Fitness and Training is the key to surviving the NFL season
By Daniel Troisi
Jets Staff Writer
January 13th, 2010
The fitness regiment for an NFL player continues 365 days per year.
The fitness regiment for an NFL player continues 365 days per year.
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One of the keys to surviving of the grueling 17-week schedule of an NFL season is participating in physical activity on a daily basis. Regular resistance and cardio training helps players feel and look good, while aiding in the prevention of injuries.

Training with resistance three to four times per week has a host of benefits. Resistance training increases bone mineral density, which can prevent diseases like osteoporosis, later on in life. Strength training also increases muscle mass, while lowering body fat. The more muscle mass an individual possesses, the higher their resting metabolic rate, and the more calories they burn on a daily basis. Anaerobic training also improves strength which helps NFL players get through the long season.

It is also important to note that training with regular body weight can be just as effective as lifting actual weights. Body-weight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups can easily be performed by anyone, regardless of age or starting strength.

Any effective fitness program also includes a hearty dose of cardiovascular activity. Some type of cardio should be performed for at least 30 minutes, three times a week. Whether itís doing sprints on a track, jogging on a treadmill, shooting hoops with friends, or simply taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood, aerobic activity is essential for optimum health.

Some of the benefits of regular cardio include improved mood, and better sleep. Aerobics also burn fat and can help an individual manage their weight.

The final component to living a healthy, fit lifestyle is proper diet and nutrition. Staples of a nutritious diet are lean proteins like chicken, fish, steak, and pork. It is also important to include plenty of fruits, vegetables and complex carbs such as rice, whole wheat bread, and pasta.

All of these steps are key for NFL players to survive minicamps, OTA's, Training Camp, the grueling four game pre-season, 16 game regualr season and the hopeful playoffs and Super Bowl. Those teams that have the best fitness regiments are usually the teams that have the least injuries during the season which is a big help when you are trying to make a championship run.

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