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  1. QueensJetsFan's Gripes About Woody Johnson Pile-On Thread
  2. How to Fix the Jets
  3. Bryan Thomas accused of assault, drug possession
  4. What Does it Mean to be a Good Jets Fan?
  5. I'm confused by some people's reaction.
  6. Offensive Coordinator Candidates - No whining please
  7. NYJ assistant GM Scott Cohen gaining support
  8. ESPN fires Rob Parker
  9. Rex not involved in GM search
  10. Dennis Thurman New D coordinator
  11. Okay God you win.
  12. Jaguars Hire Jaguars
  13. Who wants to jump on sinking ship?
  14. New Story: 2012 Post-Mortem: Rex and Woody Promise Changes
  15. Please help me understand ?
  16. Does "Attacking-Style OC" Mean Mike Martz?
  17. So in one day...
  18. Circus getting ready for 2013!
  19. Sar, you win, I give in
  20. Cowboys Fire Rob Ryan
  21. Link ESPN 2012 Jets blooper reel benny hill music video
  22. Cimini: 5 reasons to TAKE the Jets job
  23. Caldwell officially a Jag
  24. John Idzik - Seattle Seahawks VP Football Administration
  25. Can the NFL Step In !?
  26. Honestly - why would you bring in a new coach for 2013?
  27. This is just a supposition..
  28. Put your name on it: Who becomes the new GM of the Jets?
  29. RGIII to have ACL and LCL surgery on Wednesday
  31. Cap Space For All 32 NFL Teams
  32. Cowboys Social Media Makes Fun Of NHL; Gets Subsequently Owned
  33. Relax it's a crapshoot
  34. Tweets & News 1/9
  35. Am I the only one that heard Woody say the new GM will have final say on personnel?
  36. Bills Hire Pettine
  37. A Silver Lining for Jets Fans?
  38. Serby: And when did you play the game ?
  39. RGIII out 6-8 months after total knee reconstruction
  40. Rob Ryan goes off on Dallas
  41. Did Woody hire wrong firm?
  42. Cimini: Rex Ryan looked and sounded like 2009 Rex
  43. 2009 Draft video
  44. SAR,,figured out why GM search still ongoing
  45. Cimini: Landry was late for flight to finale
  46. Jets reach out to Colts Tom Telesco
  47. Jets to Interview Brian Gaine for GM
  48. A hypothetical...
  49. Jets Request Permission to Interview Jimmy Raye for GM
  50. Jim Popp for GM!!
  51. Smokescreen...
  52. will a rookie QB be on the Jets 53 man roster in 2013?
  53. Chargers hire Tom Telesco - GM
  54. Chad Pennington as QB Coach
  55. Lay Off the Fish
  56. Video leak from Jets gm interview
  57. Panthers Name David Gettleman GM
  58. Ari Nissim
  59. Andy Reid on FAN with the Fatman
  60. Why even bother playing the 2013 season?
  61. Woody's GM search Master Plan
  62. Three positions Jets must improve to be playoff material
  63. Omar Kahn(steelers) interview tomorrow.
  64. Jets Interviewing Jerry Angelo
  65. Korn Ferry's last GM search
  66. Assistant LB Coach 2013 ....
  67. AJ smith anyone??
  68. The Next GM Needs to Have Some Entertainment Industry Experience
  69. Junior Seau's brain had CTE
  70. Your Rankings For GM
  71. At the end of the day...it's just a game
  72. Jaguars dismiss Mike Mularkey.
  73. As Much As Jetsí Rex Is To Blame, Heís Every Bit The Victim
  74. Tweets & News 1/10
  75. The Official "I STILL BELIEVE IN REX" Thread
  77. What IF...
  78. Simple Truth
  79. Which Quarterback named "MATT" will be on our roster Next Year?
  80. Steelers waive RB Chris Rainey
  81. Chris Rainey
  82. Jacksonville GM Caldwell says Tebow won't be a Jaguar...even if released from NY
  83. I agree Mike....but don't let the door hit you in the Asss...
  84. Schotty interviewing for Jags head coaching job.
  85. John Carroll University taking over the NFL
  86. Crazy Hypothetical Tebow Scenario
  88. Norv to the Browns
  89. Cam Cameron On The Short List
  90. Business Decisions Made by Level Headed Adults
  91. Bob Sutton To Interview With Kansas City
  92. Is the search for an oc on hold until a gm is in place?
  93. Cimini: Jets right to take their time on GM
  94. 1.11.13 - Tweets, News & Updates
  95. Fatsesca wrong again
  96. Still no Joe??
  97. Jetsí cap number scares off GMs
  98. Even the Jags dont want Tebow
  99. Rex has lost his edge and Tuesday's Presser reinforced that
  100. Westhoff Speaks re Tebow
  101. Hall of Fame Finalists
  102. Winston Hill - HOF
  103. Should jets move Wilson to FS?
  104. Divisional Round predictions
  105. Westhoff will be on WFAN at 2pm followed by @DailyNewsLive on @SNYtv at 5
  106. Thoughts on Dee Milliner
  107. Brian Kelly
  108. Mangini for GM
  109. RB Eddie Lacy
  110. Welker coming to the end of his Pats career ?
  111. Question about the Jets power structure...
  112. OC: Mornhinweg?
  113. Jim Popp: "I would like the challenge of turning around the NYJ"
  114. Things are not that bad.
  115. SALARY CAP dept. ~ ~ ~
  116. any hard feeling towards Pete Carroll as the Seahawks march?
  117. Cam Cameron Interviewing - Even worse then Norv
  118. Mystery candidate: Maybe it's Eric DeCosta
  119. What do you think is discussed with these GMs?
  120. Rob Ryan About to Become Rams D-Coordinator
  121. Some Infographics On This Weekends Games
  122. NFP: Are Are NFL scouting departments underfunded?
  123. How Omar Khan and Ken Whisenhunt Leads To Bill Cowher
  124. WSJ: Jets' Headhunter Is Key to Their Recovery
  125. NFP: The GMís Job, The Head Coach & The Plan
  126. Who becomes the new OC of the NYJ
  127. AP All Pro team
  128. Jets 1/8/13 Presser Transcript: JOHNSON: We're Making Changes, Moving Forward
  129. Tweets & News 1/12
  130. Greatest Day in Jets History, 44 Years
  131. Jets to Interview Pep Hamilton for OC
  132. Connect the dots on Pep Hamilton
  133. Packers Exec. Russ Ball added to list of Jets GM Candidates
  134. I don't care who we hire as GM....
  135. Jets want David Lee. This team is a disaster.
  136. Broncos v. Ravens: Game Thread
  137. any ideas who will be our special teams coach?
  138. After Rex goes 6-10 in 2013, New Jets coach is..
  139. Hey guys, Everything is fine. Nothing is f****d
  140. The Denver loss validates Tebow's ability to just Win
  141. PSL's
  142. Peyton Manning.. Greatest
  143. Packers v. Niners - Game Thread
  144. Joe Flacco and the Hall of Fame
  145. Love To See The Mannings Lose
  146. Peyton declines post game interview....
  147. The New NFL
  148. looks like manning should have picked jets
  149. You can hate the Harbaugh bros., but they're proving to be great
  150. Jets To Interview Stanford OC Pep Hamilton For OC Job
  151. There is no shortage of ways to examine these option QB's
  152. Does anyone actually think the Texans can beat the Pats?
  153. Defense? We don't need no stinkin defense
  154. Gamble or Ross
  155. This is how bad things have become....Flight Crew stinks!
  156. A Thought I Had Not Considered....
  157. I don't think anyone will be hired today
  158. Get ready for Brian Gaine
  159. Shefter just reports Jerry Angelo high on the Jets list (merged)
  160. Tweets & News 1/13
  161. Per Glazer Jets Calling Back GM Candidates that Turned Jets Down to Reconsider
  162. GM doesn't matter as much as long as he hits on a QB
  163. Do you really believe NO ONE wants to be our GM? I don't.
  164. seahawks-falcons
  165. The Advantages/Disadvantages to Scott Cohen as GM
  166. WATT'S up Brady?
  167. John Abraham
  168. Chiefs to interview Tony Sparano
  169. How Woody will get a Potential GM to come to the Jets
  170. Ex-Denver GM Ted Sundquist Interviewed
  171. Patriots-Texans thread
  172. kenny britt trouble again?
  173. Woody = Les Nessman - NY Post
  174. Does anyone actually think the Ravens can beat the Patriots
  175. Pete Carroll is in the witness protection program!
  176. NY Post reporting decision close, favorite is,,,
  177. Matt Moore as QB ?
  178. Is the Patriots offense a "gimmick" offense
  179. Tweets & News 1/14
  180. Just heard on ESPN radio..(not Jets related)
  181. Sounds like Woody REALLY wanted Caldwell
  182. So what is the best case scenario this week?
  183. I cannot wait for the new GM to be hired...
  184. No Rookies Left Standing
  185. Notre Dame RB Cierre Wood
  186. Did the Jets ever interview Clinksales?
  187. woody should sell the team to mayor bloomberg
  188. The press conference I am dreading
  189. Anyone else rather see Tony Gonzalez go out on top rather than Ray Lewis?
  190. The Ravens & Patriots Rivalry: A Brief History
  191. Belichick to confess about Spygate on Oprah
  192. A Potential Chain of Command Issue
  193. dicks sporting goods authentic #6 sanchez jerseys.
  194. The next Jets QB!
  195. Report: Jets interested in Pat Shurmur for offensive coordinator
  196. Britt was back in NJ
  197. Ted Sundquist
  198. Era of 'defense wins championships' is over-Rex Outdated?
  199. Jim Fassell for OC
  200. Even writers in Canada are bagging on the Jets
  201. 2012 Team photo
  202. Popp still in the mix for Jets GM job
  203. Brock Osweiler
  204. Jets GM More Attractive Than Realized (article)
  205. Is VY worth a training camp look?
  206. We have to have a GM before the Senior Bowl, right?
  207. Patriots hire ex-Chiefs offensive coordinator Daboll
  208. The GM Search in a Nutshell
  209. Mike McCoy to accept SD job
  210. loser gm candidates
  211. Tweets and News 1/15
  212. Dink and dunk doesn't work
  213. Tebow and Arizona?
  214. The Neil Glat factor
  215. For those who wanted Mangini second go-round, he agreed with Fox's decision to kneel
  216. Tom Gamble?
  217. Theory why the media keeps getting our GM pick wrong.
  218. Rex Ryan not included in Jets' initial GM interviews
  219. Recap of 2012 defense/2013 outlook
  220. Ken Whisenhunt Should Be The Jets Next Offensive Coordinator
  221. Jets to interview John Idzik for GM on Wednesday
  222. Gil Brandt mock
  223. Any chance of a Popp and Treastman Package?
  224. Buffalo Bills new asst coaches.....recognize any names
  225. WSJ: Maybe the Jets' Cap Situation Isn't Hopeless
  226. I have a good idea.....TEBOw TO SAN DiEGO
  227. Another GM Candidate Snubs Jets
  228. Outlook for the 2013 Jets: Part II (The offense) A Good Read
  229. Oh yeah, you know me
  230. GM by Thursday Hopefully?
  231. Recap of the 2012 offense/pray for 2014
  232. me thinks for sure it is cohen
  233. How does Woody feel about this...
  234. Tweets and News 1/16
  235. Tom Moore looking for OC job
  236. lip reading in the NFL
  237. Idzik=Flynn
  238. Which personnel guys leave with new GM?
  239. Chip Kelly hired as Eagles head coach
  240. Khan=Bill Cowher?
  241. Sundquist SHOULD be the choice
  242. Is Gamble DEFINITELY out as a GM prospect?
  243. John Idzik: Enlighten Me
  244. Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend is a hoax??
  245. The K/F Seahawk GM search connection
  246. Looking like GM to be selected within 24 hours
  248. Khan or Idzik
  249. Good article about Erhardt-Perkins system
  250. Rejoice! Today, A Golden Age Of Jet Football Begins...