Monday Tidbits
By Sean M. Deegan
Publisher, Jets
August 18th, 2003
After starting camp a week earlier than most other teams Coach Edwards decided to break camp a week early. Two a days are no more. Here are some notes and quotes as Gang Green goes back to work today.

After starting camp a week earlier than most other teams Coach Edwards decided to break camp a week early. Two a days are no more. Here are some notes and quotes as Gang Green goes back to work today.

After a rigorous month of practice, the Jets have broken camp. They will have just one team practice a day and focus on team meetings and conditioning for the rest of the day. Coach Edwards explained his new regiment in his Monday press conference. “When you say you are going to break training camp, some people think you are going to stop practicing. It means we will have more meeting time in the morning and have a walk through. From there, in the afternoon, we will have practice.” Practice will continue to be open to the public this week.

LB Marvin Jones injured his hamstring during Saturday’s game. He will miss at least this week’s game against the Giants and maybe the Eagles’ game as well. Edwards is confident though that Jones will be ready for Washington. Third year man Kelvin Moses will fill in for Jones and Edwards may occasionally play rookie Victor Hobson in the middle at times. Rookie S Derek Pagel is also out this week with a sprained ankle.

WR Kevin Swayne has locked up the 4th wideout spot. He’s had a great camp and the fact that he has also excelled on special teams made the Coach’s decision easy. The fifth wideout spot however, is less clear then ever. No rookie has shown enough to nail the job down. Furthermore, after continuous indications from the Coach since the draft that he is satisfied with the current selection of WR’s on the roster, today he implied that the Jets may be looking outside for more help to fill that extra WR spot. “You never know.” Said Edwards. “There is nothing under the realm of, after this week there is going to be a big cut. Some do because of salary cap issues and some because they didn’t want to take a cut in pay. There might also be a young guy that we liked in the draft that we let go at a certain position you want to look at.”

If the Jets do stay in house, our bet at this point is that Phil McGeoghan would nab the 5th spot. WR Albert Johnson, who looks like a lock to make the team as a KR, wouldn’t be considered the fifth WR since most of his duties will be solely on special teams. RB/KR Ian Smart’s days could be numbered. He really needed to impress in practice and in the games he has played in to have a shot to make the team and so far really hasn’t done that in either.

The perfect 49 yard FG made by Jets Kicker Doug Brien on Saturday may have just solidified his job. There were questions about whether the Jets would continue to look for kicking help due to Brien’s spotty resume over the past few years. However, he has been extremely steady all camp and unless a phenomenal alternative comes around, Brein is the man.

Kickoff duties are another story. After releasing K Clay Rush last week, the Jets cut their other kickoff specialist, Danny Kight today. Kight wasn’t showing enough depth in his kickoffs to justify the extra roster spot. Look for the Jets to bring in another big leg this week because Brien’s depth just won’t cut it.

The Jets also announced that they have signed wide receiver Cedric James and waived rookie FA DB’s Deshaun Hill, Will Hunter and Kevin Knight. .

James is a 6-1, 197-pound wide receiver who was originally drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He was released by the Vikings on August 13 following two injury-plagued seasons. In five career games, James has caught one pass for 29 yards and returned 10 kickoffs for an average of 22.8 yards.

Here are Coach Edward’s comments today on a few other topics:

On Dewayne Robertson’s progress: “He used his hands a lot better this week. He is starting to learn the combination blocks a lot better. It is different in pro football than in college. You have a couple blocking schemes in college and pro football has a number of blocking schemes. He is learning that. The more he plays, the better he is going to become. He has played three games and that is what you have to remember. He is young man and not a seasoned veteran.”

On LB Kelvin Moses taking over for Jones: “He has been a steady guy for us and he has played a lot of football for us. He was another guy that came from the world league. I can remember him coming in. He was going to be used as a special teams player for the most part but then all of a sudden he played a lot. He is a smart guy and plays hard. He is probably looking forward to playing with the first group.”

On how LB Sam Cowart has looked: “A lot better physically. His hamstring is not bothering him and he knows the system. That is helping him so he can react. He is using his athletic ability a lot more. The front is helping him too. The defensive front is pulling a lot more now too. He is a lot faster and able to get over the top, so all those things are a factor.”

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