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  1. Anybody else find this weird?
  2. Jets Tweets & Info 10/17
  3. Who has to come up big?
  4. Turn On The Jets Offensive Film Breakdown – Jets vs. Colts
  5. Vikings Punter Poses For Gay Magazine
  6. Nat'l Football Post: Playbook: Sanchez vs. Colts' Cover 1 pressure
  7. NFP Matt Bowen: Want to beat Brady? Then you have to limit this route
  8. NFP Matt Bowen: Playbook: Russell Wilson's TD pass to beat the Patriots
  9. NFP Matt Bowen: A safety's guide to reading run/pass in the deep half.
  10. The Pats SUCK!!!
  11. FootballOutsiders playoff odds sim
  12. John Connor released/Terminator terminated
  13. Powell/McKnight injuries
  14. Is Philip Rivers Done?
  15. Who wanted the Pats to win last week
  16. Jets RB Jonathan Grimes hears a `knock, knock' at the door
  17. Santonio injury could jump-start Jets, Sanchez like losing Shockey did 4 Giants, Eli
  18. New Story: Sanchez vs. New England Patriots
  19. Caption This Photo (Rex Ryan edition)
  20. Dwayne Bowe
  21. kevin o'connell
  22. Grime Time
  23. So by the "experts' predictions we mine as well not even show up on sunday.
  24. If Marcus Dowtin stays at Georgia for his Sr. Year...
  25. Jets concerned about Pats' no huddle, Pace calls it 'borderline illegal'
  26. NYP: Safety net: New Jets DBs brought in to stop Patriots TEs
  27. the real problem beating pats
  28. Box Score Change from last weeks game
  29. Manish Mehta: Rex Ryan relying less on Mark Sanchez
  30. NFP: AFC East Practice Squad Breakdown (Sapp & White)
  31. Jets, now > Jets Week 1.
  32. Jets Tweets & Info 10/18
  33. 4-3 without pouha/ellis
  34. Had mediocrity leveled the NFL ?
  35. New Story: TEBOW AT RUNNING BACK: "It's a possibility"
  36. Who would have thunk it?
  37. Key to the game: Don't get down by more than 7
  38. This surprised me about Sanchez
  39. PREDICT THE SCORE: Jets vs patsies
  40. Go Jets! Their rookies should be exposed.
  41. seahawks-49ers
  42. New Story: PATRIOTS WEEK:"It's a Huge Game"
  43. This is a MUCH MUCH bigger game for the Pats then Jets
  44. Dreaming of a switch to 4-3 Defense in 2013.
  45. I wonder if Tebow has ever seen this LOL
  46. Chris Jenkins interview with Boomer and Carton
  47. Russell Wilson...
  48. Jets Sell out in 1 hour
  49. Tweets, Updates & Info - 10.19.12
  50. Punting game will be huge
  51. I am a huge optimistic Jets fan but I can not see any way we can win this Sunday.
  52. Dink and dunk Brady not clutch
  53. New Story: MARCUS DOWTIN: The Hybrid's Gassed Up
  55. HS kid kicks 67 yard FG.
  56. 4 PM kick off, we're ***ed
  57. New Story: PREVIEW: JETS (3-3) @ Patriots (3-3)
  58. Is Solder still starting at LT?
  59. Let Tebow score in the redzone.
  60. Football Gameplan's 2012 Wk 7 Jets vs Pats Preview
  61. This is for the Patriot trolls who say we say we can't run on them
  62. unleash teh Pickle Pants
  63. Its going to be a sad day for this team when this man retires
  64. How bad is Kyle Wilson going to be picked on?
  65. Anybody else think that Rex, Sparano & Westhoff have something up their sleeve??
  66. Tebow Trademark
  67. Lenny Kravitz Releases a new track "Like A Jet" for the NYJets
  68. Derek Jeter vs. Santonio Holmes
  69. jets bar in portland oregon?
  71. There r only two 4:00 Gms on Sunday
  72. 92% of the country will see Jets-Pats on Sunday..
  73. Not Intimidated By These Patriots
  74. How much say does Rex really have....Chandler Jones?
  75. Brandon Moore leads...........
  76. Somewhat pre-mature but two guys I'd like to see on the field together in the future
  77. OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Jets Vs. Patriots Week 7
  78. Why don't we see more of McKnight?
  79. Jets need to play like the Gators did
  80. is Chandler Jones the one who got away ? ? ?
  81. Jeff triplette and crew today
  82. Hayden and McElroy play Gronk and Brady
  83. Revis's Rehab to be filmed - Hard Knocks Pt.2
  84. mcknight gametime decision po'uha out.
  85. fan builds replica of old stadium. this is crazy!
  86. Broadway Joe on today's game
  87. Pats just can't stop cheating...
  88. Marshall Faulk: NE's O will dominate our D
  89. PFW: AFC Whispers
  90. Rams shopping several players ( S jax anyone?) per rotoworld
  91. Good luck today my fellow Jets fans. I have seen the future..
  92. OFFICIAL early games thread
  93. Jets Inactives
  94. Jets vs. Patriots 51-51-1 Tied Alltime!
  95. AAHAHAHAHA! Patriots top safety & o-lineman OUT
  96. Here's to a GREAT game!
  97. Bellicheats Hoodie like you've never seen before
  98. Shonn Greene
  99. Jets Defense BTW - ONLY 1 TD Given Up Last 8 Quarters
  100. Were the Replacement Refs that bad.
  101. A Look Back: Jets trade up and take USC QB Mark Sanchez with fifth overall pick
  102. This week's Sanchez thread
  103. Sparano is so bad
  104. Pats aren't going anywhere
  105. It's the offense... We need to join the 21st Century
  106. Wow, this was a rough one.
  108. This loss is on the coaching staff
  110. Stephen Hill
  111. 3-4 isn't so bad
  113. Mark Sanchez lost this game !!!
  114. On the bright side, Vladimir Ducasse graded out an A
  115. With a better QB we win by 2-3 TDs today
  116. All of you who say that this isn't a moral victory...
  117. Official has awesome eyesight!
  118. This team has a future
  119. It starts at the top
  120. Loss on Sparano and Rex.....not even debateable
  121. Just don't know how to win.
  122. Kickoff Return
  123. Time to eat crow
  124. For whatever reason, the Jets are better without Santonio
  126. LaRon Landry...time to lock him in.
  127. If one more ESPN analyst tries to tell me how good the Pats are...
  128. Looking at Mark's Stats....
  129. Stop the B&$;:ing!!
  130. MJD and Gabbert are injured
  131. The loss hurts, but I still think this Jets team turned some heads...
  132. My Game Observations.
  133. Whats the point of a 15 minute 2nd quarter?
  134. man falls at metlife in critical condition.
  135. Why Chargers never drop a pass
  136. New fans
  137. Can someone please explain the QB saying "Kill, Kill?"
  138. Impressed withthe defense today
  139. OT: Jets theme song commercial
  140. Win 2 of 3 we have 2nd chance at First!
  141. Game Lost By Organization
  142. Kevin Colbert
  143. bench sanchez
  144. Guess who we don't miss?
  145. Ready for Tebow.
  146. Not Going for the Juggler !
  147. Gronk's 1st TD
  148. KERLEY!
  149. Not Going for the Juggler !
  150. The Facemask call on the Punt
  151. Thanksgiving
  153. Mark Sanchez is a *****
  154. On a Positive Note
  155. Give me a realistic plan to replace Sanchez
  156. We've got to win next week but...
  157. Cut Chaz Schilens, like yesterday! A total waste of space.
  158. Heath Miller...
  159. Injuries
  160. where does Sanchez rank all-time among Jets QBs?
  161. Props to Joe
  162. So, Does Rex Ryan still own the Patriots?
  163. Trade tebow to Jaguars
  164. Kerley is a baller
  165. On McCourty Fumble, Clock Didn't Start Till He Hit the 8
  166. Did anyone watch the same game I did?
  167. The good news.... Brady is aging.
  168. More proof that the damn Pats have the refs in their back pocket, biggest play of gm!
  169. Kerley the next Chrebet?
  170. Rex Ryan...
  171. Mark Sanchez...
  172. Jets lead the league in...
  173. No love for Folk? No love for our punter? Kerley?
  174. Shotgun and 4 wide spread on 3 and 1 inside the 5 .... Sparano is a genius
  175. What we now know
  176. Playing Time: Jets vs Pats
  177. Tweets, Updates and Info - 10.22.12
  178. Pats trolls.... Time to man up.
  179. Sanchez kept us in this game
  180. Live from enemy territory
  181. Franchise QB or Not ?
  182. Are you willing to give Revis the money he wants ?
  183. Morning after: moral victory and optimism
  184. This whole team is Jeckyl and Hyde
  185. Parcells was right
  186. we need a true #1 wr.
  187. Isaiah Trufant
  188. Around the league: Panthers fire GM Marty Hurney...
  189. Play calling on first down.
  190. Rams #2 pick…
  191. Barnwell said the fumble should have been a personal foul
  192. We Lost This Game Because Rex Ryan's Strategy Doesn't Work, Not Mark Sanchez
  193. fire pettine.
  194. To all those complaining about replacment refs
  195. Four Losses....
  196. What do you blame most for yesterday's loss to New England?
  197. Sanchez Real Problem
  198. New Story: MORNING AFTER REPORT: On the one hand...
  199. This team is better than I thought... and I'm depressed as hell
  200. Thoughts on Yesterday
  201. Dont blame the play calling etc. It was the mistakes that lost the game.
  202. Overtime question
  203. Is anyone else not at all impressed with the *Patriots?
  204. Sanchez - About the Same as Last Year
  205. Stop the Madness!
  206. Petey Carroll challenges Jam Hardballz to a rematch at Wrestlemania
  207. We WON yesterday!
  208. New Story: Six Million Ways and One Ways to Lose
  209. 2012 Rex Ryan vs. 1999 Bill Parcells
  210. Everyone played well, everyone played poorly
  211. MUSIC Video, Jets 49ERS Tailgate, "JUST COUNT ME IN", SEPT 30, 2012
  213. How the Jets stalled the Pats' offense/ ESPN article.
  214. Patriots time keeper gives a helping hand
  215. RV Parking - At game and surrounding areas
  216. On a stand alone basis, which was the worse referee blunder yesterday?
  217. Chicago Bears best team in NFL?
  218. Far too much hate on Sanchez...
  219. what this team really needs
  220. Have the guts to declare your prediction before commenting
  221. A deal with Detroit makes a lot of sense.
  222. Its Strange But ...
  223. Interesting stat on defense and end of game
  224. DON'T WATCH!! Pats locker room after game
  225. Has anyone else noticed?
  226. Tickets for the Miami game!!! Please!!
  227. My Wish (not related to the ESPN series)
  228. Redskins release RB Ryan Grant
  229. Playing-time analysis: Defense
  230. Playing-time analysis
  231. Will injuries save the Jets season?
  232. Joe Namath: 10/22
  233. Giants fans, the class of the league
  234. Newly proposed stadium concept for the Buffalo Betas
  235. Belicheat would make it work
  236. New Story: Tactical Tuesday: Tannehill Handling the Pressure
  237. Jets O - Better minus Holmes
  238. Is anyone nervous about the Miami game ?
  239. Mike Holmgren not ruling out coaching in his future
  240. Hill Puts Drop Behind Him........
  241. AFC Premature Playoff Picture
  242. Where has McKnight Been this Season?
  243. Jets Tweets 10-23
  244. Sanchez gets sacked again...by Eva Longoria
  245. Thanks to hash123
  246. Living on the Edge
  247. Did anyone notice Demario Davis?
  248. Great read on Dennis Byrd
  249. Mark Ingram
  250. Sanchez & Dustin