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  1. NFL Cuts
  2. another poor offensive decision by Ryan....thinking Small about a pre-season game
  3. We all know it was a bad call but people need to chill out.
  4. Jets 8/26 news
  5. JETS Practice - 08/26/13
  6. ESPN blatantly proves anti-Jet bias this AM
  7. Head Coach
  8. Bills plan to start UDFA QB Tuel in Week 1
  9. Rex's press conference @ 2:15 on NFL network....
  10. Schefter: Goodson Reporting in Next 24 Hours
  11. Belicheat's Blind Luck - week 1-2
  12. Week One Starter - Rookies
  13. Next time I bring up an UDFA and get mocked at, pay attention...
  14. No Rex No D
  15. Lansanah's pro day numbers are impressive...
  16. Good sign Sanchez injury is not serious...
  17. New Story: A New Fan Favorite Emerges
  18. Jets release updated depth chart (8/26)
  19. Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck, and RyanTannehill all had 3 interception games last year!
  20. Schefter says Goodson back within 24 hrs.
  21. Any update on Coples?
  22. Gov. Chris Christie Calls Manish 'Idiot' and 'Dope' on Boomer and Carton:
  23. BREAKING: Goodson officially with the team, suspended 4 games
  24. Hayden Smith cut
  25. Is the run blocking concerning or is it me?
  26. Keith Olbermann blasting and mocking Manish Mehta
  27. Ronnell Lewis....can he help our team?
  28. Last year-this year pre season rankings
  29. Go ahead and start Geno against the Bucs!
  30. "Glickman"
  31. Good Breakdown of Geno's Night
  32. Rex Ryan Witch Hunt and the Media
  33. Should We Bring in Havard Rugland
  34. Jets Bring In K Dan Carpenter
  35. Team coverage has been atrocious...
  36. If Simms starts vs. the Eagles, does that mean Geno is starting opening day?
  37. The SYSTEM is more important than THE PLAYERS...
  38. Achilles injury for Milliner?
  39. Can Anyone Help Identifying This?
  40. Classy paper that NYDN is.
  41. If Holmes plays Week 1 at 80%, 90%, etc. does Revis cover him?
  42. Mike & Mke at Metlife 9/6
  44. Namath calls Jets relationship 'clumsy, awkward'
  45. Hardknocks....where's the F'ing outrage?
  46. WEEK #1: Vegas early line on Jets vs T-Bucs
  47. Everyone needs to chill out
  48. New Story: Getting to a Good Place
  49. Jets sign QB Graham Harrell
  50. According to FoxSports Jets sign Ex-Packer QB Graham Harrell
  51. Not to beat a dead horse, but would you want Revis on the Jets next year?
  52. jets' answers....create more ? ? ? ?'s
  53. Willie Colon is an awesome teammate
  54. Two Goodson Articles
  55. Why REX is like HERM..... post of a SOJF
  56. How is the offense Rex's fault?
  57. ESPN Report on TEBOWs big fan within the Pats orginazation.
  58. Greg McElroy injured knee in practice
  59. Rolling Stone piece on Aaron Hernandez: lots of mentions of BB being a scumbag
  60. Simms to start, Geno sits
  61. I just don't see us being bad this year
  62. Rex Should Bail on Jets NOW: Yahoo Sports Les Carpenter
  63. Need 4 People for a 20 team fantasy football league on yahoo ! (draft tonight)
  64. HUGE JetsInsider Radio show tonight with Manish Mehta and Ian Eagle 8PM
  65. Pretty much sums it up...
  66. Peter King predicts Jets will be 3-13
  67. Our qb situation
  68. jets vs. eagles ~ ~
  69. Twitter War between Hubbuch & LaCanfora regarding media coverage of Jets.
  70. ROSTER MOVE: Jets wave C Dalton Freeman
  71. If you think Mark Sanchez is a bust ...
  72. ** BREAKING ** Report: Bill Belichick knew Aaron Hernandez felt 'life was in danger'
  73. I found somebody who thinks the Jets are good
  74. ...Revis likes new island, ready to 'take care' of Jets ~ ~ ~
  75. Our Jets need a fast start
  76. will kyle wilson be tried at free safety... or stay with nickle back
  77. It's amazing to me that...
  78. Another borderline first round bust for the Pats...
  79. New Story: Preseason Preview Jets v. Eagles: Who will fly?
  80. BREAKING NEWS -- NFL, players reach proposed $765m settlement for concussions
  81. Tampa Bay Bucs Battling Staph Infections [wtf]
  82. Can you tailgate the the Sheraton Meadowlands?
  83. NFL settles head trauma suit for $765 million.
  84. OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Eagles @ Jets
  85. Patriots' Belichick knew Hernandez was mentally unstable, life was in danger: report
  86. ***RUMOUR**** Sanchez Unlikely to Play Week 1
  87. Jason Smith
  88. Bench Simms NOW!!
  89. Sapp as Coples Fill In
  90. nfl preseason pkg is a ripoff
  91. Goodbye G-Mac
  92. For Non-NY Fans: Did Simms Win the #3 QB Job Tonight?
  93. New Story: Jets beat Eagles in back-up bowl to finish off preseason
  94. So who stays...and who goes?
  95. Andre Brown Breaks Leg AGAIN
  96. Final 53 predictions
  97. Manish Mehta Proves Govenor Christie Right!!
  98. Simms has a little Favre in him
  99. Let's Talk Interceptions
  100. Simms is a good example of what happens when you let a qb sit and develop
  101. If all QBs are healthy, which one would you start Week 1?
  102. Media can't have it both ways...
  103. A little perspective on the Backup Bowl....
  104. Thankfully I Have Eyes ...
  105. For the first time in a long time, I'm happy with our depth on Defense
  106. OFFICIAL NFL Cuts to 53 Thread
  107. Mehta brown noses McElroy...
  108. Free Bus Ride from Long Island to Opening Day Jets Game!!!!!!
  109. Mossis Madu...what's up with him wearing #41
  110. Millner in walking boot
  111. Glad we didn't grab Leinart
  112. pats cut jake ballard
  113. Matt Simms Should Start Week 1
  114. Hurrah for Mornhinweg!!!
  115. If Geno starts week 1...
  116. " Bring on the Bucs " ~ ~ ~
  117. Packers sign Joe McKnight
  118. ROSTER MOVE: Jets release Antonio Garay
  119. Football Nation Power Rankings. WTF???
  120. Simms/McElroy over Smith/Sanchez???
  121. Will Bilal Powell be worth a darn in fantasy?
  122. ROSTER MOVE: Dan Carpenter released
  123. JETS CUTS (75 TO 53) THREAD
  124. cbs or fox to air game?
  125. Are the Jets exaggerating Sanchez's injury?
  126. 24 year old Jets fan from Staten Island killed in Afghanistan
  127. Brad Smith...IR'd...Out for Season
  128. Mornhinweg wants Geno to Start?
  129. According to Ian Rapapport Marty prefers Geno over Sanchez
  130. Miguel Maysonet
  131. Ryan Spadola officially a NY Jet.
  132. New J-J-J-Jersey.. ~ ~ ~
  133. How many INTs will Revis pick against us?
  134. Tebow Released
  135. New Story: Trimming Down to 53
  136. Stubhub Parking Pass Sales?
  137. This is What I Despise About the Idiotic Media that Covers the Jets
  138. You think West Virginia misses Geno?
  139. McElroy cut
  140. Rex & Idzik agree with Marty; time to move on from Sanchez
  141. New Story: Jets cut Greg McElroy
  142. Rex, Marty and Idzik wanted Geno. ALL MADE UP. Wanted Sanchez if healthy
  143. 7 Years Difference: Ryan Spadola
  144. Trade/IR Coming for Sanchez
  145. Jets Final Cuts to Trim Roster To 53...Keep 4 QBs
  146. What Players Do You Claim Off Waivers
  147. Key offensive pieces of Jets '09 - '11 - D. Keller, B. Edwards, Brad Smith, Cotchery
  148. Guess The Players (Spadola Combine Version)
  149. Times article quotes on Jets
  150. Jets were leaning toward Sanchez
  151. Accuracy, Smarts and a Canon for an arm
  152. 2013 Season record prediction thread
  153. Practice Squad Primer-TheJetsBlog.com
  154. Geno is the future
  155. This could be great news
  156. RB Alex Green claimed off waivers
  157. Jets claimed DE Scott Solomon off waivers from the Titans
  158. Jets Practice Squad
  159. MM's Offense
  160. Jets sign RB Alex Green (formally a GB Packer)
  161. Leon Washington Cut by Pats
  162. Anything new on QC?
  163. Teddy Bridgewater on ESPN right now
  164. Jordan Shipley Released
  165. So we are not that good......
  166. Jets claim former Colts OT Ben Ijalana, per source.
  167. Jets claim Ben Ijalana
  168. Raiders cut Tyler Wilson
  169. Scott Solomon in the McIntyre mold
  170. Who did we cut to bring in these 3 scrubs that we have picked up?
  171. DETAILED Predictions Thread
  172. So who is our starter at safety?
  173. Thread summary: 3 Arrive Via Waivers; 7 Added to Practice Squad
  174. Good QB Roster Structure/Planning
  175. Early Matchup Thoughts for Tampa
  176. Wife is a gamer!!!
  177. 2014 Draft, whose could be on the Jets radar.
  178. IMO, A Great Overview of the Jets
  179. Jets sign QB Brady Quinn, release QB Harrell
  180. Not really happy with Idziks last few choices....
  181. NFL Network Showed Santonio Practicing
  182. Geno poll, Bust,average,or franchise susperstar whatcha think n why
  183. CBS and Time Warner Cable reach an agreement. Programming to resume at 6P ET tonight.
  184. Pats sign Matt Mulligan
  185. Wow Jameis Winston is better than advertised
  186. Number of wins for the Jets
  187. Solid Jets and Rex Review
  188. Mehta at it again
  189. Mehta strike again: "Rex has lost interest and influence"
  190. Colts Safety John Boyett arrested
  191. NFL Transactions
  192. COPLES?????
  193. Bart Scott on WFAN
  194. Bart Scott sheds some light on the Jerks in the jets locker (media)
  195. BGA: Scouting Scott Solomon
  196. OC Cali Jets fans
  197. I Have Never Seen a Player Hated as Much and as Fast as Geno
  198. Media/ESPN Trolling is at Code 5
  199. Cast your blame here! The key reason for the Jets failures the past 2 years is....
  200. WalterFootball on Jets-Bucs game (contrarian view)
  201. Fellow Jets fans. Please help.
  202. Tailgating Sunday
  203. I'm excited for this season
  204. Adam Shein Trolling for callers
  205. "Snacks" are Free man!
  206. Jets Official Depth Chart For Week 1
  207. New Jet's Depth Chart: Bilal & Sanchez #1
  208. Simms teaches loser Adam Schein to throw a football
  209. League Intel
  210. BGA: Scouting Alex Green
  211. Why Your Team Sucks 2013: New England Patriots
  212. Jets distancing themselves from Sanchez?
  213. Rex Ryan Falls Off The NYJ Media Bridge (ksk)
  214. Mehta with egg on his face "Rex Ryan: 'Cuts were made Friday'"
  215. Are the Jets 3 games better than last year?
  216. Game Of Thrones Inspired NFL Wallpapers
  217. Sanchez out at least 2 weeks per NFLN
  218. NFL Red Zone Package
  219. Costello Article making Manish look Petty and Small
  220. It's official: Geno starts!
  221. Back in the playoffs this year my friends
  222. New York media... jerks ? ? ? ?
  223. We only have five players on the roster who are 30 years or older
  224. Who Is The Number 2 QB On Sunday?
  225. New Story: Geno Smith to start Week 1
  226. Why Your Team Sucks: 2013 Buffalo Bills
  227. Why Your Team Sucks: 2013 Miami Dolphins
  228. Has the Met Life Sanchez Picture Removal Rumour Been Actually confirmed
  229. New Story: JetsInsider Radio LIVE TONIGHT (Weds) with Kristian Dyer and Tom Kasniqi
  230. Jets pretty much slap STH in the face with "3 game ticket packages"
  231. Couple of thingsthat have been bothering me about this off season....
  232. Leger Douzable already learning from Rex...."Best D-Line in the league"
  233. Jets' Best Skill Position Player??
  234. 2013 BOLD PREDICTIONS; 1 for the Jets, and 1 for the rest of the league
  235. Danny Amendila on pats injury report
  236. Loudest Jets Home Game
  237. Jets worked out Leon Washington
  238. Revis is a tattletale.
  239. New Story: Rex Ryan of old makes an unexpected appearance
  240. Marty Mornhinweg's secret on Offense
  241. Jets already know the season is over?
  242. Career Breakout Years by NY Jets
  243. Random Thoughts
  244. Somebody please explain to me
  245. JetsInsider Football Hour on ESPN Radio LI starting tomorrow at 9AM
  246. Is anybody else excited that is football season?????
  247. NFL: AM Surprised if Geno throws ball 20 times in game
  248. all this negativity......DBAKE says.....
  249. Woody's letter to STH and all Jet fans
  250. Tom Brady & Gisele's home in Artitechural Digest