TAILGATING KINGS: Nicky Bulbs and the 8B crew!!!
By Jets Staff
February 17th, 2009
The masses have spoken and have overwhelmingly voted Nicky Bulbs and his 8B/14A crew the winners of the 2008 Tailgate Challenge!

Nick DeVito (aka Nickybulbs) a 24 year New York Jet Season Ticket holder from Stamford, CT is the leader of the Green Jets Bus located in section 14A (They were formerly in 8B before stadium construction began) He and his crew have tailgated since the Meadowlands opened in 1984.

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Originally they were driven down by “Scooter” in his 6 passenger hunter green mini-van but have since upgraded to a “JET" GREEN Modified Handicapped (with Lift used for Gas Grill) School Bus/Van (Donated by Cousin Phil). It’s now driven by designated driver, Joey Chip. For the last 20 they have begun Jets gameday by meeting in the A&P parking lot in Stamford. During the ride to the stadium they usually enjoy green Jello shots, Mess’s Bloody Marys, and “Cleansing Ale’s”.

Nicky believes his tailgate is the best because of our LOYALTY AND DEDICATION to the NEW YORK JETS!! Their tailgate party is no less than a 12 HOUR DAY for all home games (including travel).

The weekly attendees have names that would make a Sopranos episode proud. The regulars include: NickyBulbs, Mess, Dukester, Joe Chip, Jetbo, Paulie D., Billy Char, Fred, Mikey O, Angelo, RonzoniMan, Big Vinny, Anne and Mike, Chubsy Ubsy, Carmin Nooch, Tommy Bop, Vinny Bro Bro, Monte, Anthony, Two Quarter Tony, Sleepy Eyes, Fat Frankie, Bubba, Geno, William Wallace, Nicky Jr., Fredo, Dougie Vic, Mikey D., Tony The Bull, and End Zone Phil.

The menu changes from week to week, game to game, depending on who the Jets are playing. For the game vs. the Dolphins their main course was fish. When we play the Bills, it is venison. There is always a full menu of game foods. Every tailgate includes breakfast, pre-game appetizers, followed by the main meal and again after the game a post-game meal, which includes various desserts.

Some of the usual delicacies are Ham/Egg & Cheese, Ribs, Leg O Lamb, Pasta Fagioli, Kabobs, Broccoli Rabe, Pastas, Sausage and Peppers, Seafood, Linguini & Clams, Soups, Scallops wrapped in bacon, Wings, Pizza from our annual guest the Pizza Man…you name it we’ve had it….and of course beverages; black and tans, kamikazes, blender drinks, beer via DAS BOOT & Funnels, Monte & Anthony’s ‘juice” and other thirst quenchers. A fine Cigar after a great feast.

The crew feels they are the best tailgate because of their long storied history as well as some other unique reasons. They have had several guests that have signed the “JETBUS” who include; Joe Namath, Woody Johnson, Freeman McNeil, Bruce Harper, Chad P, Emerson Boozer, Matt Snell, and the Flight Crew . Other guests that visited over the years Wayne Chrebet, Wesley Walker, Curtis Martin. They also play a mean game of “TOILET SEAT HORSESHOES" in the parking lot. (Featured on SNY’s 1st and Goal by Steve Overmeyer).

They have also been written up in an ESPN Magazine Article, The front page of local Newspaper Stamford Advocate in 2002 and 2008, Athlon Sports Page Tailgate Across America.

The Green JetBus crew lives by one important motto:


Besides the extreme honor of being crowned tailgating kings, the crew wins a custom Jets themed painted FREEDOM GRILL and a gas powered TAILGATOR BLENDER ! Prizes will be offically be rewarded at the home opener in 2009!

Thanks to all who participated. Every tailgate we visited was AWESOME. Further proof that Jets fans are the BEST IN THE NFL!!

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