Rumor Roundup: 1/31

By Bob Bonett
Jets Staff Writer
January 31st, 2008
Could the Jets be making a major run at this elite Patriots player this off-season? (Jets Photo)
Could the Jets be making a major run at this elite Patriots player this off-season? (Jets Photo)
The hours continue to tick away until Super Sunday, and Jets fans continue to turn their heads away from the festivities. Watching Patriots’ QB Tom Brady joke about marrying a TV Azteca reporter while only 60 minutes of football away from potentially completing a 19-0 season is sickening. Listening to New York WR Plaxico Burress predict a championship win after the team started the season as the embarrassment of Giants Stadium at 0-2 can be gut-wrenching.

With the Super Bowl nearing so quickly, all media attention has been lent to the festivities in Tempe, Ari., meaning that little news has surfaced from Jets camp regarding rumors. No inkling of an idea has been made regarding who the Jets will select in the draft—Vernon Gholston, the Long “brothers” and McFabulous all appear to be the frontrunners.

No further knowledge has been released regarding the possibility of Dewayne Robertson leaving town or Shaun Rogers coming to town.

And sorry, Sutton haters, but it looks like Ryan & Ryan aren’t coming anywhere near East Rutherford next year.

In a story that was broken by our own Mark Cannizzaro, the word this week is that Bob Sutton will continue his tenure as defensive coordinator for at least another season despite a less than stellar 2007. Mangini apparently doesn't think anyone available is a major upgrade and reportedly was encouraged that the Jets defense showed improvement in the second half of the season. Right now the two biggest defensive coordinator names out there are Gregg Willams, who will likely either go to Tennessee or Jacksonville and Dom Capers who is looking at Dallas.

That being said, the media-darling Patriots have managed to gain some rumor-ish news as of late regarding WR Randy Moss. The outspoken wideout is due for a contract extension next year, and will most likely demand a pretty penny.

That presents a problem to the Foxboro Faithful. As evidenced by players such as Deion Branch, Mr. Kraft does not like to pay individual players the big bucks—he would rather find a diamond in the rough, a la Welker and Moss this past year.

So, hypothetically, Moss may be available for the taking this offseason. And knowing Moss and his history—see his days in Oakland—he would most likely want to stick it to the New England family if they don’t re-sign him after what could potentially be a historical season.

That begs the question—what if Moss ends up in New York? It actually makes some sense.

Before I approach the logic, though, I know some Jets fans may be getting sick to their stomach. Just like Yankee fans hated the idea of Johnny Damon coming to town from Boston a few years ago, coping with the possibility of Moss in Jet Green after torching Darrelle Revis as a Patriot is not the most attractive proposal.

Wait just a minute, though—and keep in mind, this is fantasy football-esque, but still fun to entertain—Moss coming back to New York would be a reunion of sorts. Every Chad Pennington fan remembers the days in Marshall when Moss’ speed down the field made Pennington the MAC’s most famous weapon in recent memory. Could Moss provide that much-needed Jets sparkplug?

Also, imagine the wide receiving corps that either Clemens or Pennington would have to work with? Moss, Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery are all arguably No. 1 wide receivers in the NFL—having three of those would take a great deal of pressure off of Thomas Jones in the backfield, allowing the soon-to-be second-year Jet to finally attain his groove.

Granted, signing Moss is about as farfetched as anything. The chances of Kraft giving Moss the big money is pretty high despite his track record, being that the aging wideout proved to be the catalyst in making New England an unstoppable force.

For a second, though, imagine “what if.” Putting aside allegiances for one off-season, and welcoming one of the game’s best all time wide receivers to a team that finished the year with Brad Smith as its No. 2 threat could do wonders toward bringing Gang Green from the pits of the AFC East to the top.

Regarding another pending hot Patriots commodity, Rich Cimini of the Daily news reported earlier this week from the Superbowl that there was talk that the Jets would be aggressively pursuing soon to be free agent CB Asante Samuel. Samuel was the Pats franchise player last year and has an agreement with the team that they will not tag him again this year. With a reported 28 million in cap space, the Jets are in a good position to make a run on the talented defensive back, even though signing high priced free agents are against the philosophy of Mangini and GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Man oh man does media week bring about some crazy ideas.

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