Japan News and Notes
August 1st, 2003
With the start of the Jets 2003 season less than 24 hours away, here are a few tidbits from Japan. The Jets held their first full practice yesterday in the Tokyo Dome wearing shorts, shoulderpads and helmets. The practice was crisp and was highlighted by a sharp Chad Pennington completing several long passes including a deep streak to Santana Moss.

Some players have been tasting the delicacies of Tokyo but a large majority have been playing it safe and have been seen at the local McDonalds or the Sizzler that is located inside the team's hotel (how convenient is that!).

RB Curtis Martin and QB Vinny Testaverde will reportedly sit out the game on Saturday. CuMart was described as having a “crick” in his neck by Coach Edwards and the team doesn’t want to risk injury to the 40 year old Testaverde on the hard Astroturf. Expect Pennington to only play two or three series then you’ll see a lot of rookies Brooks Bollinger and Marquel Blackwell.

The team will have a walk through practice today and the game will take place at 6PM Tokyo time tomorrow (5AM NY Time). The team will then jump on the return plane to NY immediately following the game. After a day off on Monday the team returns to regular two a days on Tuesday starting at 8:30. Tuesday also is the start of Jets Fest at Hofstra which will run thought the month of August.