Here Comes Trouble

By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
September 12th, 2003
The Jets will need some magic from Curtis Martin to beat the Dolphins on Sunday
The Jets will need some magic from Curtis Martin to beat the Dolphins on Sunday
I would just like to say before we begin that I am really not in the mood to write this article. I am still recovering from the hangover that is the aftermath of the Jets-Redskins fiasco. What a disaster that game was. The entire night went downhill almost immediately after Brittany Spears took her pants off. Why did the Jets’ offense decided to take the night off? 158 total yards? I bet I could have gotten 158 yards by myself Thursday night. Was it just me or did the Testeverde decide that converting on third down really wasn’t necessary? I always thought that the Jets would have their big letdown sometime towards the end of the season. I may be bitter about this game all year. Well now comes the hard part. The next three weeks we play each of our division rivals. The Dolphins, Patriots and Bills. Instead of going through the torture that these next three weeks will bring how about I just jump in front of an oncoming truck?

Well this Sunday we will watch the Jets play a very motivated Miami team. Did everyone in America get booted out of their suicide pools thanks to the loss to the Texans? Now this angry, hungry Dolphin team comes to New York to face this under achieving group of athletes that I root for. Great. Where do I start?

As Jet fans we can no longer hold onto the fact that we have owned the Fish since 1997. Those days are over. As far as I am concerned all of that is wiped clean since they beat us last year.

This version of the Dolphins made some outstanding additions to their football team. They added “Methuselah” Seau to an already powerful linebacking core and picked up some depth in the secondary with the acquisition up of Sammy Knight. This Sunday will not be pretty. I almost hope that I have something to do this Sunday. A little Home Depot trip to pick up some flooring; maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond? I don’t know if I will have enough time.

If the Jets could only muster the miniscule amount of yards against a weak Redskin defense what do you think they will do against Miami’s? I don’t want to hear anyone talk about how if the Texans beat them than so can we. Every team loses at least one game a year that they should have won. Happens all the time. Hell, that is the modus operandi of the New York Jets.

If the Jets want to win this game the burden lies squarely on the shoulders of the defense; which scares me. This is the same defense that made Patrick Ramsey look like John Elway. I see Jay Fielder as the key to this game for The Jets. We need John Abraham (who was amazing in week one) to wreak havoc like never before

I know that I shouldn’t rush to judgment about this season using one game as the barometer but I will anyway. I think that we are in for yet another long year fellow Jet fans. I would be shocked if the Jets won this game.

Picks Week Two

So last week I went a respectable 2-1 thanks to the disastrous game that the Patriots had against Buffalo (maybe the only team that looked worse than the Jets in week one). My counterpart, Mr. Two Bits himself, went 1-2. George picking the Eagles was a big mistake. How long before the ESPN guys pick a Titans-Bucs superbowl?

Here are the match-ups for this week:

Game 1 Pittsburgh at Kansas City Chris’ pick: Chiefs George Washington’s pick: Steelers

I think that this Chiefs team has something really cooking. Priest Holmes looks like he hasn’t skipped a beat even though his hip injury conjured up memories of Bo Jackson. Trent Green led the AFC in passing yards last week and has become one of those “on the precipice” quarterbacks. He could be one of the great ones or just average. I don’t think he has decided yet. George was overly impressed with Tommy Maddox’s performance and the fact that the Steelers put up 34 points on a Ravens defense that is still one of the best in the league. This should be a fun game to watch.

Game 2 Denver at San Diego Chris’ pick: Chargers George’s pick: Chargers

It looks like George is too scared to go out on his own here. I close my eyes and see Jake Plummer getting sacked. I see him being picked off four times. I see Mike Shanahan (who many consider a genius and one of the best coaches in the game yet barely has a .500 record without Elway) filling out applications this off-season with every network around looking for a broadcasting job.

Game 3 Tennessee at Indianapolis Chris’ pick: Titans George’s pick: Colts

No matter who you are you have to love the Titans. They have a great coach, great stadium, good fans, “The Music City Miracle”, the Jets old team name, and probably the all around best quarterback in the league today. Is there anyone in football tougher than Steve McNair? Could you ever root against this guy? He would probably play the game even if his head fell off. I can’t help but love this team. George on the other hand is picking the Colts banking on the fact that the highly overrated Payton Manning will march his team to victory.

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