Making A Big Impression
By Kevin Newell
Jets Head Writer
May 9th, 2003
Dewayne Robertson is feeling right at home in the big city

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. - The first thing you notice when you stand foot to toe with Dewayne Robertson is that he is BIG. Real big.

The comparison that he is as big in height as he is wide is no exaggeration. But truth be told, the 6-foot-1, 317 pound monstrosity from the University of Kentucky is a gentle giant - at least away from the football field. Even he is a little intimidated by the size and scope of New York City upon his first, second, and third impressions.

"Big!" Its a big city," said the big fella, with a smile.

In between cutting the tape from his ankles and readying for a plane ride back to his hometown of Memphis, Jets had the opportunity to chat with Gang Greens No. 1 draft pick. What we discovered is that Robertson welcomes the opportunity to play for the Jets and that a reporters right hand gets lost inside the large mitt of the new defensive tackle during a welcome handshake.

"I just love the whole environment, the players, and the coaches," said Robertson. "We have a great coaching staff led by Coach Edwards. Im just going to come out hard and play to win every week.

"My expectations coming to the NFL were that the head coach was never around. But Coach Edwards is always around. Hes a players coach and thats the type of coach I love playing for."

Robertson, who has been the toast of New York since draft day, said he felt all right following the three-day minicamp. He noted that the speed of the NFL is obviously different than what he was accustomed to playing in the Southeastern Conference. Lining up against the Patriots and Raiders will be a far cry from facing the likes of Vanderbilt and Arkansas. But Robertson is up to the challenge.

"I wasnt uncomfortable," Robertson said. "The first practice it was a little strange because I didn't know the schemes. As I got adjusted to the schemes and the way they do things I just rolled with it. Im just learning about the NFL, basically."

He added: "Im getting a chance to mingle with the players, work out, and mesh and have fun with the guys Ive been watching on TV. Its pretty cool."

For Jets fans, it will be pretty cool watching No. 63 gobble up quarterbacks and stuff unsuspecting running backs. As Warren Sapp so eloquently said upon reviewing game tape of Robertson: "He was a bowling ball with a butcher knife. Everything was cut up and killed. Thats what he looked like. Helmets were flying."

Brady, Bledsoe, and Fiedler beware. The Dewayne Train is coming.