By Mark Walters
Jets Staff Writer
July 31st, 2008
TE Bubba Franks had a bad case of the dropsies during Thursday's afternoon practice. (Jets Photo)
TE Bubba Franks had a bad case of the dropsies during Thursday's afternoon practice. (Jets Photo)
Unlike the last two-a-day on Tuesday, Thursday’s second practice had the Jets in full pads. In perhaps the toughest and longest day of camp thus far, Gang Green looked a bit sluggish.

During offensive drills without a defense, WR Jerricho Cotchery and TE Bubba Franks both missed give-me catches. Franks’ was a laser right to his hands. Cotchery’s was a floater in the corner of the end zone from about 10 yards out.

Cotchery later made up for his missed pass on the first 11-on-11 play of the evening by catching a beauty down the left sideline from Chad Pennington.

For Franks, the frustrations continued as he missed several more passes that he should have caught. Additionally, RB Musa Smith missed an easy catch that hit right off his chest and WR Paul Raymond let one go through his hands. Brett Ratliff made use of rookie WR Marcus Henry’s height later in the scrimmage when he hit him about 30 yards down the left sideline.

Prior to the 11-on-11 scrimmage, the linebackers faced off against some of the running backs, receivers, and tight ends as the defenders attempted to either rush the quarterback or drop back into pass coverage. Franks slipped up on one of his routes and instantly did five pushups.

Rookie TE Dustin Keller beat rookie LB Vernon Gholston on a pass route, but the throw from Kellen Clemens was off. After some noticeable frustration for Gholston, he stepped up as one of the coaches yelled, “C’mon Vernon! C’mon Vernon!” Guarding TE Jason Pociask, Gholston tripped up and fell.

For the offense, the gem of this drill was rookie RB Jehuu Caulcrick. Despite being locked up by DE Kenwin Cummings, Caulcrick followed through on his catch as he fell to the ground. Defensively, it was LB Marques Murrell who tore through his blocker en route to the quarterback.

Earlier in the day, Eric Mangini talked about the momentum shifting during practice and how that relates to momentum shifts in games. At the practice in the bubble a few days ago, the offense came out on fire, tearing through the defense. Then later in the two-minute drive, the defense shifted the momentum.

“My point to them that day was momentum is going to shift during the course of the game, and you can respond. Offhand, ‘Let’s go!’ clapping your hands; all that stuff that doesn’t do anything. Someone has to take steps to change momentum. Someone has to get the group and say, ‘Okay, take a breath, refocus and move forward. You have to tangibly change the momentum. It’s not something that just stays until it magically disappears and the momentum fairy comes out. It has to be done,” Mangini said.


Favre to Jets talk gains steam again.

Just when you thought the Favre to the Jets buzz was over, the Green Bay Press Gazette is reporting this evening that the Jets and Favre's agent are in deep discussions and the Jets appear to be the favorite to land the legendary QB. Take it with a grain of salt though as there have been reports similar to this for the past week. More on this as we get news.

Target Practice

At one point the quarterbacks were away from most of the action, taking turns throwing into a net with three bags on it as well as trash cans from different angles and distances. At first Ratliff and Pennington looked the sharpest out of them and Erik Ainge, but once Clemens joined none of the four stood out. All of the QB's went INT free during scrimmage in the late session.

Baker’s Back???

Despite being “physically unable to perform,” Chris Baker was doing sprints of at least 50 yards with a few other players. Although he did not look 100 percent, it leaves questions regarding the tight end's health.

RB Missing

RB Jesse Chatman was not practicing Thursday evening. According to Coach Mangini, “He got a little bumped up yesterday.” Chatman certainly did his share of work Wednesday at practice, running the ball hard and often, and was probably nursing some soreness.

The Jets have one practice tomorrow that is closed to the public then had an itra-squad scrimmage at Hofstra Stadium at 1PM on Saturday that is open to the public.

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