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  1. Why the Jets have been bad for so long
  2. Will Ed Reed get a win while playing for the Jets?
  3. David Garrard this Sunday?
  4. OH TANNENBAUM!!! Mike T's 2034 Holiday Gift has Arrived!!!
  5. New Story: Easy Pickings Against Jets Soft Secondary
  6. Ed Reed's snap count explained...Collision Low Crossers
  7. PFF on the awful o-line play yesterday
  8. Mike Devlin ain't no Bill Callahan!
  9. Jets 25th ranked passing defense 12th overall.
  10. Try to throw over the top now!
  11. no one to blame but ourselves
  12. Chris Ivory is a keeper and isn't getting the respect due to him
  13. How the Jets managed to waste a 1st round pick & completely negate the Revis trade
  14. Has this been the worst 3 weeks of football you've ever seen?
  15. Geno Smith Starting Next Week
  16. We're favored by 3 over Oakland
  17. Advice For GM John Idzik
  18. Question about receiving corps
  19. We need to trade Simms now.
  20. Looking towards next year
  21. Bring Back Rex!
  22. MNF: Saints at Seahawks
  23. Pats Spying Again
  24. What is the over/under on Geno's QBR ??
  25. Tannenbaum extended Sanchez and passed on Russell Wilson in the draft.
  26. College Coaches=NFL Success
  27. Jets Logo Judged in Bottom Five in League
  28. How do we beat Oakland RaideRs.
  29. Crowd Noise, Seattle gets record back
  30. Tom Brady Got Two security guards fired.......
  31. why does idzick get a free pass
  32. We once again have a slow defense
  33. I Didn't Think Ryan Would Be Fired( at end of 2012)
  34. The *REAL* reason we got Ed Reed
  35. D dept. : " ...Reed it and weep " ~ ~ ~
  36. How did the jets implode so suddenly ?
  37. ~ ~ 3 moves the Jets should make this week, but...likely won’t ~ ~
  38. Just re-watched the first half
  39. Hire Mark Dantonio/Pat Nurduzzi from Mich St
  40. Geno Smith is still Jets quarterback, but will that help Rex Ryan avoid firing?
  41. Darrell Bevell and Manziel Partnership
  42. Tall Task: Does Height Matter For NFL Quarterbacks?
  43. Cribbs done for year/Jets sign Reynaud
  44. Jets Team Building Philosophy Missed The Boat...
  45. "A Defensive Genius" Ryan vrs Carol
  46. Ryan not to blame?
  47. "this team has quit on rex" umm... really?
  48. BB makes rare comment about the Jets this morning
  49. jets had better improve the offensive line
  50. Lb Danny Lansanah stolen by Tampa Bay
  51. Kellen Winslow Picks AFC Championship Game: Pats - Broncos ?
  52. Would really be helpful for franchise outlook for Geno to show something next 4 games
  53. Oh Rex......
  54. Couple of notes
  55. New Story: Rex Ryan defends struggling rookie class
  56. Who Should The Jets Have Taken at 9?
  57. Ranking today's NFL Quarterbacks- Where is Geno on the list?
  58. NFL.com: NFL Coach of the Year rankings
  59. Look for Fb Marcel Reece to get majority of carries against the Jets this week.
  60. Just re-watched the second half
  61. Ah the 80's...when we were a kick butt offense
  62. Or defense might be better under a different DC than Rex
  63. New Story: Can Kerley turn the offense around?
  64. Dbrick starting in 125th consecutive game on sunday.
  65. Where are you from?
  66. Football Gameplan's 2013 Wk 14 Jets vs Raiders Preview
  67. Thursday Night Football -- Texans @ Jags
  68. Geno Smith reminds me of Aaron Rodgers
  69. Gary Kubiak
  70. Did you like Chad Pennington as a player?
  71. There's still hope... No, really.
  72. "I was in camp thinking Dan Marino could play in the offense and it would stll be bad
  73. Nike Clearance sale on NFL & Jets Clothing
  74. New Story: Game Preview: Jets (5-6) v. Raiders (4-7)
  75. Schaub or Cutler?
  76. New Story: Former Jets WR Rob Moore joins JetsInsider Gameday on Sunday
  77. Jersey Sizing?
  78. Teddy Bruschi - "I would have loved to play for Rex"
  79. Jets approached Garrard about returning in 2014...
  80. Sanjay Lal is a huge problem
  81. Our Team Colors are to Blame
  82. New Story: Started on the Practice Squad, Now He's Here
  83. New Story: Green and White Breakdown: Jets v. Raiders
  84. Jets Raiders fun facts
  85. Tail of a Tailspin
  86. John Idzik's father passes.
  87. Nice Graphic
  88. OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Oakland Raiders (4-8) @ New York Jets (5-7)
  89. Injuries force Raiders to shuffle roster
  90. Streaming sites for today's game!
  91. If we lose today-does SAR-I return to JI?
  92. We might win our last game of the season today
  93. Pickle Pants today
  94. Stephen Hill is Inactive & Rest of Jets Inactives
  95. Jets Inactives Today
  96. Danny Lansanah Watch
  97. The 12/8 Weekly Fire Rex/Milliner is a bust/Wilson us hot garbage thread
  98. Woody "Pretty Happy" With Direction of the Team
  99. With the D and Sanchez, Jets would be the 6th seed
  100. Those Damn Dolphins
  101. The difference is KERLEY
  102. Locker, CJ2K and Munchak all may not be back in TN
  103. Glennon looks damn good!
  104. METLIFE is EMPTY..
  105. Gronk Done
  106. Respect to raiderfan for putting his money where his mouth is
  107. Cleveland Browns, Patriot Killers
  108. Why is the defense so awful?
  109. Geno Gives Us The Best Chance To Win
  110. The refs literally gave a game to the Patriots
  111. Is 7-9 enough to keep Rex?
  112. Week 13 Super Bowl Picks
  113. Nice to know that no matter what the Jets are still better than the 90210's....
  114. How About Holmes Missing a Sure TD in the Endzone!
  115. HISTORY is made in Denver. 64 yd FG from Matt Prater
  116. Awesome day for watching football!!
  117. Cumberland and Hill, your history!!!
  118. Danny Woodhead
  119. Next week at Carolina should tell us a lot about Rex
  120. New Story: Geno Smith bounces back in win over Raiders
  121. How do we beat Carlina Panthers.
  122. Newsflash: Geno still sucks
  123. Sunday Night Football: Panthers at Saints
  124. Our 2 "bust picks" really showed up today.
  125. Jets players reject "Victory Monday"
  126. Mike Shanahan May Be Canned Soon, As Per Glazer...
  127. Giants eliminated from playoffs.
  128. 9-7 Could Get Us In
  129. Make them believe...as quaterback...
  130. I wanted this game bad and I'm not going to Bs that hey we get a better draft choice.
  131. Jets' Video 2013-2014
  132. I may puke rooting for the PATs the next two weeks!
  133. Does anyone else feel the way I do?
  134. Does this team need to Draft a Quarterback in 2014?
  135. Hill was a healthy inactive yesterday
  136. Jets defense suprising stats
  137. Buffalo
  138. NJ TRANSIT Announces ‘Super Pass’ For Super Bowl
  139. Woody Johnson poised to be patient with Rex Ryan and Jets
  140. Lets hear it for.....
  141. RIP New York Giants 2013
  142. panthers jonathan stewart tears acl
  143. Want to tailgate at this year's Superbowl? Ummm… Sorry but no.
  144. Danica Patrick not a big fan of our old friend JayJay
  145. Did Ed Reed give Cromartie his concussion yesterday?
  146. MNF - Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears
  147. Glennon and Manual were AWFUL yesterday
  148. So do we draft a QB every year until....
  149. Mo Wilkerson benefit tonight
  150. Reason it's tough to defend keeping Rex as a HC - maybe we hit the ceiling?
  151. 11 point dogs
  152. In Chicago this week-Cutler will be available
  153. Injured Reserve and Practice Squad: who can contribute in 2014
  154. 2014 biggest change under Idzik?
  155. Quinton Coples...
  156. Ellis & Coples
  157. Jets defense could be key to determining Rex Ryan's fate
  158. How does this sound?
  159. Geno Smith most passing yards by a Jets rookie QB.
  160. Jets' Antonio Cromartie Diagnosed with a Concussion
  161. Matt Slauson...6th ranked guard as per PFF
  162. I guarantee an elite QB prospect won't play here.
  163. What does Geno have to do these last three games to convince you...
  164. If RGIII can be benched ....
  165. Milliner had a pretty good day in Oakland
  166. LOL at the Giants Super Bowl 'countdown clock' - No more....
  167. ROOKIE dept. ~ ~ ~
  168. jets,panthers blacked out Sunday?
  169. Kirk Cousins and the neverending dramedy that is the Washington Redskins
  170. ...the Path ~ ~ ~
  171. Has the frequency of Rex press conferences gone down?
  172. Fan Favorites
  173. 2014 Salary Cap Projected to be $126.3 Million
  174. New Story: Stephen Hill's season status remains uncertain
  175. 2012 NFL Draft - Round 2
  176. braylon edwards
  177. Prediction-Jets 38 Panthers 34
  178. How can the Jets not retire Wayne Chrebets number?
  179. I love Sheldon Richardson's attitude
  180. The most clueless fans in the NFL
  181. WR Stephen Hill's struggles magnified by Alshon Jeffery's breakout season in Chicago
  182. Cimini- Jets should keep an eye on QB Kirk Cousins
  183. So why didn't we get josh Gordon again?
  184. Strip Sack Anyone??
  186. Richardson: "Id be the number one pick in a redraft"
  187. New Story: Has the Jets run defense regressed?
  188. Richardson needs to shut up .. no RG3, Luck, Doug Martin, or Wilson's this year
  189. Which QB will be the best from the 2013 NFL Draft?
  190. NOn Jets content: another Dolphin player bullied and violated
  191. Rex admits going conservative with Geno’s play calling as a mistake.
  192. Keenan Allen
  193. New Story: Game Preview: Jets (6-7) vs. Panthers (9-4)
  194. Pats are #1 seed after Broncos loss
  195. Whats your Super Bowl prediction?
  196. Santonio Holmes on Carolina's secondary
  197. Aren't Stephen Hills ribs crushed?
  198. Lions, Eagles and Snow: The Hardest, Most Fun NFL Game I’ve Ever Shot
  199. Not just another cap thread.
  200. Do you think a QB is in the mix for F/A?
  201. Stephen Hill placed on IR
  202. Early Look at Possible 2014 NFL Salary Cap Casualties
  203. Jets Players who Still Live at Home
  204. Football Gameplan's 2013 Wk 15 Jets vs Panthers Preview
  205. Woody Johnson-Whats your opinion on this man
  206. JI Cracks me up!
  207. Conkboy Rocks!
  208. New Story: Green and White Breakdown: Jets @ Panthers
  209. New Story: Going Downhill
  210. possible offseason fix
  211. What do you really want in an OLB this offseason?
  212. At Laguardia off to Charlotte
  213. Redskins are hoping to get a 1st rounder for Cousins
  214. I hate santanio Holmes
  215. Bringing Mark Sanchez back? Crazier things have happened with NY Jets, haven't they?
  216. Who was the QB for Pete Carrol here?
  217. YES Network Dumping Mike Francesa
  218. OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: New York Jets (6-7) @ Carolina Panthers (9-4) W15
  219. With 3 weeks left..
  220. Game Day - Food Options
  221. Danny Lansanah Watch
  222. Sunday non-Jet Gameday thread
  223. Bill O'Brien ready to return to NFL
  224. Rex Ryan defensive genius?
  225. Jets Inactives Today
  226. Lol..even the children are turning against Eli after a 5 pick day.
  227. Official Eli Manning Excuse Thread
  228. Double down for Rex , he got it!
  229. Corner Blitz
  230. Simple Question for the Mods
  231. Fly boys celebration
  232. Ryan should be fired for the defense
  233. Kyle Wilson - KR
  234. Rex genius defensive mind gives up 400yds. He is done!!!!
  235. Rex Ryan Post Game Presser
  236. our players aren't that good and as fans we're too invested to see that. Bright side
  237. Positives and Negatives
  238. Put a cork in us.
  239. If Idziks smart?
  240. 2 plays summed it up for me today...
  241. other qb's
  242. It was more clear then ever today the talent is on offense is no good.
  243. My View: The Rebuild Starts Now
  244. Draft A QB Until U Find A QB
  245. This team will be in the playoffs next year
  246. Klecko on SNY- "Somebody's gonna rip Holmes' head off"
  247. How do we beat CleavelAnd Browns.
  248. This one stung allot less for me: An optimist thread.
  249. New Story: Jets' playoff hopes fade in loss to Panthers
  250. Coaching Vacancies