?

The offense for the Jets, ranked 27th in the league, has been mired with inconsistency through the course of the season. With a potent Chiefs defense looming in, most people would think that a win could mean that the game was a statement. Coach Mangini is not most people.

“I don’t think there’s any talk about that or approaching the game from that perspective,” he explained. “We’re just looking to increase our efficiency, and really what you’re looking to for any time you play is to execute the plays that you have called, but more importantly execute the things that you have to do to win the game.”

RB/KR Leon Washington feels that it is more of a confidence than a statement factor.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say it would be a statement, but it gives us a lot of confidence and momentum going into the off-season. When we prepare the right way and execute our game plan we give ourselves a chance to win.”

As far as OL D’Brickashaw Ferguson is concerned, going out there with a chance to gain a win is always a mission in the team’s mindset.

“We always strive to be victorious and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Ferguson. “We’re going to go out there and be successful.”

Statement or not, a win would definitely bring confidence and a few smiles on their faces.

Practice Notes

C Nick Mangold was excused again from practice because of personal reasons. Despite his absence, coach Mangini assured that he will return for the game. As for the rest of the team, they continued on in today’s session with the same routine they had during the half-hour span given to the media for access. Stretches, drills, and special teams work were on the agenda today.

INJURY REPORT (as of Thursday)

New York Jets


LB Jason Trusnik (placed on IR)

Did Not Participate in Practice

C Nick Mangold (personal reasons)

Limited Participation in Practice

TE Chris Baker (back), QB Kellen Clemens (rib), TE/LS James Dearth (foot), DL Shaun Ellis (shoulder), OL Brandon Moore (neck), DL Dewayne Robertson (knee), WR Brad Smith (back)

Full Participation in Practice

WR Jerricho Cotchery (finger), WR Justin McCareins (thigh)

Kansas City Chiefs


WR Eddie Kennison (ribs)

Did Not Participate in Practice

LB Donnie Edwards (hamstring)

Limited Participation in Practice

LB Napoleon Harris (knee), T Damion McIntosh (ankle)

Full Participation in Practice

QB Brodie Croyle (right hand)

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