Just A Few Things
By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
October 31st, 2003
Josh Evans might be back next week but does it matter?
Josh Evans might be back next week but does it matter?
There is so much going through my mind right now that I am compelled to steal yet another format for one of my articles from columnists that I periodically enjoy reading. I am about to write a column comprised of many different thoughts and observations that I have had over the last week or so while watching football and just living life in general. Those who know me know probably know from whom I am stealing from but I really don’t care; most of them live about 290 miles away. I guess without further ado, onto the ramblings. ...are there any other Jet fans who are less than thrilled to hear that Josh Evans is going to be reinstated? I don’t know why but I just have this sinking feeling that Evans returning to the squad will backfire on this team. Do you really think a guy who couldn’t make a meeting has been working out on a regular basis to stay in game shape? How many Twinkies do you think he has consumed while sitting at home playing Madden 2004? One hundred? Two hundred? is now official. I hate the Patriots. What are they doing with a 6-2 record sitting on top of the AFC East? Didn’t everyone think that they were going to be an afterthought this season thanks to all of the injuries they have suffered? I am beside myself. I thought for sure that the Dolphins would be the only opposition for first place. We need New England to start losing again…and fast. This way the only team we need to worry about is the one who plays in south Florida which would be a perfect situation for the Jets since we all know what the fish are capable of doing down the stretch. (hands…slowly… reaching…throats) is my current list of coaches to most likely to get fired following this season: Mike Shanahan, Dick Jauron, Jim Haslett, Greg Williams, and Dave Wannstedt. Notice that Herman Edward’s name does not appear on this list? Anyone who believes that Edwards should get fired is from now on branded an idiot in my eyes. There are plenty of things that he does in game situations that drive you nuts: lousy clock management (how many games have we seen in the last two plus years where down the stretch the Jets had either one or worse no timeouts left), he gets too aggressive at time (faking field goals and going on fourth downs), despite this though he has done a decent to good job overall. Without Herman Edwards we are probably still wondering if Chad Pennington can be an NFL quarterback. Think about that for a few minutes.

...speaking about getting fired isn’t it time for both coordinators to be shown the door? I think all Jet fans have had it with Paul Hackett and what about Ted Cotrell? Why is he bulletproof? Is it just me or is Cotrell the most overrated defensive coach in the history of the NFL? I mean why is it that this guy is always on the top of the list when there are head coaching jobs open? I know he can look real mean on the sidelines and he can get a laugh when he falls down yelling “I still got the clipboard Herm!”, but the fact is that this football team has had the same problems on defense for the last three years.

They don’t tackle and they can not stop the run. It may be time for some new blood. Maybe there is something to be said about the fact that Cotrell did not teach the same defensive philosophy that Herman Edwards wants this team to embrace.

...I love whoever came up with the idea of those sweatpants and work out pants that all the young women wear with the writing directly placed on the rear end. I have seen “Varsity” and “BUM” and even “Bling Bling”. Not only do I get to check out a woman from behind but I also get good solid entertainment.

...Why is it that I can never experience one of those seasons as a Jet fan where the team is in the drivers seat all year? Just for once I would like to breathe easy and watch some other football team suck for a while.

...Speaking of other football teams what is going on in Atlanta. I know that Vick knows how his body feels better than anyone else but I may have to agree with Dan Reeves here If Mike is just waiting to until he feels 100% before he suits up and gets in a game than what does that say about him? I doubt there is anyone currently playing in a game that feels 100%. Don’t you think that Steve McNair would be playing by now? Maybe Vick is more of a “me” guy than a team guy. This could be something to keep in the back of your mind while his career progresses. I also know that I am probably the only one who agrees with Dan Reeves because Vick is a media darling. Is it me or does everyone on ESPN trip over each other to throw bouquets at his feet.

...Also, does anyone else notice that the Bengals are a win away from being a .500 club? Could this team win the AFC North if they just believe in themselves and their coach? If Marvin Lewis does get them turned around this season and in the playoffs I would have to petition that he immediately get enshrined in the hall of fame. I heard him in an interview the other day with a line I just loved. He was asked when was the last time anyone involved with the Bengals expected to win and he answered, “I don’t know and I don’t care. I expect to win.” Got to love that.

...I hate the fact that Chad struggled against the Eagles although it gives me a second opportunity this year to say, “I told you so.”. If the Jets beat the Giants then the last four games went exactly as I predicted. Must...not…get…full…of…myself…too late!

...On a personal note: Murph my good friend face it: The Jets are winning this game. I know you believe that the Giants now have confidence in themselves because they beat the Vikings but please look at the history if your team. The Giants will always play to the level of their competition. They always have under Jim Fassel. I truly believe that any game you expect them to lose they will win and when they have a game handed to them they let it get away. I see this being a typical Giants’ game where they make a ton of mistakes and let the Jets hang around long enough until the Jets take a ate fourth quarter lead that the Giants never overcome.

...Speaking about the Giants is it just me or before all is said and done Jeremy Shockey will cause more grief than anyone ever thought possible. I mean who exactly does this guy think he is? I can’t wait for ten years to go by so I can see him in some late night USA movie with Rutger Hower and Richard Greico where they are these slick police detective chasing down some super hot chick who just stole some computerized diamond to destroy the world..

Picks Week 9

This weeks article went a little long so I will just get right to it. I am 13-11 after a 1-2 week while the coin is now 11-13 after going 2-1. Can it get any worse?

Game 1: Indy at Miami My pick: Colts The Coin: Colts

We both like the Colts to win this one down in Miami, which does not bode well for me. I just picked up Griese for my fantasy team. I am just sending up white flags everywhere.

Game 2: Cincinnati at Arizona My pick: The Bungals, uh I mean Bengals The Coin: Cardinals

I am only picking this one so I can jump onto the Marvin Lewis bandwagon; although I was one of the first guys to be in his corner for a head-coaching job. It was an embarrassment that this guy had to wait so long for a chance to coach in the league. Lewis all alone signifies the racism that permeates the league on the higher levels of this sport.

Game 3: Washington at Dallas My pick: The Cowboys The Coin: Cowboys

Nothing would make me happier than to watch Bill Parcells make a mockery of all that is the world of the Redskins. To have him out coach Steve Spurrier. To watch his game plan to eliminate Laveranues Coles from the game. To watch Daniel Snyder turn forty-two shades of red while watching his team go down in flames. To watch Bruce Smith get denied for another game the sack record. (Ok. I vented. We can move on.)…