Fish Guts

By Kevin Newell
Jets Head Writer
September 11th, 2003
No Jets fan will ever forget the greatest Monday Night game ever
No Jets fan will ever forget the greatest Monday Night game ever
There is only one true rival of the New York Jets and Jets fan alike – the Miami Dolphins.

Sure, the New England Patriots have been the recipients of animosity from Jets Nation over the last six years, mainly due to the whole overblown Bill Parcells situation and the ensuing Bill Belichick ordeal. But there really is no history there. The Buffalo Bills? Nah!

The recent confrontations with the Oakland Raiders have conjured up some fond memories from the old AFL wars between Joe Namath and Daryle Lamonica. But we keep going to the Bay to play.

For my money the games that matter most are with the Fish. Nothing gets my blood boiling like seeing the dudes with Flipper on their helmets line up across from our boys. Just look back over the years and you’ll realize that Jets-Fins is the game. Heck, the Monday Night Miracle from 2000 was voted the best Monday Night Football game of all-time. That holds a lot of weight in my book. How about the 1986 shootout at Co-Tenant Stadium between Dan Marino and Ken O’Brien? Who can ever forget Kenny O’B hitting Wesley Walker for the game-tying touchdown as time expired and then hooking up with Wesley the Whippet in OT for the game winner in a 51-45 battle of royal?

Then there’s the memorable 1981 affair in which Richard Todd hit Jerome Barkum for the winning TD in a 16-15 victory that sent Shea Stadium into euphoria and Gang Green into first place. I can still feel the stadium sway to the chants of “Todd is God!!” during the final drive.

On the other side of the ledger there’s the 14-0 defeat in the 1982 AFC Championship Game and the infamous “Spike” Game. The list is endless.

Best of all, we own these clowns. Not only do the Jets lead the all-time series, 38-35-1, heading into Sunday’s game, Gang Green has won nine of the last 10.

Let’s make it 10 of the last 11!

Here below are my top 10 reasons why I hate the Miami Dolphins:

10. Teal and orange uniforms. Teal?

9. Jay Fiedler’s ears. What’s up with the Dumbo look?

8. Garo Yepremian. This guy set football back 20 years with his ill-fated pass on a muffed field goal in the 1973 Super Bowl vs the Washington Redskins.

7. The smug 1972 team. Yeah, I understand they went 17-0, but must the living members have a champagne toast every time another team fails going unbeaten?

6. Mark Duper and Mark Clayton. The Mark’s brothers were proverbial pains in the ass.

5. A.J. Duhe. Richard Todd must see this guy in his sleep. I know I do.

4. Fish fans. They are not only obnoxious, they are quite a cocky bunch for having won only two Super Bowls – one more than us Jets fans and only four and five years removed from our crowning glory. We’re talking 30 years ago. (And they’ve lost three Bowls!!!) Also, how can you respect fans that can’t even sell out their stadium for a playoff game. WEAK!

3. The Spike Game. Enough said.

2. Dan Marino. He and I have the same amount of Super Bowl rings!!!

1. Don Shula. That bastard, a member of the NFL rules committee at the time, cost us a trip to the Super Bowl by not covering the God forsaken Orange Bowl field during near hurricane conditions in Gang Green’s 1983 playoff run. On a lighter note, he was on the opposite sideline back in 1969 when Joe Willie and the guys won it all – in Miami of all places.

Footnote: Jets will never forget the terrible tragedy that occured two years ago today. Our prayers go out to all the familes who lost loved ones. God bless America.

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