Good Bye

By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
October 8th, 2003
"Hey Giants, thanks for nothing!"
"Hey Giants, thanks for nothing!"
Last weekend was probably the most relaxing I have had all season long. I did not have to worry about going through the torture of watching yet another sloppy Jets game which would result in yet another painful loss. I was actually able to enjoy a Sunday. There was some really good baseball (and some really bad baseball) thanks to the division series playoffs during the week. I was lucky enough to remain safely inside the comfort of my own apartment while Boston exploded last night thanks to their very predictable series win over the A’s. People here were celebrating and acting as if they just won game seven of the World Series. I mean, c’mon….everyone beats the A’s in the playoffs. If this was a baseball website I would go through all of the reasons why. But it isn’t, so I won’t. As I said, my weekend was good. The only thing now is what do I write about? I can’t possibly spend an entire article on the elevation of Santana Moss into a flanker and in doing so replacing Curtis “Clifford Franklin” Conway. I know it is an old joke but Conway couldn’t catch a cold. This is good news and could be an exciting development in the continuing maturation of Moss, but it really isn’t quite as sexy as last year’s roster move.

I could write about Jumbo Elliot’s…I mean John Abraham’s DWI charges. I will never understand the irresponsibility that professional athletes demonstrate on a daily basis. I will never accept the excuse that these guys are just regular people who aren’t perfect and make mistakes. I am an average guy, I am not perfect, and I make mistakes. None of these mistakes though involved endangering the lives of others. Why is it whenever a transgression like this happens involving a celebrity or athlete it gets laughed off? This topic though is probably too big to tackle here and now.

I could try and discuss what has been going on with The Jet’s front office. Why is Herman Edwards yelling at the owner? Who is he motivating there? Why is it that Terry Bradway does not feel even slightly compelled to take the blame for what has been going on this season? I don’t know. Though how qualified am I to answer these questions with any sense of validity being as far away from Hempstead as I am and out of touch with the day to day activities there.

I could write about some other games that were played this weekend. It would be a good opportunity to discuss the state of affairs in The AFC East and see if there is any realistic way for The Jets to make it out on top. I guess I will try but I think I am about to get really depressed.

Miami is 3-1 after an improbable win over The Giants Sunday. I swear only The Giants could hold one of the top three rushers in the league to 39 yards on 22 attempts and still lose the game. The only time I have ever counted on our roommate rivals in recent memory and they blow it. Thanks guys, very Jet-like.

Then there is New England at 3-2 after beating The Titans in yet another infuriating game. Steve McNair had more yards through the air and on the ground than the entire Patriots offense. It boggles the mind. Was Steve McNair 100% by game time? From now on he should have someone run his foot over the Saturday before a game since he obviously can not be beat when playing hurt.

Lastly we have the 3-2 Bills. Watching this game was like peeling back my own eyelids. I thought that the maybe The Bengals had a chance to pull off the upset. I thought maybe one of the division rivals would lose and keep the tinniest of silver linings open. Of course though that wasn’t meant to be and Buffalo went on to kick a game tying field goal and then Travis Henry would limp into the end zone in overtime to win the game; utterly pathetic. All three of these games were like kidney punches to any Jet fan hoping against hope.

So if we were keeping score here it means that instead of all three teams losing these games like they were supposed to and having the standings look more like this: Miami 2-2 (imagine the first place team being .500!), Buffalo 2-3, New England 2-3, Jets 0-4 we have a division where everyone is just distancing themselves from The New York Bengals. I want to throw up.

So what started out as a Good Bye turned into a Goodbye to the Jets from their AFC East Rivals. What do I do now for an enjoyable sports experiences? The idea of sitting through another lousy Knick’s season after they sign Dikembe “Imhotep” Mutumbo to lumber around the floorboards does not sound appealing. I also do not have any interest in seeing if The Rangers could waste some more talent on the ice than last year. In other words: Thank God for The Yankees.

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