And there you have it. Short and sweet. No way.

1. No way Eric Mangini puts his tenuous career in the rubber arms and marshmallow hands again.

2. No way Mike Tannenbaum puts his tenuous career on the line with a guy who couldn’t lead a decent drive in the first 5 games of last season, when he was a year younger.

3. No way Woody Johnson risks hundreds of millions of dollars of future PSL money on a guy who couldn’t get it done in a big game. Ever.

4. No way the NY Media plays the “good guy Chad” card, again, simply because he is so nice to them. Tough economy, lots of papers to sell, gloves are off.

5. No way the extremely patient NY Jets fanbase sits there and watches the endless parades of 3-and-outs. The boo’s will rain down after the first series against the Patriots.

6. No way the Jets guarantee themselves another 1-3 start again. Miami in the blistering heat with a new coach, loss. New England, loss. At San Diego on National TV, loss. Home for the Cardinals, yeah, a win. That’s what it’s going to be like in Chadland. Not happening.

Do not forget last season. Eric certainly won’t. QB train-wreck. That’s why we’re sitting here on Brett Favre Watch. Eric knows he’s in trouble again. Dead man walking again. He won’t put up with it.


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