Moss' Gathering
By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
October 24th, 2003
Moss (83) hopes his chemistry with Pennington will be as good as Testaverde
Moss (83) hopes his chemistry with Pennington will be as good as Testaverde
I don’t know how apparent it has become to everyone how quickly I can jump on and off of bandwagons. I have gone from acknowledging Buffalo’s dominance early this year to the Colts and recently the Chiefs. I already have one foot on the Dallas Cowboy’s train but want to wait for the game against the Buccaneers before I publicly state my allegiance. I don’t feel bad about any of this. There is one bandwagon I had refused to jump on and that was the one for Santana Moss. I remember during the draft when Mel Kiper Jr. and company were going over the Jets selection of the former Hurricane. They gushed about his speed and route running ability and proclaimed that he would become a playmaker in the NFL despite his size. I didn’t believe it when I saw some of the results later on in that rookie season. How could you?

The first time I was introduced to Moss’ name was in that little paragraph at the end of every article I read which detailed the injured players for the team. It was weeks until he saw some action on the field and it was truly uninspiring. He played in five games and caught two passes. He was never introduced to the end zone. His sophomore year wasn’t much better with only 30 receptions for 433 yard and four touchdowns. Not exactly what I had thought I would see when hearing about this guy’s potential. My opinion was that this guy was soft and would only contribute on special teams as a dangerous punt returner; Desmond Howard reborn.

All of that has changed. He looks like a totally different receiver this year. He already has 23 catches and 363 yards. He already has three touchdowns. He is only two yards shy of cracking the conferences top ten in receiving yards. He has shown strength and determination in hauling down some pretty difficult passes and has exhibited never before seen toughness taking a few punishing shots and bouncing back up ready to play some more. At the time of this writing he accounts for roughly one fourth of the Jets total yards in the air. He has shown brilliant speed and route running trickery that has elevated his game. Have I gushed enough?

As long as Santana proves he can stay healthy all year we should grow accustomed to games like last Sunday against the Texans where he racked up an unbelievable 111 yards when the team only combined for 160 yard total through the air.

With all of the doubts and concern over where would we find a viable replacement for Laveraneus Coles this season it is surprising to find out we didn’t have to go too far. Moss is fast becoming the go to guy on this team and as long as he continues to improve and impress I will forget all about number eighty-seven’s highlights from last season and await more gems from number eighty-three. I am now a believer. Let the bad Moss puns begin.

Picks Week 8

So I have been catching some flack from a few buddies about how lousy my overall record is (ok, only one friend, Laura. She is a Dolphins fan and only because her boyfriend is a Dolphins fan. She has been watching football for about five months and all of a sudden she is an expert?) I continually have to defend myself. How great should my record be? I sit right now at a 12-9 mark. I don’t think that is so bad for only picking three games a week. The quarter has flipped to a 9-12 record. Not bad for a random fifty-fifty outcome. This week is filled with enticing match-ups and picking three games was a tough task. Here goes:

Game 1: Dallas at Tampa Bay My pick: How ‘bout them Cowboys! The coin: Cowboys

I was worried about this pick until I saw George go the same way. Now I am playing with house money. I am taking what should be the underdog in this game and banking on Bill Parcells having his team prepared to defeat last year’s champs. I don’t think there has ever been a coach to turn a team around this quickly. It seemed that the day the rumor came out that the Tuna was going to Dallas every player immediately committed to doing whatever he told them to. I love having Herman Edwards as the head coach of The Jets but to tell the truth I miss the big lug. Am I the only one who gets a chuckle every time they show highlights from Parcells career and they show him yelling at Dedric Ward as he was running off of the field after screwing up a play. Parcells is just priceless.

Game 2: Carolina at New Orleans My pick: Saints The Coin: Panthers

I think this is the beginning of the end for this impressive Panther run, even though the Saints are one of the most underachieving teams ever assembled. I just think the magic has run out. Of course I say this the week after I pick up Jake Delhomme as my new Fantasy Quarterback.

(Can I talk about that for a minute? First I get Kurt Warner and grab Chad Pennington as my back up. They turn into Jake Plummer and Tim Couch. Now I missed out on Quincy Carter and have resorted to the impressionable Delhomme. I wonder if a Detmer is available. I am experiencing the worst season ever for a fantasy team.)

Game 3: Denver at Baltimore My pick: Ravens The coin: Ravens

I am officially beginning the “countdown to Mike Shanahan’s firing.” If he remains after this season I would be very surprised. I know they have a great record but I can see this team going 7-9. They could be in a lot of trouble and I don’t know if Clinton Portis is enough to carry them through the rest of the year. I can see changes coming in the sunshine state next year.