Paying The Bills
By Kevin Newell
Jets Head Writer
October 9th, 2003
QB Drew Bledsoe hasn't beaten the Jets as a Patriot or Bill since 1999
QB Drew Bledsoe hasn't beaten the Jets as a Patriot or Bill since 1999
The bye week is over and it is back to playing ball for our winless, downtrodden Jets. Just when we need a team we can get happy on, along come the Buffalo Bills for Sundayís division contest.

In a word, Buffalo is an enigma. After starting off the season like a house on fire, the Bills (3-2) have come back to earth. They lost two straight to the Dolphins and Eagles, respectively, before squeaking by the lowly Bengals, 22-16, last weekend. Which team will show up at Co-Tenant Stadium is anybodyís guess. Luckily, Drew Bledsoeís favorite target, Eric Moulds, is not expected to play due to a groin injury. So thatís one less thing the Jets defense has to worry about. There is, however, someone by the name of Travis Henry. A guy who just so happens to be a running back, as in running game, as in the Jets canít stop one if their lives depended on it.

Therein lies the problem.

If Henry gets into a flow, it could be another long day. Remember, Henry ran crazy on the Jets in last seasonís season opener, when Gang Greenís D was as equally woeful as it is now.

There is also talk that the Bills are toying with the idea of utilizing a no-huddle offense. That could also spell doom for the Jets, who are pitifully slow and devoid of depth to be able to counteract Bledsoeís quick strikes.

Conversely, the offensively challenged Jets will have a stiff test against the likes of newly acquired linebackerís Takeo Spikes and Jeff Posey. And the Bills secondary, already possessing two of the NFLís premier cornerbacks in Nate Clements and Antoine Winfield, has been greatly aided by the addition of Pro Bowl safety Lawyer Milloy. The good news? The Bills pass rush remains a no-show.

Hopefully, when the Jets drive down the field with their opening possession Ė which has been a season long constant Ė it will result in a touchdown and not a field goal. And perhaps set the tone for a much-needed win.

Here below are the Top 10 reasons why I hate the Buffalo Bills:

10. Buffalo chicken wings. I love eating the deep fried, hot sauce covered little bastards. Really, I do. Itís paying for it the next day that I hate.

9. O.J. Simpson. He got away with murder on and off the field. Also, the game where he reached 2000 yards was against the Jets. Donít you hate that highlight clip at Shea? BTW: Is it me or doesnít it seem like every player who reached any type of milestone in the NFL did it against us?

8. Jerry Butler. The former Clemson wide receiver had a career day when the Bills trounced the Jets, 31-0, in the 1981 season opener at Buffalo.

7. Joe Ferguson. The former Bills QB owned the Jets in the late 70s and early 80s.

6. Incompetence. Sure, they went to four Super Bowls as the AFC representative in the 1990s. But how about winning one?

5. The garish new uniforms. YECH!!! Who designed these things? The Tidy Bowl Man? Too much blue.

4. The entire team from the 90s. Cocky, arrogant, and nothing to show for it! (See No. 6).

3. Drew Bledsoe. I dislike him a little less now that heís left the Patsies.

2. Paul Maguire. The current ESPN color commentator and former Bills kicker pissed Jets fans off everywhere when he boldly and bluntly predicted that the Jets would lose the remaining five games of the 1986 season, one in which Gang Green started 10-1. He was right. BASTARD!

1. Bill Simpson. The former Bills safety broke the heart of Jets fans everywhere when he picked off Richard Todd in the end zone with 14 seconds left to end any thought of a miraculous comeback in the 1981 AFC Wild Card game, a 31-27 Buffalo victory at Shea Stadium.