DRAFT TALK: QB Scouting Reports
By Tony Pauline
Special To Jets
April 16th, 2008
University of Delaware QB Joe Flacco.
University of Delaware QB Joe Flacco.






Full Name



Matt Ryan

Boston College


Brian Brohm



Joe Flacco



Chad Henne



Andre' Woodson



John David Booty



Erik Ainge



Dennis Dixon



Matt Flynn



Paul Smith



Josh Johnson

San Diego


Colt Brennan



Kevin O'Connell

San Diego State


Bernard Morris



Anthony Morelli

Penn State


Adam Tafralis

San Jose State


Sam Keller



Thomas Ostrander



Kyle Wright



Brad Roach



Craig Hormann



Bret Meyer

Iowa State


Xavier Lee

Florida State


Brandon Cox



Blake Mitchell

South Carolina


Casey Hansen

Norfolk State


Nick Hill

Southern Illinois


Alex Brink

Washington State


Tyler Donovan



Martin Hankins



Ricky Santos

New Hampshire


Luke Drone

Illinois State





Full Name: Matt Ryan School: Boston College Pos: QB

Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 228 40: 4.95 Year: 5Sr


Three-year starter who totaled career-high passing numbers of 59.3%/4507/31/19 as a senior. ACC Offensive Player of the Year last season and the recipient of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. Also named to the All-American team. All-Conference selection as a junior after passing numbers of 61.6%/2942/15/10.


Smart, savvy quarterback whose skills nicely translate to the next level. Patient

in the pocket, poised under all circumstances, and shows outstanding awareness

and field vision. Natural looking off the safety, sees the entire field, and knows

where his receivers are. Uses all his targets and spreads the ball around.

Displays a sense of timing, improvises when things break down, and does not

make poor choices. Looks away from covered receivers and goes to secondary

targets. Throws with good mechanics and displays outstanding pass placement.

Hits receivers as they leave their breaks, nicely places the ball into their hands,

and puts touch on throws when necessary. Has an adequate deep arm and does a

nice job of putting long throws in front of wideouts and letting them run to the ball.


Does not show great velocity on all his throws. Not a quarterback who picks up

much yardage with his legs. Loses a lot throwing on the run.


Ryan is an intelligent, competitive quarterback who does whatever is necessary to win games. A natural leader, he has great command of the offense and is always in control of the situation. He does not possess the physical skills to be a consistent vertical passer, yet he has enough abilities and intangibles to be a productive starter in the NFL.



Full Name: Brian Brohm School: Louisville Pos: QB

Ht: 6-3 Wt: 230 40: 4.98 Year: 4Sr


Three-year starter awarded varying degrees of All-Conference honors since his

sophomore campaign. Named Big East Offensive Player of the Year in 2005.

Senior-year passing numbers included 65.1%/4024/30/12. Numbers as a junior

included 63.6%/3049/16/5. Selected by the Colorado Rockies in the MLB draft.


Poised pocket-passer with good intangibles. Displays terrific field sense, goes

through progressions, and scans the field looking for the open wideout. Buys time

for receivers, makes good choices, and possesses a quick release. Will stand in

the pocket to get the ball off and throws with good fundamentals. Sells ball fakes

and knows where receivers are on the field. Constantly looks downfield and can

roll outside the pocket to make the pass on the move. Displays zip on his shorter

throws and puts touch on passes when necessary.


Cannot escape the rush. Does not have the arm strength necessary to drive deep throws. Gets rattled under the blitz and loses confidence in the face of pressure. Must improve the placement of his passes, as he is usually high or late on timing throws.


Brohm has been an ultra-productive college quarterback and has benefited from a

passer-friendly offense. He possesses the tools to lead a team at the next level,

yet he is by no means a franchise quarterback or a sure thing.


Full Name: Joe Flacco School: Delaware Pos: QB

Ht: 6-6.5 Wt: 237 40: 4.87 Year: 5Sr


Pittsburgh transfer who totaled 63.5%/4263/23/5 as a senior when he was

named CAA Offensive Player of the Year. Junior-year totals included 2783

passing yards when he moved into the starting lineup.


Strong-armed pocket-passer whose draft stock has been soaring the past six months. Patient in the pocket, poised under pressure, and rarely gets rattled. Buys as much time as necessary for receivers, can withstand the rush, and scans the field to find the open pass-catcher. Throws with a quick, powerful release, zips the outs, and easily drives the long throws. Passes show great speed, leads receivers over the middle, or lets them run to the deep throw. Consistently looks off the safety, displays top field vision and overall awareness. Loses nothing throwing on the run and works to keep plays alive. Does not make the errant throw or force passes into coverage.


Does not escape the rush or pick up yardage with his legs. Late on timing

patterns. Must improve his footwork throwing the ball.


Flacco is an outstanding quarterback prospect with the physical skills necessary

to be a starting signal-caller in the NFL. He must improve his mechanics and

show that he can compete at a higher level, yet he has all the skills to be a

productive starter at the next level.


Full Name: Chad Henne School: Michigan Pos: QB

Ht: 6-3 Wt: 230 40: 4.94 Year: 4Sr


Four-year starter awarded All-Conference honors the past two seasons. Senior-year passing totals were 50%/1938/17/19 when he struggled with a shoulder injury throughout the campaign. Junior-year passing totals included 2508 passing yards. Career-high numbers of 60.2%/2743/25/12 came as a freshman.


Nice-sized downfield passer with an NFL arm. Patient in the pocket, remains calm under the rush, and buys time for receivers. Has the arm strength to get the ball through the tight spots, shows velocity on all his throws, and quickly gets the ball out of his hand when necessary. Puts air under deep throws, letting receivers run to the ball. Displays a nice sense for the field, knowing where his targets can be found.


Not an elusive quarterback who avoids the rush. Does not go through receiver

progressions and stares down the primary target. Late on timing throws, sprays

the ball around, and must improve the placement of his passes. Will force the ball

into coverage on occasion. Over-strides into passes, changing his point of

release, which adversely affects the accuracy of his passes.


Henne has been a competitive and productive signal-caller for Michigan the past four seasons and offers the physical skills necessary to play in the NFL. He must start to show improvement in his mechanics, decision-making, and details of the position to reach the potential he's capable of. He could be a big-time player if he meets expectations, yet he could just as easily wind up bouncing around the league.


Full Name: Andre' Woodson School: Kentucky Pos: QB

Ht: 6-4 Wt: 226 40: 4.86 Year: 5Sr


Three year starter awarded all-Conference honors the past two years. Senior passing totals included 63.1%/3709/40/11. Junior numbers included 63%/3515/31/7.


Nice sized pocket passer with an NFL arm yet poor throwing mechanics. Patient

in pocket, goes through receiver progressions and can drive the deep ball.

Effortlessly makes the throw on the move, puts touch on passes when necessary

or zips the ball between defenders. Possesses a quick release and the ball

explodes out of his hand. Poised under pressure, does not make poor decisions

and constantly looking downfield for targets. Does a good job leading the offense.


Throws with an elongated motion and sprays passes all over the field. Late on timing throws, over shoots downfield receivers or under throws intermediate passes. Consistently has receivers slowing up in routes or adjusting to catch errant passes.


Woodson has the physical skills and intangibles to play at the next level yet his poor pass placement and throwing mechanics will make it a struggle for him to succeed. He needs a lot of work from the ground up and it could be a long time before Woodson is NFL ready.

Full Name: John David Booty School: USC Pos: QB

Ht: 6-2.5 Wt: 218 40: 4.92 Year: 5Sr


Two-year starter who totaled 63.2%/2361/23/10 as a senior when he missed

three games with a broken finger. Junior-year totals included 61.7%/3347/29/9.


Adequately sized pocket-passer whos at his best in a timing offense. Accurate in the short field, powers the ball between defenders, and nicely times the outs. Patient, takes the safe underneath outlet, and has a nice sense of knowing where his receivers are on the field. Does not lose much throwing on the run and consistently looks downfield to make positive plays. Immediately gets the ball out of his hands off a three-step drop. Effectively uses the pump fake and displays good command of the offense.


Indecisive when pressured and stares down the primary target. Cannot escape the blitz. At times all over the place with passes and off the mark with deep throws.


Booty is a solid quarterback prospect coming off a disappointing senior campaign. He has enough tools to start in the NFL for a ball-control offense, yet he will struggle for a team that likes the vertical game. He will need a year or two to develop.


Full Name: Erik Ainge School: Tennessee Pos: QB

Ht: 6-5.5 Wt: 225 40: 5.02 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Full-time starter the past two seasons after seeing extensive action with the first

team during his freshman and junior campaigns. Senior totals included 62.6%/35

22/31/10. Junior passing totals included 67%/2989/19/9.



Erratic passer who flashed ability the past four years. Patient in the pocket, looks

off the safety and quickly locates the open wide out on the field. Sells the ball

fakes, puts touch on throws and nicely places them into receivers hands.

Possesses above average arm strength, zips the ball between defenders and

receivers run to the long pass. Throws with a quick, over-the-top release.


Does not consistently throw with proper fundamentals. Late on timing passes,

forces the ball into covered wide outs and cracks under pressure. Does a lot of

unnecessary double pumping. Indecisive and misjudges throws.


Ainge has been an up and down passer at Tennessee yet shows the underlying

ability to play at the next level. He may need to take a step back and be coached

from the ground up yet is worth developing over the next two years.


Full Name: Dennis Dixon School: Oregon Pos: QB

Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 195 40: 4.75 Year: 4Sr


Two-year starter who also saw action with the first team as a sophomore. PAC 10

Offensive Player of the Year as a senior after passing totals of

67.7%/2136/20/4 and 105/583/9 on the ground. Played in 10 games before

being sidelined with a knee injury. Junior-year passing totals included

61.2%/2143/12/14. Drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in 2003.


Tall, slender passer who displayed a large degree of improvement last season.

Tall, slender passer who displayed a large degree of improvement last season. Strong-armed signal-caller with a quick release and the ability to zip outs and drive the long throw. Sells ball fakes, patient in the pocket, and effectively leads the offense. Scans the field searching for the open wideout and has the ability to pick up yardage with his legs.


Throws with poor mechanics and inaccurate in placing his passes. Forces the ball

into covered receivers and waits on the timing passes.


Dixon pulled together a fine senior campaign, yet he is far from being a complete

quarterback. He will need a lot of development before he is ready to compete in

the NFL. He should be given an opportunity at quarterback, yet he may ultimately

wind up playing a different position.


Full Name: Matt Flynn School: LSU Pos: QB

Ht: 6-2.5 Wt: 231 40: 4.80 Year: 5Sr


Senior totals included 56.3%/2407/21/11 when he moved into the starting lineup. Threw 12 passes as a junior playing behind JaMarcus Russell, the first selection of the 07 draft.


Competitive and hard working signal caller coming off a disappointing campaign.

Sells the ball fakes, moves around the pocket to give himself a better view of the

field and senses the rush. Flashes the ability to throw beautiful passes down the

field and gets on hot streaks where he can be tough to stop.


Throws with marginal past placement and accuracy. Consistently high of the

mark or throws behind receivers. Stares down primary targets and puts the ball

up for grabs. Holds the ball to long in the pocket.


Flynn has the physical tools to be first day draft selection yet he comes off a poor senior season is now likely a late round pick. Flynn must improve his throwing mechanics and pass placement if hes to be anything other than a clipboard holder at the next level.


Full Name: Paul Smith School: Tulsa Pos: QB

Ht: 6-1.5 Wt: 208 40: 4.98 Year: 5Sr


Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors last season after posting

60.1%/5065/47/19. Junior-year totals included 2727 passing yards after 2847

as a sophomore.


Intelligent, tough quarterback who is a quick-thinker on his feet. Poised in the pocket, displays outstanding field awareness, and nicely controls the offense. Immediately locates the open wideout on the field, hits straight receivers in stride between the numbers, and challenges defenses in the vertical game. Remains poised as the pocket collapses around him. Not afraid to take the ball up the field and pick up yardage with his legs. Above-average deep arm and does not lose much throwing on the run.


Not averse to tossing the ball into coverage. Lacks top pass placement and

marginally accurate downfield.


A fiery, competitive signal-caller who's done an outstanding job on the college

level, Smith has the leadership skills and savvy necessary to play in the NFL. He

will be given consideration as a backup in a west coast/timing offense.





Full Name: Brad Roach School: Catawba Pos: QB

Ht: 6-6 Wt: 250 40: 5.16 Year: 5Sr


Three-year starter awarded All-American and All-Conference honors last season

after career-high numbers of 59.6%/3322/32/16. Junior-year totals included

2250 yards after 2302 yards as a sophomore.


Big, strong pocket-passer with a powerful arm. Zips the outs, puts air under deep

throws, and drives the long ball. Stands in against the rush and strong enough to

get the ball off with defenders draped on him. Throws tight spirals and passes

have terrific velocity, immediately getting to the intended target.


Puts passes up for grabs and forces the ball into coverage. Takes most of his

snaps out of the shotgun. Immobile and cannot escape the rush.


Roach possesses the size and arm strength to play at the next level, yet hes

unrefined in the details of his position. Must improve his poise, decision-making,

and accuracy to have any chance of making a roster. Offers enough enticing

physical skills to get consideration for a practice squad.


Full Name: Craig Hormann School: Columbia Pos: QB

Ht: 6-4 Wt: 225 40: 5.06 Year: 4Sr


Three-year starter who posted career-high numbers of 54.7%/2505/12/15 as a

senior. Junior-year totals included 2008 passing yards.


Nice-sized pocket-passer with a good arm. Patient, displays good stature, and

poised under the rush. Stands in the pocket and takes the hit in order to get the

throw off. Looks away from covered targets, takes the safe underneath outlet, and

displays a sense of timing. Throws with an over-the-top delivery. Easily gets the

pass downfield and can thread the needle. Goes through progressions well.


Immobile and not capable of picking up yardage with his legs. Tosses the ball

into double-coverage. Must improve his accuracy and overall pass placement.


Hormann possesses the physical skills to play at the next level, yet he must improve his overall game. Hes a solid developmental prospect and could end up on a practice squad.

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