The History of Jets
As a avid Jets fan since childhood, I always enjoyed chatting up Gang Green with fellow fans. Whether at the game or the neighborhood tavern, there was never a shortage of Jets fans to either revel in a big victory or commiserate about a stunning loss.

But when the games ended and the pubs closed, I felt there was no other true outlet for my brethren and I to express our pleasure or displeasure with the team. Then I had a brainstorm.

In the summer of 1999, soon after the purchase of a new computer, I surfed the web for sites where Jets fan could interact. Sadly, they were few and far between. Nothing of real substance. I was determined to change that.

Not being the most computer savvy guy on the block, I stumbled across an idiot-proof web design program on my computer called Microsoft Publisher. After several hours of tinkering on one rainy Sunday and a quick visit to Network Solutions for a domain name registration, Jets was born as a homepage with an accompanying free-ware messageboard.

Since our meager beginnings Jets - primarily due to word of mouth - has become the most popular NY Jets Fansite on the Internet, now celebrating a decade online! Jets averages more than 40 million page views and over 300,000 unique visitors per month. Our fan forum, The Landing Strip, which is possibly the busiest sports fan messageboard on the Net, regularly exceeds 1,000 posts per day.

Despite our popularity, much like Mark Sanchez, we're still a work in progress. And like Sanchez, we're determined to get better.

From insider columns to fan-submitted stories to streaming audio/video, Jets is your No. 1 source for getting up close and personal with your favorite NFL team. Unlike most fan sites Jets has inside access to the players and coaches, so keep logging on for behind-the-scenes coverage.

Jets's content including web design, graphics and writing is provided by staff that is both professional and amateur. Our goal is to be the "Premier NY Jets Fansite" in the world and the true "Voice Of The NY Jets Fan". We have also created a place where Jets' followers from Hempstead to Hamburg can interact with each other.

As a fan-based site, we can't cover the team like the daily newspapers, nor do we want to, but we are constantly striving to provide fun, unique, and exclusive features that you won't find anywhere else.

In closing, we are always looking for Jets fans to contribute their talents to the site, so if you would like to help the Jets team grow, please contact us.
Being Publisher of this site does have it's fringe benefits! :)
Thanks for visiting. Please come back often! Go Jets!

Warm regards,

Sean M. Deegan
Publisher and Editor in Chief
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