Breaking The Law

By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
May 25th, 2005
Why havenít the Jets arranged a press conference announcing the signing of Ty Law? Why havenít I seen Law holding up a green and white number 24 jersey while flashbulbs sparkle around him in Hempstead? Why isnít he apartment hunting around the greater metropolitan area at this very moment? What could possibly be holding the Jets brass back from rolling out the red carpet for Ty Law; someone who has been arguably the best player at his position for the last six seasons? Why are the Jets the only team in New York willing to whimper around when it comes to signing free agents?

Doesnít Terry Bradway and company realize that the window is just about a quarter of the way open for then in the AFC East? With the Patriots losing both Charlie Weiss and Romeo Crennel (their offensive and defensive coordinators) the top spot in the division is realistically in the Jetsí grasp. Ty Law is the type of player who not only can help swing that window wide open but also fill a position which is one of the Jets most glaring holes. I know Law desires a large contract based on his past performance but I would assume it is becoming abundantly clear to Mr. Lawís agent that the blockbuster deal he is looking for isnít out there. Many teams get extremely nervous when it comes to handing over bushels of cash to a player coming off a serious injury.

For those of you who donít know a bushel is equal to four pecks which are little kisses. Man math is confusing. I digress.

This is where the Jets should come in and show a level of decisiveness and swagger that they have lacked for far too long.

The Jets should have the wherewithal to create team friendly contract that will also knocks the socks off of Ty Law so that is becomes nothing more than a formality that he sign. Something with enough guaranteed money to keep him happy and creative incentives based on playing time and performance requirements which are attainable enough for a healthy player of Lawís abilities.

Rehabbing, healthy, or injured, Ty Law should be a Jet. Law in a cast is better than almost anyone else the Jets march out this coming fall. They need to show some aggression and get this done.

Bradway has to realize that he is no longer in Kansas City where coming in second place (and sometimes third) when it comes to signing premier free agents is forgivable. The Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, Giants, and even the Nets would not get away with a similar off-season track record without getting ripped apart in print and on the airwaves.

The Jets were a missed field goal or two away from an AFC championship game last year, now it is time to make the next step. They solved one problem by drafting Mike ďCat Scratch FeverĒ Nugent (wow, two 80ís metal references in one article, I feel like a writer for Joe Dirt), now it is time to solve another problem; a secondary that gives up too many big plays.

Ty Law is the player the Jets need. Someone with a chip on his shoulder who has something to prove and what may be a personal vendetta against the very franchise the Jets need to overcome if they want to win their division.

Am I the only one who has visions of Tom Brady passes getting picked off and run back? Watch as opposing wide receivers are manhandled and stymied by Law?

It is time for the Jets to make amends for past embarrassments when it comes to free agents. No longer should they need to resort to plan B or C. They play and operate in the big apple and it is time they act like it.

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