Looking Forward
By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
October 10th, 2003
So what exactly is in store for The Jets and what will their season look like when it is all said and done. I don’t really know yet. Predicting the outcome of games is hard enough for me but to try and piece together and entire season could be daunting. I do however think that we can really begin to see the picture clearly after this Sunday’s game against Buffalo. Maybe then we can speculate on what the final record of our beloved (though not lately) boys in green and white will be. It really does depend not only on how they perform in this contest but more importantly if they can pull out a victory for the first time this year. There is also the added wrinkle that I will be watching this game back home in New York. Knowing myself and how superstitious I get when it comes to my favorite teams this could turn ugly. If they win this weekend I may have to make weekly trips back home to keep the streak alive. Don’t think I won’t; I blame myself for the Yankees’ loss in game one in the ALCS this week because I didn’t wear the same T-shirt that I had worn in all of their other post-season victories this year. I am wearing it now as I type these words. Yes, it smells…yes I am insane. I know this. Let’s move on.

Luckily for the Jets, the Bills have a few question marks as far as who will be playing in this game. Does it really matter though? The Jets’ defense makes everyone look good. I think I may have rushed for 115 yards this season, I am not really sure. Mark my words; this game will rely on whether or not the defense can show up, not on which receiver lines up where. Couple this with the most likely scenario that John Abraham will not play thanks to his attempted slalom along the streets of Nassau County and it doesn’t bode well for the Jets.

But I am willing to think positively for once and try and imagine a scenario where the Jets pull out the victory. Maybe something happens along the same vein as last year’s game against the Chargers. Remember how you felt before the start of that game. Schottenheimer had that team rolling. The defense was awesome and Tomlinson was having a monster year. No one thought the Jets had a chance. They went in though and dismantled that team. So for arguments sake let us say they do that here as well. What happens next?

The next opponent would be the Houston Texans who are definitely beatable but knowing the Jets penchant for losing to these type of teams. Really you can’t take it for granted. Think about how good David Carr can be if no one puts pressure on him all day and the Texans could win this game pretty easily. But I am not living in the real world though so let us say that The Jets win this one too. Now they are 2-4 right? Not so bad and they are on one of those little streaks Herman always talks about. (Yeah, I know I called him Herman.)

Now if reports are correct we may have Chad back for the game against Philly. This could be great fodder for the New York writers if the Jets lose this one poorly which they could. This game would be a tough one. The Eagles are playing better and with the one two punch of McNabb and Staley could just be too much for this Jet team. You have to assume a loss here. Record: 2-5.

Hmmm…cue the twilight zone music now as Rod Serling comes out of some catacomb of Lincoln Financial Field starting with something like, “Picture if you will a team; a team on the verge of disaster as their season spirals down a dark and lonely staircase, one where they can see no bottom and the crowds denigrate them at every turn. Now imagine if this team did this exactly a year ago today. You have just entered The Jet’s Zone.” Uhhh…where was I?

The next game and final game of the second quarter would be against the Giants. Probably the only game I feel really confident about. We would have Chad going in his second game and getting his timing down amid the whirlwind that will be the New York media writing stories wondering if Chad loses this game as well if Vinny should be the starter again. You have got to love those New York writers.

I guarantee a victory here though. If there is one thing that Jim Fassel’s Giants have had a habit of during his tenure as head coach it is playing down to their opposition. Exhibit A: The Houston Texans last season. I bet that game hurt almost as much as the playoff game against San Francisco did, although not much could compare to that disastrous choke job. Just ask my buddies Murph and Coos. Yes, I am rubbing it in a little. So it is almost a lock that there is no way this Giants team beats any team with a 2-5 record ever.

So after the second quarter of the season you could be looking at a 3-5 Jets team which isn’t that bad after how they started out. Also it would be an eerie resemblance to how last season unfolded. If this does happen the way I think it could I call dibs on any reference to last season in any future article. I wrote it first. It is only fair. Does it work like that? I figured it would be akin to calling shotgun.

Obviously all of this is pure speculation and Bledsoe and company could light up the Jets for about 65 points rendering this entire article moot, but you have to believe that they will come out of this bye with some sort of fire in their bellies. If there isn’t and they come out flat and lay down for the Bills then maybe this team does need some sort of organizational shake up.

Picks Week 6

So here I stand more than a quarter of the way through the season my record sits at 8-7. Meanwhile my minted counterpart has a dubious 6-9. If only I followed my instincts and picked the Chiefs like I should have then I would have had the highly coveted “Perfect Week.” Oh well.

Game 1: Chicago at New Orleans My pick: Da Bears George’s pick: The Saints

It is tough to make a call between these two underachieving teams. I find it hard to believe that they were both in the playoffs just a few years ago. The Bears had a little bit of an excuse last year when injuries mounted up and of course this year they have Kordell Stewart (who I still have had my best game with in Madden 2003, go figure). What about the Saints? No excuses really. They have talent everywhere. Weren’t there waves of articles after the Ricky Williams trade that the Saints got the better part of the deal picking up Deuce McAllister in the draft that year? Why do all of these “experts” get free passes all the time? Who would you rather have on your team right now?

Game 2: Kansas City at Green Bay My pick: Chiefs George’s pick: Packers

I am picking this game solely to make up for the boneheaded move I made last week selecting a team with Jake Plummer at the helm (also the starting quarterback in my fantasy league which we will not discuss ever!). I know you can never go against Farve at home and feel comfortable but I just have to go with this team. If Dick Vermeil takes the Chiefs to the Super Bowl with or without a victory we have to start talking about him as one of the greatest of all time right? Just throwing that out there for debate.

Game 3: Carolina at Indy My pick: Panthers George’s pick: Colts

Looks like Washington is going with all home teams this week. I on the other hand will go out on a limb and pick the surprising 4-0 Panthers. John Fox has something going on down there. (Isn’t it strange how we just accepted Carolina as a football team? Say it out loud, “Carolina Panthers”. Just sounds funny.) I think the Colts will be pretty drained from their very amazing victory over the Bucs Monday night and will probably slip a bit here and finally lose their first game causing millions of viewers to have to suffer through another painful series of post-game sound bites from Peyton Manning. I don’t know who would be the worst to interview; Grady Little, Nick Johnson, Dikembe Mutumbo, or Peyton Manning. I am seeing double just thinking about it.