1. Today’s Observations: Zach and Elijah Put On a Show
  2. Today’s Observations: All About Zach
  3. Training Camp Opens With No Zach Wilson
  4. Recapping the Jets 2021 draft class
  5. Jets UDFA Signings

Today’s Observations: Zach and Elijah Put On a Show

July 31, 2021
Today’s Observations: Zach and Elijah Put On a Show

Anyone that said yesterday’s practice meant that Zach Wilson was a bust must now say today’s practice means he’s going to Canton. They are both equally absurd takes. But at least strive to be consistently absurd. Wilson struggled yesterday. Everything was just a touch slow and a touch late. Today he was dealing from start…

July 30, 2021
Today’s Observations: All About Zach

Two days of James Morgan and Mike White running the offense was enough. On the first play of the day, the difference was crystal clear. Zach Wilson dropped back, launched a 40-yard bomb while the defender basically tackled Elijah Moore and it still wasn’t enough to stop the completion. “Yeah, even that one. Not the…

July 28, 2021
Training Camp Opens With No Zach Wilson

The Jets are ushering in a new regime. Excitement abounds. Just not as much excitement as everyone was hoping for. It still felt like the first day of camp, but the story of the day has nothing to do with what happened at Florham Park. Instead it’s talk about who wasn’t there and what hasn’t…

May 3, 2021
Jets UDFA Signings

The draft is over, talented has been acquired but the work is not yet done. Joe Douglas was able to draft a franchise QB, stud guard, dynamic play-making receiver and an explosive running back. Later in the draft, Douglas took chances on a bunch of talented athletes in the secondary/linebacker. But all of that still…

April 29, 2021
Jets Trade Up to Draft Guard Alijah Vera-Tucker

Joe Douglas said he wasn’t going to fail Zach Wilson like they failed Sam Darnold. And after taking Wilson at two, Douglas wasn’t about to wait around to pick 23 to get that help. Douglas traded all the way up to the 14th spot to take an absolute bully of an offensive lineman. With that…

April 29, 2021
Jets Draft QB Zach Wilson

With the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New York Jets surprised absolutely no one. There was no mystery with the first pick and there was just as little mystery with the second. The Jets didn’t bother to mask their intentions. This is the kid they wanted and Joe Douglas didn’t care…

April 27, 2021
NFL Draft Preview: OL

Everyone, myself included, expected the Jets to address the offensive line in free agency. They came away with Dan Feeney, a hell of a mullet but a depth piece at most. This means we can all expect Joe Douglas to attack the offensive line in the draft, right? Well, maybe. We’ll see how the board…

April 27, 2021
NFL Draft Preview: FullBacks!!

Yeah, you read that right. We’re talking fullbacks, baby!! It’s not the sexiest position, but it is a position the Jets will actually use again. This preview will be slightly different from the other position previews, largely because I haven’t watched, and won’t be watching, any tape on fullbacks. This preview isn’t about evaluating the…

April 22, 2021
NFL Draft Preview: RBs

Running backs don’t matter. For some reason people still struggle with this concept. It’s not just that people struggle to grasp the concept that running backs have been devalued for a reason. It’s also that people still take that phrase far too literally. Sometimes people use hyperbole with their roster-building strategy!! Of course who the…

April 12, 2021
QB Draft Takes And Why None of Our QB Takes Matter

I have takes on this year’s quarterback class. You have takes on this year’s quarterback class. Everyone has takes and we spend way too much time trading those takes because none of our takes mean anything. We can all share our reasons why we like this guy more than that guy, but let’s be honest,…