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  1. Jets will be blown out
  2. Who is surprised that Mcelroy is kicking ass ?
  3. McElroy is not an NFL starter
  4. Who the Heck is Edmond Gates???
  5. McElroy = O'Brien
  6. poor mcelroy
  7. So in all seriousness - NO QB
  9. No big surprise, Sanchez > Mcelroy
  10. I will make one prediction.
  11. Greg Sackelroy is Not the Answer
  12. SNY POST GAME Show for 12/23/12
  13. Just one more week
  14. Mock Off-Season
  15. Couple of observations....
  16. The Rex Presser
  17. Did the o-line tank the game?
  18. The QUIT Is On - Bye Bye Rex
  19. Just goes to show you....
  20. Time to bring in Pennington as QB coach
  21. Just a thought ....
  22. Tebow Presser
  23. QB is a problem, but it's not the only problem
  25. It seems that we are in an interesting situation.
  26. Sanchez Says: "We'll See..."
  27. Is It Me?
  28. joe flacco
  29. This is more sad than funny
  30. Drew Stanton
  31. After today I can say this....
  32. New Story: GAME RECAP: CHARGERS 27óJETS 17
  33. getting a new QB will not fix this franchise Its too far gone
  34. Some Ideas....
  35. Start Kerley at QB!! 11 Sacks!
  36. McElroy Will Start Season Finale
  37. At least there will be professional football tonite
  38. Tebow Opts Out of the Wildcat
  39. Atleast our last two first rounders are studs
  40. A Positive: Quentin Coples
  41. How much is Sparano at fault?
  42. mcelroy is not the answer.
  43. Mike Glennon NC State QB 6' 6"
  44. Good idea to draft 2 QB's?
  45. Nice XMAS gift
  46. 2013 schedule is tougher than this year
  47. If Russell Wilson were 6'3" would he have been picked higher than the top two?
  48. NFL GM or Fantasy Owner, I don't want any of the Jets Offense
  49. Rex isn't going anywhere, Tanny could get help, regime gets 1 one year...
  50. Seahawks are most complete team in football
  51. Matt Moore?
  52. Question for those who attended today's game
  53. Petey's Seahawks. Jackson vs Wilson
  54. Stats and Sanchez -No Way to Defend
  55. 2012 is the start of the new NFL
  56. Who are the experts our FO or the fans?
  57. Big Coaching Changes Whether Rex is Back or Not
  58. Why isn't Matt Cavanaugh getting any heat?
  59. According to Lisa Zimmerman
  60. Start Kerley!
  61. Remember between 2006 - 2010 when we thought Tanny aka "trader mike" was a top GM
  62. Warm Holiday Wishes From Jets Insider.com
  63. Is this a sollution to the Sanchez cap problem?
  64. Troy Taylor!!
  65. Time to take action!
  66. Should the Jets mail it in against Buffalo?
  67. Mods need to step it up
  68. This Consistency Issue.
  69. Jason La Canfora: Jets explore potential GMs, look to keep Tannenbaum in cap job.
  70. Jets Tweets News Dec 24
  71. How easy will it be to get rid of Kyle Wilson?
  72. 79,088-attendance yesterday.?
  73. Jets' firing of OC Sparano 'imminent'
  74. Rex should be re-signed NOW and given contract extension
  75. Espn - what?
  76. First Take makes me vomit
  77. Our Pass Defense This Year- What does it mean going forward?
  78. Who will be our next OC?
  79. Who will be our Next GM?
  80. We need a QB with Poise
  81. More accolades for Wilkerson
  82. Positives to the end of the worst season since Kotite
  83. what i would do if i were woody...
  84. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays JI
  85. Be Proactive: Extend Wilkerson ASAP.
  86. Report: Jets searching for Tannenbaum replacement
  87. Major shake ups on OL
  88. best nfl commercial ever.
  89. Jets need this type of QB
  90. We are set at WR next year.
  91. Should Peyton win MVP and Comeback Player?
  92. QB dept. : jets starting QB in 2013 is... ~ ~ ~
  93. beanie wells
  94. kerley
  95. Bring back the Tuna
  96. Jets Pass Rush - 4th in Sacks
  97. NY Media wants Bill Parcells to help find new GM.
  98. off the record information
  99. Possible new OC candidate Pat Shurmur
  100. Early playoff predictions
  101. Ryan Fitzpatrick for NYJ QB?
  102. good article on the tebow being selfish thing
  103. Why Sparano and Tannenbaum will be gone and not Rex
  104. McElroy Injured. All 3 QB's have a chance to start.
  105. New Front Office/Coaches and Sanchez?
  106. Wilkerson Concussed
  107. rex is a liar tebow tells the truth.
  108. Jets are all set at safety next year
  109. Rex should do everything in his power to lose this game...
  110. I've been watching some of these QB's coming out and...
  111. GM KennyO7's Master Plan to Fix the Jets
  112. How To Fix The Jets In One Offseason
  113. Pete Carroll...from cheerleader to great coach(?)
  114. New Story: Tim Tebow Defends Character
  115. Jets history of owners says it all
  116. I wish we could just erase everything and start over
  117. Laron Landry Makes Pro Bowl
  118. landry and cromartie pro bowl!!!!!!!!
  119. Norwegian kicker gets tryout with New York Jets after video of spectacular trick shot
  120. Ok which one of you posted this on reddit?
  121. If we could step away from the meltdown for a second, two Jets make Pro Bowl
  122. Jetster plan
  123. The new GM will have his say about who comes and goes
  124. Our 2013 opening day Offensive Line
  125. Sanchez to start on Sunday
  126. The Conspiracy is in
  127. any "plan" proposed including Rex Ryan make you look stupid
  128. Lomas Brown
  129. New Story: Sanchez gets starting nod again; McElroy out Sunday
  130. College games t watch?
  131. Was 11 sacks payback to McElroy?
  132. Jets Signing Sanchez Made Little Sense to NFL Statisticians
  133. Couple of things to be noticed from this QB change
  134. Alarming note to sum up our ST...
  135. Tannenbaum gone as GM Monday
  136. Why do we think that Tannenbaum is such an "expert" when it comes to contracts?
  137. OK ..so we were doomed right from the start..
  138. McElroy Hid Concussion
  139. dustin keller unsure of jets will re-sign him.
  140. 2013 Season Tickets Renewals/ Drops/Defaults
  141. NFL New (Rumors) 12-27
  142. New Story: Cromartie, Landry named to AFC Pro Bowl
  143. Kris Jenkins' view
  144. Cimini hearing Clinkscales, Turner and Cameron as names
  145. Revis is Jets only chip to a QB
  146. NY Jets owner Woody Johnson must do what he can to keep Rex Ryan happy
  147. Any chance Hasselbeck would be available
  148. Next OC
  149. I really hope the new GM maintains a consistent strategy
  150. Mike Pettine is Deep Throat.
  151. New Story: Front Office Shakeup Appears Almost Certain
  152. Cromartie or Revis
  153. rex denies latest news reports that he wants out.
  154. JEFF OTAH
  155. Jets should go all in on Sean Payton
  156. What about George Kekonis
  157. Manish Mehta report is false
  158. In Football News RB John Griffin Promoted To Active Roster
  159. Assuming Manish's Report is correct
  160. " Coach Killers, Week 16 : Maybe Sanchez wasn't the only problem " ~ ~ ~
  161. RB dept. : " Jets may offer deal to Argos' Kackert " ~ ~ ~
  162. Shefter: Sean Payton & Saints Agree to 5 Yr Contract
  163. New Story: GAME PREVIEW: JETS (6-9) vs. BILLS (5-10)
  164. The Rutgers QB.....
  165. Jets playoff scenarios
  166. Jets playoff scenarios
  167. Have a good laugh at this.
  168. Only 48 Hours Left In The Rex Ryan Era - Rejoice!
  169. Woody Should Only Make 2 Changes
  170. If you're Woody Johnson right now, who is your counsel? Your advisor?
  171. Jets Defends Long in the tooth needs...
  172. So long Mike, we'll miss your talent, humor and most of all your Class
  173. myers to rex stop the sobbing.
  174. Here is the "correct context" in what Ryan said
  175. Sanchez, The 2013 edition.
  176. 2012 Season Highlights....Sorry Lowlights
  177. Schottenheimer Being Talked Up as HC Candidate
  178. Most likely GM candidate
  179. Cimini: Six reasons for the Jets' crash
  180. Transition Tag?
  181. Great Article about Tannenbaum and Jets drafts
  182. BREAKING NEWS: Tannenbaum finished as Jets GM
  183. Geno Smith...
  184. Ryan Nassib
  185. Art Briles for OC
  186. Darren McFadden
  187. BREAKING NEWS: The Server Is Too Busy At The Moment
  188. Giants backing in?
  189. You're not going to want to hear this PartII
  190. Tanny's new job at Jets?
  191. OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Jets Vs. Bills Week 17
  192. Sanchez has been coached up all wrong!
  193. Jets workout RB Giavanni Ruffin
  194. What Q's would you ask a potential new GM ?
  195. Cimini: Sunday notes: The Rex-Mike partnership
  196. Pat Shurmur, Tom Heckert expected to be gone by Monday
  197. Joe Namath dislikes Tony Sparano hire
  198. Thank God its over!
  199. Good Brandon Moore Interview
  200. experts say fixing the jets is a huge task.
  201. Adam Caplan: List of Potential NFL GM Possibilities
  202. Housecleaning seems unlikely, but Jets owner remains disappointed
  203. the official INT gameday thread.
  204. the Giants and Jets both play at 1pm today?
  205. What are the chances we land Norv as OC next season?
  206. Just Watch the Giants Get Into the Playoffs Today
  207. Jets to keep Rex Ryan; Mike Tannenbaum could be out as soon as Monday
  208. Jason LaCanfora: Jets expected to pursue Turner for OC
  209. Norv Turner & Phillip Rivers to NY
  210. Jets hire firm for GM search
  211. Goodbye Westhoff
  212. Since the Jets Will Lose Who Wins the Office Pool?
  213. Keep Cro resign Landry...Trade Revis for picks~
  214. Marv Albert
  215. When Losing is Winning
  216. and with the #9 pick the NY Jets select...
  217. Rex presser
  218. Andy Reid quietly building coaching staff for next HC job
  219. 2013 is Rebuilding year
  220. REJOICE! This season is finally over!!
  221. 2013 Opponents
  222. Bye Bye, Tebow!
  223. Why can't our receivers get open ?
  224. jets will have down seasons
  225. Figures...regarding Landry
  226. Andy Reid Fired....
  227. Tanny hired Sparano
  228. Which is the quicker path to culture change for the Jets
  229. Let's go Adrian Peterson!!!
  230. Dallas or Skins??
  231. Rex's press conference at 4:45pm tomorrow. Looks like he is staying.
  232. Who are you rooting for now?
  233. Can Sanchez be helped ?
  234. Mark Sanchez worst starting QB in the NFL as determined by espn QBR
  235. Why dont we put blame where most blame is due
  236. Jets hire executive to lead search for new GM
  237. New Story: Sanchez, Jets lose finale in Buffalo 28-9
  238. Brady Quinn...
  239. Aaron Rodgers
  240. sanchez presser.
  241. I'm not mad...
  242. Trader Mike's job may be in jeapordy
  243. Rex Ryan Names Tim Tebow Offseason Starter at Quarterback
  244. Devito is as good as gone.
  245. Sanchez: I plan on playing here forever.
  246. Dallas- Washington Game
  247. Apparently the OL isn't important anymore
  248. If Hill makes that catch vs the Pats...Jets make the playoffs
  249. Tony Sparano skips post-game presser
  250. Which FA's should we keep? Which can we keep?