Mind Boggling
By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
October 17th, 2003
The Jets will face old friend Marcus Coleman (42) this Sunday
The Jets will face old friend Marcus Coleman (42) this Sunday
So there I was sitting at home watching (yet not really watching) game seven of the ALCS and subsequently pulling the remaining hair I have out of my head. Was there anything crazier than last nightís game? About an hour and a half earlier I was at a local tavern here in downtown Boston drowning in misery over the fact that this infuriating Red Sox team was going to beat the Yankees and celebrate right there on Fox in the Bronx. I shudder to think about it. There was no feeling worse than what I had assumed at the time to be a certainty. When I began this article the score was 5-5 in the top of the ninth and I didnít know whether to stop and watch or continue what I was doing, since I had missed every run that the Yankees had scored I thought maybe that was the key. I had to miss all of the actual at bats and turn back to see what happened. (You seeÖI am sick.) On top of this I knew I needed to get an article in before Friday afternoon about what happened regarding the Jets on Sunday and what could happen this upcoming Sunday when they face the Houston Texans. What a crazy world. I love sports. So here the Jets sit looking at a 1-4 record with the afore-mentioned and highly beatable Texans on the horizon. If everything works out the way I would like it to then by this time next week the Jets could be 2-4 and hopefully inch a little closer to contention in the AFC East. Obviously though they need to win this game.

Now I wonít sit here and bash my contemporary Mr. Newell (although that could be an insult to Kevin) about stealing my story on how this season is eerily mirroring last year with the rout over the Bills, which is reminiscent of the Jets victory last year against the San Diego Chargers. Both wins were equally important and surprising in the end result.

The Jets beat the Bills and beat them pretty handedly. I hate to say I told you so but I told you so. I feel good about it. It was a solid effort on both sides of the ball without arguably the third and second best players on this team (being John Abraham and Chad Pennington respectively) suited up and on the field.

The question though is if this is a testament to Herman Edwards resiliency or are the Buffalo Bills highly overrated? I donít know yet. I think we can answer that question a few more weeks into the season. We do have to remember that the Jets did beat a team with Travis Henry at less than 100% and no Eric Moulds. Not that I am complaining. Injuries are a part of football and the Jets have had their share.

Speaking of injuries, with the state of the Jets secondary as it is David Carr could have a big game; a really big game. That scares me a little. Houston is third in the AFC in passing offense and sixth overall. That could make for a dicey game with five guys named Mo manning the passing zones. So what does a victory this weekend depend upon?

In this fanís opinion: the big men. The defensive line and the offensive line is what will be the deciding factor in this game.

The team needs the defensive line to pick up the slack for the lack of experience that will be floating around in this teamís secondary of second stringers. The Jets need the front four to make the Bills game look like a poor effort and get in the face of David Carr. If he gets time in the pocket he will decimate this Jet defense. No question about it.

As far as the other side of the ball goes they need to finally establish a running game now more than ever. The Jets need to control the clock and for the first time this season lead the game in time of possession. I donít like the idea of getting into a shoot out with this young yet dangerous quarterback.

They can win this game and really they need to win this game.

We will see what this team is made of in this contest. Will the Jets win a game that is basically handed to them on the schedule and make some headway out of the hole they are in? As fans, we will know soon if this season is over or not.

Picks Week 7

So thanks to some late game heroics by both the Panthers and the Chiefs I went 2-1 last week. The coin flipped to a 1-2 record, which makes me feel like maybe I know something about football after all. That or I am just a lucky guy. My overall record is now 10-8 while George Washington stands at 7-11. Just a few more weeks and I can breathe easily.

Before I get into the picks how upsetting is it to have two match-ups where as a Jet fan you do not feel comfortable rooting for anyone. Washington at Buffalo and New England at Miami. We need Washington and New England to win yet can you really feel good about either of them doing so? I donít think I can. I digressÖ.

Game 1: Dallas at Detroit My Pick: Dallas Georgeís Pick: Dallas

I really only picked this game so I had a chance to talk about the job Bill Parcells has done with this Cowboy team. Dallas should win this game which will mean that in six games he will have matched the exact number of wins this team has gotten per season for the last three years. With the rest of the NFC East underachieving this Cowboy team could win this division. If that happens I think Bill get enshrined right away in Canton. This is a team with very little talent. If anyone tries to argue that point then just pull out all of the predictions on Dallas before the season started. I remember reading posts and article claiming that this would be one of the toughest coaching jobs Parcells would ever face and the first year alone would be spent on evaluating his team and planning for next year.

Game 2: Tennessee at Carolina My pick: Titans Georgeís pick: Carolina

Here is a dicey one. So far the Titans have been a quality team yet inconsistent and the Panthers have been surprisingly successful. If Carolina wins this game they are a playoff team. I guess we will see what happens. So far the best free agent signing of the off-season has been Steven Davis. As long as he stays healthy this team will continue to win. I cannot bring myself to pick against Steve McNair though.

Game 3: Denver at Minnesota My Pick: Denver Georgeís Pick: Vikings

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Denver is going to win, which is probably a mistake, but something tells me that the Vikings are due for a loss and that this Bronco team is scrappy enough to be the ones to do it. I donít know if this is an elite team like so many ESPN football gurus do but if they win this game on the road they will certainly prove something to me. To go in there and win this game with 450 year old Steve Beuerlein would be very impressive.