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  1. Report: Jets will NOT hire Cam Cameron as OC
  2. Scott Cohen out of the Running for GM
  3. Al Saunders
  4. Jags hire Bradley
  5. Tweets and News 1/17
  6. Broncos promote QB coach Gase...Wisenhunt and Moore still out there
  7. Hey SAR...
  8. If Jets hire Khan or Idzik, does that mean Rex is in control of personnel?
  9. Who is this JackArse???
  10. Whiz to the Bolts, Norv to the Browns
  11. Nuff said....
  12. Ryan Leaf News
  13. Bahston's Mayor a Whicked Pissah!
  14. tough negotiation?
  15. And the winner of the New York Jets GM sweepstakes is...
  16. JetsInsider Radio with Star Ledger's Jets reporter Connor Orr (PLAYER EMBEDDED)
  17. Tyler Wilson Scouting Notes
  18. Schefter: Jets could offer Idzik the GM job tonight
  19. Media narrative already starting to form
  20. Jets LB Bart Scott attributes team's troubles to lack of 'quality players
  21. In house Guard options
  22. The Draft and Personnel
  23. Cleveland Hires Mike Lombardi as VP Player Personnel
  24. Mike "the leak" Pettine
  25. Are Jets trying to hire 2 people?
  26. The Sunk Cost of Mark Sanchez
  27. So Ends Jay Cutler's Career...
  28. Jeremy Bates
  29. Tweets and News 1/18
  30. Seahawks fans on Idzik....
  31. Missing out on the good OC options
  32. Still no GM?
  33. Now here is a guy we should trade for...
  34. Why Hate on the Media?
  35. I love the Jets
  36. BREAKING NEWS: Jets hire John Idzik as new GM
  37. Santonio Holmes Rehab
  38. The Fat man "Idzik is Tannenbaum" nothing has changed
  39. Cimini, Myers rips the John Idzik hire....did you expect anything else?
  40. Jets hire Mornhinweg as OC
  41. Matt Flynn possible trade
  42. Just wondering: did Gamble land a job?
  43. OC search still on.
  44. Why is it, when a Media person says something bad...
  45. If the Jets did not hire Idzik
  46. Foles,Flynn or dare i say vick next jet qb???
  47. Why is everybody pissed off at these hires?
  48. Poll: Mornhinweg, Yay or Nay?
  49. WCO- How are we going to make the Transition
  50. Idzik and Mornhinweg connections?
  51. With the exception of that horror show PC
  52. What current college QB fit new OC??
  53. Idzeks Biggest Decision - What to About Revis...
  54. What An Absolute joke
  55. rex & 2013 ~ ~ ~
  56. Marty Mornhinweg Bio From Eagles Media Guide
  57. USC runs a west coast offense?
  58. New GM could get Sanchez to rework his contract?
  59. Can we add Idzik and Mornhinweg to the JI spell checker?
  60. Braylon is my new favorite Jet
  61. Zone Blocking or Power Running
  62. How John Idzik Fits The Jets (And How He Doesn't)-good article from nyjetscap.com
  63. NFL team records combined over the last x years?
  64. Serby...give Idzik a chance.
  65. Jets brass was impressed by idzik's vision for the franchise.
  66. Nassib-mornhinwig marriage
  67. Can we all just get along ?
  68. Who's going to be in the Superbowl?
  69. Can Jeff Cumberland be #1 TE for Jets if DK doesnt return?
  70. Sanchez and Jets are going to make another SB Run!
  71. What's worse for the Patriots?
  72. Tony Dungy on Idzik: "John Idzik was a big part of our success...he knows talent"
  73. A football man down to the core- NewJetsGM Article
  74. Conor Orr: With history of personnel work and salary cap savvy, Jets hope John Idzik
  75. Jim Caldwell may be the difference against the pats
  76. Vrentas: NFL playoffs: Now it's all about offensive innovation
  77. Coaches on the Offense and Defense
  78. Fellow Jets Fans: Please Vote to Help My Synagogue Recover From Hurricane Sandy
  79. Francesa Sunday Morning Confirms It All
  80. Idzik has excelled at everything he's done why would this job be any different?
  81. Tavaris Jackson
  82. 19.4 Million Over The Cap and Only 10 Returning Starters
  83. Abraham Questionable for NFC CG Game
  84. 49ers @ Falcons
  85. Jets Insider Posters From The Past
  86. This game shows why you pay Revis
  87. Sundquist on Tebow debacle: "They realized it was divisive...wanted an exit strategy"
  88. Ravens @ Pastriots
  89. Roughing the passer penalty decided the game
  90. Mike Vick not interested in coming to the Jets
  91. Mort: Jets hire David Lee as QB Coach
  92. Hate the NO-DEFENSE NFL of Recent Years
  93. Marty Mornhinweg, an offensive guru?
  94. Could the QB of the future already be on the Jets roster?
  95. Oh man, the Patriot Killer thread came to life!
  96. Pollard is the Patriot Slayer...
  97. Ground and Pound Works
  98. A Look Back... JI's Experts Evaluate Flacco
  99. I know we suck ad the sky fell and all...
  100. Take away Brady and the Pats are a perennial loser...
  101. Karma
  102. Brady is better than Montana?
  103. PatfanTX, how does it feel?
  104. Brady has only won the Super Bowl as a game manager
  105. Wow just watched two teams get over the Hump. .
  106. zero championships without cheating (still)
  107. The Patriots are really good
  108. COULD THIS BE THE END???....
  109. Beli Presser
  110. I thought you needed an elite QB to win a championship?
  111. Who Will Win The Har-Bowl?
  112. Terrell Suggs after game: "Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl. Arrogant F---ers."
  113. Jets fans should be for Ravens in SB
  114. We drank champagne
  115. The Curse of the Mangino !
  116. This is why NFL fans are crazy!
  117. after the 2nd quarter the Pats got SLAUGHTERED .. this hasn't been seen before.
  118. Just got banned on Patsfans.com
  119. Reflections on the AFCCG
  120. Pollard- Jets Must Get Him
  122. Jets Hire QB Coach David Lee...
  123. Pats in some ways luck out again
  124. So is Flacco elite now?
  125. What adjustments did Ravens make in upper management to get over hump?
  126. Sharpe Rips Belichick For Declining Post-Game Interview
  127. Brady's attempted spike of Ed Reed
  128. Why the Ravens beat the Pats
  129. Spygate
  130. Pats Super Bowl wins are as real as Manti Teo's girlfriend...
  131. So ya think the Pats are that good..not when it counts
  132. Ravens are only 2nd team to beat Brady, Peyton Manning in same postseason
  133. Welker: the curse of Michelle Ryan
  134. Belichick vs Shannon Sharpe
  135. Welker's wife Tweet
  136. With all our Pats hate we should not forget that phony Ray Lewis
  137. What winning HC's share
  138. The clock is ticking for Brady
  139. So what happened to the draft forum???
  140. JI Draft Forum is back.
  141. Watching the Patsies and sourpuss lose never gets old.
  142. Don't kid yourself....Defense STILL wins championships!!!
  143. Rob Ninkovich on NE's dynasty: "That whole era is over with. It's gone."
  144. New Story: Recent Hires Speak to Rex's Desire of 'Attack-Style' Offense
  145. Funny mic'd up (not Fatcessa)
  146. Interesting Stat
  147. It would have been nice to see Kraft's suite in the 2nd half on Sunday!
  148. And just in case you needed more confirmation...
  149. The one player the Jets really need to keep is Landry!
  150. Jets QB situation: Quarterbacks with connections to Marty Mornhinweg and David Lee
  151. Prediction Regarding the Future of the NFL Offense
  152. Tim Brown suggests "sabotage" by Bill Callahan in SB37
  153. If you disagree...
  154. Pats fans taunt Torrey Smith about dead brother
  155. Anyone else think Manti Te'o ends up a Jet?
  156. Joe must Go!
  157. Rex Totals His Mustang
  158. Francesa is FULL OF IT!!
  159. Potential 2014 Head Coach
  160. New Story: More of the Same from Jets
  161. Pats sign DL Armstead from USC/CFL
  162. The Current State Of The Jets
  163. Revis has begun working out again
  164. DB Coach for Jets?
  165. Dallas NT Jay Ratliff arrested on DWI charges in Texas
  166. Couple of moves
  167. JaMarcus Russell making a comeback?
  168. Lions WR Titus Young schools Holmes on how to be a prima donna
  169. Well Done
  170. Conor Orr: The Marty Mornhinweg system: How the new Jets coordinator runs his offense
  171. Classless Patriots fans as usual
  172. Mark Sanchez will be our #1 QB in 2013
  173. We need picks
  174. Jets GM Idzik, coach Ryan begin to bond on scouting trip
  175. Tailgate32 - Jets tailgate video
  176. Seau family files wrongful death lawsuit against the NFL
  177. Raiders hire Sparano
  178. Pat White wants to try NFL again
  179. Goodell focusing on the important things: Frank Gore fined for wearing socks too low
  180. Jets to "Explore" Trading Revis
  181. *** OFFICIAL John Idzik & Woody Johnson & Press Conference Thread 01.24.13 ***
  182. Jim Corbett - West Coast Offense: Past Its Time
  183. Daily News: Sanchez seeks retired QB Garcia as Mornhinweg mentor
  184. Sundquist won't Shut-up
  185. NFL executives high on Jets’ new GM
  186. Brady vs. Gore
  187. Yup, This Is A Cap Guy And Rex Is Running The Show
  188. Contrary to SAR and his legion of followers, I actually Liked what Idzik had to say
  189. I know this a few months away
  190. OL Coach DeGuglielmo Out
  191. Idzik On ESPN Radio ...
  192. Darrelle Revis rumor speaks to Jets’ dire situation
  193. In all honesty,...
  194. New Story: New GM John Idzik Focused on Reality, Not Perception
  195. 2014 super bowl at metlife could be cold and nasty.
  196. Its like a Jungle Around Jets
  197. Revis To Tampa possibility
  198. politi: idzik must find way to keep revis.
  199. Why is Revis speechless?
  200. Rob Ryan new DC for Rams
  201. Revis is as good as gone
  202. This is the worst time ever to be a New York Jets fan
  203. And we once fall for "perception" regarding Revis
  204. More Revis News
  205. 'Gold rush forming' for possible Revis trade
  206. Now Ian O'Connor rips the Jets...when is enough enough??
  207. I Would Trade Revis, and This is Why
  208. Lets remember what trading Keyshawn did for the jets
  209. One other benefit from trading Revis
  210. Idzik and Rex have one thing in common...
  211. A Recipe for Success -2013
  212. Thinking about it, we have the luxury to either trade an all time CB or a pro bowl CB
  213. Bengals sign Maybin
  214. Some say Revis won't be the same player after his ACL injury...
  215. The myth that Revis is not a team player
  216. Most Obnoxious Thing Said By A Jets Player
  217. I think its time to pull this question out again
  218. Idzik calls Revis...
  219. 12 Pack Of New York Jets Off-Season Thoughts – All Revis Edition
  220. Titus Young responds to Lions' warnings: "Cut me"
  221. Cromartie on Sanchez: "He needs a better supporting cast"
  222. It's gona be eighter Wilson or Glennon
  223. OFFICIAL JI POLL: What should the Jets do with Revis
  224. "Revis will never be happy"
  225. Who's the Boss? and Final Say
  226. idzik look-a-like
  227. This is why Revis stays
  228. if the jets are in a rebuilding mode
  229. Damien Woody said on the Kay show "Revis is the greatest player I ever played with."
  230. Mangini Potentially to the Saints
  231. When do Season Tix prices get announced?
  232. tom bradys new mansion has a moat.
  233. So, Mark Sanchez and a slew of Burn outs have cost us Revis?(merged REVIS x 100)
  234. Bernard Pollard fined $15k for hit on Welker during AFCCG
  235. Revis gives this team their idendity...or a identity.
  236. Jets reportedly put feelers out on trading Revis pre-injury
  237. Revis: The current situation
  238. The relative value of a CB
  239. CANNIZZARO: Revis seeks mega-deal, but Jets talked trade before ACL injury
  240. Jahvid Best will most likely never play football again
  241. Real Quick- who are the best CBs ?
  242. Draft Day
  243. 3hree Stooges or Amigos?
  244. My Receptionist's Son-In-Law Played in Senior Bowl - BJ Scott
  245. Garden of Dreams-Ray Ramano
  246. Free Agent Bargain Bin
  247. The only real justification for trading Revis
  248. Jets could trade Cromartie instead of Revis
  249. jets jersey sales-nobody worth owning
  250. Trade Revis and then trade Cromartie as well.