Q&A with Actor, Comedian Jay Mohr

By Sean M. Deegan
Publisher, Jets
September 24th, 2008
Jay Mohr may be in Los Angeles but his heart is still in NY and with the Jets.
Jay Mohr may be in Los Angeles but his heart is still in NY and with the Jets.
Although Jay Mohr has amassed a successful career in movies, TV and standup comedy that has spanned for almost 2 decades, he strives to be a regular guy and keep his New Jersey roots. Although now heís in Hollywood, he keeps close tabs on all of his favorite NY sports teams which include first and foremost, his beloved NY Jets.

A huge fan of, Mohr was nice enough to take some time to chat with JI about the team and whatís going on in his life these days, including a brand new show on CBS premiering this week.

JI: Jay, everyone whoís a fan of yours knows you bleed green. Can you tell us your history as a Jets fan?

JAY MOHR: The first football game I watched was the Eagles and I thought they had cool uniforms but my father said the helmet looked like angel's wings and that skeeved me out. Then at 11 or 12 years old I saw the Sack Exchange thought that was amazing. Itís also amazing to me that Joe Klecko had over 20 sacks one season and was second on the team to Mark Gastineau. That doesnít get talked about a lot. People always talk about the great Chargers "Air Coryell" offense in the 80's who won nothing but never the great Jets Sack Exchange. Anyway, from that moment on I was a big Jets fan. By the way, what ever happened to Abdul Salaam?

JI: When you were on the east coast, were you able to attend a lot of games?

JAY MOHR: I did. When (Wayne) Chrebet was on the team we got friendly and I used to sit with his parents at a lot of games. Chrebet actually gave me an authentic #80 game jersey and I spilled fruit punch on it and ruined it. He and his parents still tease me about it to this day.

JI: What other teams do you follow? Are you all NY?

JAY MOHR: I love the Yankees. I've never been into hockey and sadly Iím a Knicks fan. Luckily, the Yankees in my life have balanced out the crushing disappointments of the Jets and Knicks.

JI: Have you attached yourself to any L.A. teams now that you live out there?

JAY MOHR: I root for the Dodgers because I have a few friends on the team. If you live in a community you are bound to pick up loyalty to a few local teams. Itís a matter of civic pride. Iíve been here for almost 20 years.

JI: Do you get back to the east often?

JAY MOHR: Usually around twice a year. My family is still in Jersey. In the rural part. My Dad has to carry a pistol to take out the garbage because there are bears all over the place.

JI: You have a young son, Jackson. Have you totally brainwashed him to root for your teams? Jets especially?

JAY MOHR: Yes, but believe it or not, heís more of a baseball fan. Iíve actually done a better job brain washing my wife (actress Nikki Cox) into being a Jets fan. Actually, every Jets jersey Iíve bought my son, the player has left the team. Santana Moss, John Abraham, Jonathan Vilma...all gone. Note to Jets players...if you want to leave the team, buy my son your jersey. Lets just say, there will be no Brett Favre jersey in my son's future, I can guarantee you that. My son did though start a "Giants Suck" chant at his school when his gym teacher came in wearing an Eli Manning jersey. That was an interesting call from the school.

JI: How do you keep connection with the team being on the west coast?

JAY MOHR: Your website is my connection to the Jets and Iím not just kissing your ass. My wife can attest to the amount of time Iím on it. I go on it virtually every night, especially the messageboard, sometimes just to see what argument SAR I (A JI messageboard poster) has circled himself into. Seriously, itís really a great site. Iíve been on a lot of fan sites and yours is by far the best. Very informative and easy to navigate.

It took me around a year to realize that messageboard posters like SAR I and Megalomaniac are guys that just like an argument. I only enjoy an argument if I can convince you that Iím right. I like to pontificate and have learned not to get involved with the professional arguers. I also get amusement from posters like Paulie C and RutgersJetFan who argue that acquiring Favre will set the franchise back.

JI: Now that you are out L.A., whatís your routine on gameday?

JAY MOHR: No one is allowed in my house. Itís like a cathedral. We keep very still and quiet. Itís like a Buddhist beach house. Itís wonderful. Tonight for the Chargers game I have my brother in law coming over and I work with a ton of Chargers fans. Iíve told my wife that tonight they are probably going to lose. And really, thatís the mindset you need to be a Jets fan. It was really hard to watch the past few years with Pennington. Those shoulder surgeries really hurt his arm. At one time he could bomb the ball as you saw when he was throwing darts to Randy Moss at Marshall. So itís nice now to have a QB that can throw a go route again like the TD to Cotchery that Favre threw him in the Miami game. We havenít had that route in the playbook for around 10 years.

JI: This is a big week for you as you have a brand new sitcom that you are starring in premiering on CBS called Gary Unmarried. Give us the skinny.

JAY MOHR: Itís a sitcom about a divorced guy (a former QB who is now a house painter) with kids who hates his ex-wife but you see after their arguing that they should just have a real good sex session and get on with their life. He has a new girlfriend and great kids. Itís a family sitcom but the family is divorced. Something you donít see on TV too often.

JI: Is any of the storyline attributed to any personal experiences youíve had as you are divorced with a kid?

JAY MOHR: No. Actually Iíve completely blacked out the six years of my first marriage out of my head. Itís like being in a car accident and not remembering anything about it afterwards. The only thing I do remember is being at the arbitrators office and signing a check to her that had 2 commas in the number.

JI: Do you have any friends out there in Hollywood that are Jets fans too or are you by yourself?

JAY MOHR: Most of my friends are degenerates. Some are former hitmen for the Westies and they all love the Jets but I canít mention their names for obvious reasons.

JI: Back to the Jets...Your best moment as a fan?

JAY MOHR: In 2000, when Curtis Martin threw the halfback option pass to Wayne Chrebet for a TD to win against Tampa. Eat it, Keyshawn!

JI: Youíre worst moment?

JAY MOHR: Marino Spike play. I was there and still have nightmares about it.

JI: Favorite Current player?

JAY MOHR: CB Dwight Lowery. That rookie CB is a stud. Great pick for the Jets

JI: Favorite all-time player?

JAY MOHR: Chrebet, no doubt.

JI: Whatís your assessment Eric Mangini and the current team?

JAY MOHR: I think the Brett Favre move was good. I think the Jets can use him to be a bridge to the future, especially if he stays for more than one year and the team can draft a good QB next year.

Regarding Mangini, I see him kinda like a dictator of a country far away. I know his name and face, I know how his country is run but I have no idea what kind of person he is. I really have no idea about Mangini. Heís so under the Parcells/Bellichick cloak and dagger school of coaching. Heís like like Kim Jong Il. I only see him in newsreels. Mangini has shown me nothing to determine whether heís a good coach or bad coach.

I love all the talk last week second guessing Mangini and Shottenheimer for running 3 straight times on the goal line against the Patriots. I have absolutely no problem with it. If you canít run 9 lousy feet on three plays, especially when everyone thinks Favre will pass, you have problems. I canít blame the coaches for the call.

JI: Prediction for 2008?

JAY MOHR: 9-7 and we miss the playoffs. In the off-season we draft a good QB and hopefully Favre comes back and in year 2 we make the playoffs.

JI: Jay, thanks for your time. Best of luck with the new show and you have an open invitation to the 16H tailgate when you are in NY for a game. In fact, I'd be insulted if you didn't stop by.

JAY MOHR: You have a deal, Sean. It was a pleasure. My wife will out-eat you. She can polish of three racks of ribs herself. Keep up the good work with the site. It rocks.

Be sure to check out Jay Mohrís new show ďGary UnmarriedĒ on CBS starting tonight (Wednesdayís) at 8:30 EST. Jay will also be headlining at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas on October 17-19, 2008.


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