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Tips To Managing A Successful Championship Fantasy Football Team

By Jets Staff
September 17th, 2013
Tips To Managing A Successful Championship Fantasy Football Team

Hello Fantasy Football Fans! With another exciting season of National Football League action upon us, is pleased to feature a fantasy football guest post for your viewing pleasure today. Whether youíre a novice fantasy football team owner or a seasoned veteran who plays in high stakes leagues in Las Vegas, expanding your knowledge is always a fantastic idea.

StatsGuru, a professional NFL and pro sports handicapper at, not to mention a fantasy football fanatic, offers the following tips and advice on guiding your fantasy football team to Championship success. Having been to the championship mountaintop on a couple of occasions, and oh-so-close many other times, StatsGuru has been employing his recipe for fantasy success for almost two decades now.

Planning a winning fantasy football formula takes time and effort

From doing preseason homework, to crafting a solid draft day strategy, and then managing your fantasy squad during the season, no stone should be left unturned. Although fantasy championship arenít won in the preseason, or on Draft Day, improper pre-draft preparation can certainly lead to a season that ends badly. Once you take on the role of an owner of a fantasy sports team - proper activations and shrewd waiver wire moves are also huge keys to fantasy success.

Yours truly follows a ďless is moreĒ philosophy when it comes to studying fantasy football during the off-season. By that I mean I take a break between NFL seasons to regroup and clear my head. From the end of the Super Bowl and all the way up to NFL training camps opening, I tend to stick to following the NFL headlines only. This gives me time to sort out my thoughts on the season that was before the heavy lifting begins prior to start of a new season.

Build a stable of quality NFL and Fantasy Football information websites

Building a stable of quality NFL and Fantasy Football information websites, like the one here at Jets Insider, is another area where the less is more mantra comes into play. Attempting to avoid information overload is a huge key to making the best of your homework time. If you are surfing around a ton of websites, that all offer different opinions, your head will start spinning before too long and your retention rate will take a huge hit.

Finding reliable websites that offer independent and knowledgeable views of the various NFL clubs is a must. Independent is a key word here as the views and opinions at those websites donít have to toe the company line and they are normally brutally honest with their information. Highly ranked fan websites normally tell it like it is without any sugar coating of the facts. Again, the Jets Insider website is a solid example here as they tell it like it is in their truly New York style.

Draft day and in-season management fuel a successful fantasy engine

Once the draft clock starts ticking, trust your research along with the draft day strategy you mapped out. Be aware of the moves your fellow owners are making during the draft Ė especially the few that surround you on either side of your draft position. Donít be afraid to begin a quarterback or tight end run, or a run of any kind, as itís always better to start a run than be on the end of one. You may also want to buy your fellow owners a few cocktails to loosen them up a bit.

Once your draft day is over, activations and shrewd waiver wire moves take center stage. Agonizing over your weekly starters is not wise. Always start your studs - regardless of the match-up. When you see a player on the waiver wire that you want on your squad always bid properly and donít be a miser. Saving your waiver wire bucks for a rainy day, that may never come, doesnít work in the world of fantasy football Ė spend the dough!

Fantasy football, the NFL, along with the thrilling wagering that goes with it, should always be a pleasure and never a pain. For more information on sports of all sorts, feel free to surf over to the Sports Betting Sites website. Good Luck with your Fantasy Football season!

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