An old friend returns
July 22nd, 2003
Rain dampened the Jets Tuesday afternoon practice session and a former Jets player who is now a free agent was spotted lurking around Hofstra. Can you guess who it is?? Downpours moved the Tuesday afternoon practice to the bubble where a 50 yard FieldTurf field is located. Rookie FA T Bobby Brandt (Indiana) injured his knee at practice today. The extent of the injury is not yet known but initial reports lead us to believe itís serious. Brandt was being given serious consideration as the backup long snapper to TE James Dearth. Coach Edwards indicated that the team will now probably re-sign lineman David Viger who they released last week.

Our old friend S Victor Green was at Jets camp today. Green, who left the Jets last season as a FA and went to our hated rival New England Patriots has not been offered a new deal by the Pats and is looking for a job. Although the visit was deemed as social by Jets officials, donít be surprised to see VG back in green in the near future. The Jets could definitely use some veteran depth at the safety position with Damien Robinson gone. Question is, does Victor still have something left in the tank?

Both Santana Moss and Curtis Conway had good afternoon practices. The rest from the morning practice gave Conway a nice spark. Rookie LB Victor Hobson has been impressive as well. WR Albert Johnson, LB Mo Lewis and RB Curtis Martin sat out and rested.

Donít expect T Jumbo Elliot to hook back up with the team during camp again this summer. Elliot, who is still unemployed is not in the teamís plans but apparently will be with another team this season. When we asked Coach Edwards about the possibility of brining Jumbo back, his response was. ďI know for a fact heíll be back with a team soon. Which one? I wonít say. Itís not with us thoughĒ.'s Len Pasquarelli reports the contract signed by Jets rookie LB Victor Hobson is a five-year deal worth $3.435 million with a $1.52 million signing bonus. Hobson, who was the team's second-round selection this year, will receive base salaries of $225,000 (2003); $305,000 (2004); $380,000 (2005); $460,000 (2006); $545,000 (2007, includes escalator). Hobson will count $529,000 against the 2003 salary cap. The deal DT Matt Walters, a fifth-round draft choice signed is a two-year, $607,000 deal that included a $77,000 signing bonus. He'll have base salaries of $225,000 (2003) and $305,000 (2004).

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