By Douglas Bonjour
Jets Staff Writer
August 26th, 2008
Jets owner Woody Johnson outdoes the Giants by not charging PSL's to any upper deck seat at the new stadium.
Jets owner Woody Johnson outdoes the Giants by not charging PSL's to any upper deck seat at the new stadium.
Today New York Jets Chairman and CEO Woody Johnson delivered the inevitable; the announcement that was sure to leave the heads of many Jets' season ticket holders spinning. Johnson unveiled the seating options for the New Jets Stadium, which is scheduled to open for the 2010 season. Surprisingly though, unlike the Giants, the Jets will not levy PSL's on any upper deck seat.

“Our goal with the New Jets Stadium is to create the best home field in football and provide a range of seating options,” Johnson said.

Months leading up to today’s announcement, the general consensus among Jets season ticket holders was displeasure, as prices were sure to break the bank. Just one month ago the Giants unveiled their own PSL details for the new stadium, with prices ranging from $20,000 for the Coaches Club to $1,000 for the Upper Bowl. Those prices left Jets fans unsettled. However, the Jets’ plan surprisingly included a minimal sense of relief for fans, as all 27,000 seats in the Upper Bowl will entitle no PSL charge.

“We listened to our fans in designing this plan,” Johnson said. “That is why we decided to have no PSLs in the entire Upper Bowl-including those on the 50-yard line. And to ensure that our long-standing season ticket holders join us in the new building, they will always be the first in line when seats go on sale.”

The Jets will center the sale of seats in the New Jets Stadium on a priority system, based first on seniority then on seat location. For those on the waiting list, the opportunity to purchase tickets will arise after season ticket holders get their chance.

Seats in the lower bowl and the mezzanine end zones will range from $4,000 to $20,000 in price, while seats in the East and West Clubs and the Great Hall club will have PSLs between $5,000 to $25,000. The costs of mezzanine seats are a significant spike from the Giants' current PSL plan, as their mezzanine costs range from $4,000 to $12,500.

The Jets will also auction off 2,000 seats in the new Coaches Club, which Johnson called, “the closest thing to having a spot on the roster.” The Coaches Club will be located behind the Jets' bench.

The Jets will also offer an optional payment plan for all PSL owners. With a 20 percent deposit due upon purchase, a PSL owner can pay in installments for five years.

Season ticket holders will be able to upgrade to a Club-Member PSL, a PSL in the lower bowl or mezzanine end zone. Waitlist members will have the opportunity to purchase seats after season ticket holders

The New Jets Stadium, which will be shared with the Giants, will include 82,500 seats, making it the second largest venue in the NFL behind FedEx Field in Washington, DC, which currently holds more than 91,000 seats.

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