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Positive Feelings
By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
September 19th, 2003
After a big game against Miami, Santana Moss hopes to feast on the Pats
After a big game against Miami, Santana Moss hopes to feast on the Pats
I have been pretty negative in my articles for the last two weeks on this website and with good reason: the Jets have been putrid. Having said that though I am letting you all know that I am not here to write yet another article about another game in which I think that the Jets will lose and moan and groan about how truly awful they have been. This week I believe that this team will turn their fortunes around and beat the New England Patriots. You are reading that correctly folks, I am making a proclamation: THE JETS WILL DEFEAT THE PATRIOTS!! Now you may ask me why I am so confident for this game coming up Sunday afternoon? Why has the eternal Jets basher suddenly become a beacon of positive energy for this Jets team? Well it is because of one thing: the Patriots. I really do not think they are good; despite what they did last week against the highly overrated Philadelphia Eagles.

I truly believe that even with the loss of Donnie Abraham the Jets can take care of this New England team. In my opinion we are facing the Pats at just the right time. Players are still in a bit of a funk over this whole Lawyer Milloy issue (which is another article entirely) and Bill “how bad is my comb over” Belichick has some very serious questions circling around his leadership ability and the level of commitment he has from his players. Which is just a total shock to me. He won a Super Bowl in the most dramatic fashion against all odds and now just one season removed from that great upset victory there are rumblings in Boston about his job security. I tell you from first hand experience Boston sports fans are totally insane. I digress. These issues I believe the team has could go away as we get further along in the season but in week three it could hinder the Patriots ability to focus on the game at hand.

Now I know the Jets still have some of their own dark clouds circling around them but I don’t want to focus on any of that today. I think I have covered enough ground on all that is wrong with this Jet team. Let us focus on what could go right instead.

Let’s start off with the gauntlet thrown down by Herman Edwards after last weeks game where he made some pretty harsh remarks about the Jets lack of a running game. This should be seen as a challenge for Kevin Mawae. Hopefully he is angry and embarrassed by the very public manner in which his head coach called out the entire offensive line. I think that Mawae will take control of the tempo of this game and be the leader on this offensive line that everyone knows he can be. We need that now more than ever since this is the weakest that this line has been in years. We may finally see some holes open up for Curtis Martin on Sunday.

Then there is Martin himself. He has to be feeling a sting to his pride as well about how poor his performance has been so far this season. He must realize that this team is now his to change and control. Martin has to once again become that great back we all have seen him be before.

Then there is the improved play of Vinny Testeverde. He has improved greatly since those tentative passes he made in week one. We almost have to think of his progress in this manner: week one was like training camp and three preseason games for him. Week two was similar to the rest of the preseason. I think Vinny is ready to make some significant headway in this game and lead aid his team to victory. To be honest I think they may score over 28 points this weekend. No joke.

Lastly there is the outstanding performance we have seen so far from Santana Moss. He is really stepping up and making a case that he can be a go to receiver. His return game this season has not been as electrifying as we have seen in the past and he has dropped two balls that we hand delivered to him this season but if he can stay healthy all year than he may put up some monster numbers.

If the Jets can do what I think they are capable of doing on Sunday and swipe a precious win from a division rival and then hopefully defeat an inferior Dallas Cowboy team next week the team can go into their bye week with a 2-2 record and feel better about coming out to face a red hot Buffalo Bills team who hopefully cool off by them. If not then they might as well focus on the 2004 draft.

Picks Week Three

I can’t believe I tied a coin last week. I mean that is pathetic. Thanks to the Denver Broncos and Steve McNair’s hand I went a dismal 1-3 with last weeks picks although my counterpart had the same results. Now for the season so far I am 3-3 and Mr. Washington is 2-4. Lets see if I can do any better this week.

Here are the match-ups for this week:

Game 1: Buffalo at Miami My Pick: Buffalo George’s Pick: Miami

Lets face it: I am completely on the bandwagon. This Bills team looks phenomenal. They are clicking on all cylinders right now. I just think that the speed they have right now and the great games that Bledsoe and Henry are having so far will help them beat Miami handedly. I mean you know that Dave Wandstat is going to make some really awful decision in this game. Like the time he grew a mustache, what is that thing anyway? George isn’t so impressed and thinks that Ricky Williams will control the tempo of this game and have another great day.

Game 2: NY Giants at Washington My Pick: Giants George’s Pick: Giants

It seems we both agree here that the Giants should win this game and bring Patrick Ramsey back down to earth. Unlike any other team the ‘Skins have faced the Giants have a formidable pass rush and while their defensive line is healthy and fresh get ready to see Ramsey get up off the floor over and over.

Game 3: Cleveland at San Francisco My Pick: Cleveland George’s Pick: San Fran

I am going with the underdog here. I think that we may see Tim Couch in this game and the Brown’s defense wake up in this one. Jeff Garcia is playing with a back supported by rubber bands right now and that could be the difference here. George thinks that Butch Davis should have just stayed in college.