By Richard Forestano
Jets, Staff Writer
August 4th, 2008
<b>CAN I HAVE THIS DANCE?</b> New Jets G Alan Faneca and NT Kris Jenkins go head to head at practice today. (Jets Photo)
CAN I HAVE THIS DANCE? New Jets G Alan Faneca and NT Kris Jenkins go head to head at practice today. (Jets Photo)
Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. That’s how the beginning of Gang Green’s Monday afternoon practice felt as the Jets get ready for their preseason opener in Cleveland on Thursday. However, it was a full house at Weeb Ewbank Hall with the stands filled to the top bleachers.

Handoff drills and kick return drills dominated at first, leaving Jets fans eager to see some action accumulate.

“When are they going to start some 11 on 11’s already,” one fan yelled in the crowd.

Shuttle drills followed; a real snoozer for Jets fans.

“My kid wants to see some throws,” Michael Gains out of Staten Island, NY said.

His son would get those throws. While DB Darrelle Revis and RB Leon Washington took turns returning more kicks on the east field, QB’s Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens alternated during deep ball drills on the west field. Clemens had the more accurate throw, hitting WR Laveranues Coles in the left corner of the endzone.

Red zone drills followed with Clemens connecting with WR Brad Smith for a TD. Pennington followed with a fade route to WR David Clowney in the right corner of the endzone. Clowney would go on to grab a crossing pattern from Pennington two plays later for another score. Clemens was 2-for-2 with a touchdown while Pennington was 4-for-5, 2 TD’s.

Individual drills followed on the east field, where all four QB’s took snaps with WR’s David Ball, Chansi Stuckey, Laveranues Coles, David Clowney, Wallace Wright and Brad Smith. Stuckey and Wright were the only receivers to drop throws.

During 7 on 7 drills, Chad Pennington completed an out route to….TE Chris Baker who reeled in a fingertip throw. Not bad for a guy who has been out as long as him.

“I see Chris back out on the field,” Pennington said. “I know he’s been working extremely hard to get everything ready for camp and to get back into practice shape. “I’m sure he will take it one practice at a time and keep working.”

Clemens and Pennington split time with the first and second team during the first run through 11 on 11 drills.

However, ten straight run plays started 11 on 11, most noticeably RB Leon Washington, who ran a nice off tackle to juke through LB Vernon Gholston.

“Do some pass plays already,” a fan screamed.

The eleventh play saw Kellen Clemens hit WR Jerricho Cotchery on a crossing pattern 25 yards down the field. Two plays later Cotchery snared a stop route going from his right to his left on a ball behind him.

Chad’s turn.

His first throw, intended for WR Paul Raymond was batted down by CB Drew Coleman. On the next play, Pennington hit Chansi Stuckey down the middle of the field for ten yards. Following that catch, Stuckey, by the tips of his fingers, reeled in a 12-yard out-route in mid-air on the right sideline.

Punting drills followed, with lone gunman Ben Graham booming pigskin from his own 20.

11 on 11 again.

Clemens took the first shotgun drills of the day, but missed twice, overthrowing Cotchery on an out route and TE Bubba Franks on a stop route.

Pennington went on to hit Stuckey on an 11-yard out route and WR David Clowney on a 17-yard roll out to the right sideline for 13 yards.

Defensive MVP of Practice: Vernon Gholston. On more than one occasion, Gholston had several would-be sacks on the quarterback if given the freedom to let loose during drills.

QB Brett Ratliff and Erik Ainge took over for Clemens and Pennington to conclude the day with two-minute drills. Ainge took most of the snaps with the score 20-13 in favor of the defense.

At first, Ainge looked lost out there.

Most of the first team players were doing wind sprints on the west field.

With 00:22 left on the clock, Ainge hit WR David Ball on an out route but didn’t get out of bounds in time to stop the clock, forcing a spike.

00:05 left. The defense was in that odd looking 10 deep coverage with one lineman.

Ainge flung (literally) a 42 yard pass into the right frontside of the endzone, where camp standout WR Wallace Wright snatched the underthrown ball out of the air for a touchdown to end two-minute drills.


8-2 Clemens in terms of INT’s

QB Kellen Clemens threw the only interception of the afternoon during 11 on 11 drills, underthrowing TE Dustin Keller on a go-route down the left sideline. DB Justin Miller battled down the field with Keller who was airborne when Miller stepped in front and picked it off. It was his third pick of camp. He had two on Friday.

If at first you don’t succeed, Keep yelling “MANGOLD!”

A group of fans who looked like they should’ve been auditioning for “Generation Jets” were shouting for C Nick Mangold, who was in deep conversation with G Brandon Moore, to turn around and look at their sign. It read “WE LOVE MANGOND.” At first, he refused to turn around, prompting fans to boo and jeer the fourth year veteran. When the first session of 11 on 11 ended, with the fans still jeering, Mangold turned around and gave the kids a fist pump for good measure. It was met with a sea of cheers.

Kerry Rhodes and Eric Smith: Kickers?

At the conclusion of practice, Coach Mangini mixed it up a little when he let Rhodes and Smith attempt (for fun for obvious reasons) a field goal each. They both failed miserably.

There be Pirates in Hempstead

The Pearl River Pirates out of Rockland County, NY were on hand to watch Gang Green practice.

Injury Report

Along with the morning, WR Marcus Henry sat out the afternoon practice. He was riding the exercise bike but without a wrap on his right calf. RB Jesse Chatman was on the arms bike and did not participate, while LB Jason Trusnik did drills with a weighted ball along side of Henry. After a near interception from QB Chad Pennington by way of LB Cody Spencer, OL Clint Oldenburg fell to the ground and covered his face during 11 on 11 drills. He grabbed his right knee before being helped off the field. He was putting no weight on the leg. Oldenburg was replaced by Stanley Daniels. LB David Harris did not practice in the afternoon due to an undisclosed injury. However, he was seen walking as if everything was copasetic, signing autographs for fans.

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