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  1. Decker Downgraded from "Limited" to Did Not Practice
  2. Idzik reqired the Team to Draft Geno!!!!!
  3. " Jets owner backs Geno Smith " ~ ~ ~
  4. Surprised/Disappointments 1/4 way thru the season around the NFL
  5. Dumb and Dumber
  6. Which afce team has the best chance to win week 5
  7. One win changes a lot.
  8. No TNF thread?
  9. CBS EVENING NEWS @ 11pm - The JetsFan who Geno cursed at SPEAKS!!
  10. Incontrovertible evidence from Lions game the coaching staff should be fired...
  11. Shaq Evans
  12. Geno 2nd round pick, not 1st, he's expendable
  13. The Change That Needs To Be Made That Never Will
  14. What would a Jets record be if we had good corners?
  15. Who do we hate, who do we like...
  16. Colin Cowherd picks jets over chargers
  17. Classy Tisch
  18. Rex might not be so stupid
  19. Is Woody in financial trouble?
  20. Will Rex play coverage this weekend?
  21. Geno fined $12,000...
  22. Greg Salas Surprises Atop the WR Lists
  23. Defensive PPG and lack of blowout losses.
  24. Jairus Byrd Goes on IR
  25. Perfect Analysis of why the offensive problems are Rex
  26. jets problems start with offensive coordinator
  27. Fatty falls asleep on air...again
  28. A few things I would like to see vs SD
  29. Its tough being a Jets fan!!
  30. Pats cut Kenbrell Thompkins
  31. OFFICIAL GDT: New York Jets (1-3) @ San Diego Chargers (3-1) W5
  33. It's 6AM in Huntington Beach , I'm 89 miles from Qualcomm Stadium
  34. Would Vick really do any better than Geno with this receiving corps?
  35. LB Jeremiah George Watch
  36. Official Sunday early games thread
  37. DRC IS A DOG
  38. 30 minutes of football and the Vick era should begin
  39. Decker Inactive
  40. Jets Inactives Today
  41. Odell Beckham looks good
  42. I want Hoyer next season!
  43. Bills
  44. The OL has really deteriorated
  45. It's time for Morningwood to go. The coaching sucks.
  46. Ever wanted to know what being a Thaksgiving Turkey feels like?
  47. Really Rex... Defense is great.....??
  48. shotgun on first down
  49. Predict the blowout score
  50. It's nice to be out of it by Halloween.
  51. Vick now.
  52. New York ETS
  53. This team has quit
  54. The Emperor Has No Clothes!
  55. Please homers....justify this one...I dare you!
  56. Top Five pick in Next Year's NFL Draft
  57. #1 rush defense in the league
  58. Nice tackle pryor
  59. Draft A Qb, RG, WR
  60. This feels like the 96 season
  61. I just want to hear one reporter...
  62. Time to call out Idzik on his "sustainable development" mantra
  63. Worst game I can remember since 45-3
  64. Official I quit for 2014 thread
  65. Slow and methodical is not a good trait for an NFL GM.
  66. 50 yard screen pass on 3rd and 17
  67. Gus Malzahn
  68. We are Jacksonville and Oakland, but...
  69. *** The Official F Korn Ferry Thread *** (a.k.a. We want a refund)
  70. Positive from today's game: The awful "Vick is the savior" storyline will be ended
  71. Quigley is a beast!!!!!!!!!!
  72. Id****
  73. An open apology
  74. Pryor
  75. We Are Nowhere. This is Inexcusable and I am Beyond Furious
  76. Rex post game presser
  77. Ray Ray, Come Here Now.
  78. Wow. This team is really bad.
  79. Peyton Manning vs our seconary
  80. Idzik has hung...
  81. Injury update thread post San Diego...
  82. Jets open as 10 point dogs against Denver. Bet the ranch on Denver, lay the points
  83. 2015 NFL draft ... why not
  84. Can we trade CJ no K?
  85. Remember that "great" win in Miami that was supposed to propell us this year?
  86. For Sale
  87. Why are Willie Colon and Kyle Wilson still starting on this team?
  88. We're on to Denver
  89. When does Terry Bradway hit the bricks?
  90. Who did Richardson just dis in his locker room interview?? ROFLMAO!!!
  91. Bring back the Sanchise !!!!!!
  92. SNF thread
  93. Do you want the Jets to tank the rest of the year?
  94. Rexis such an overrated blitzer
  95. Never let it be said again
  96. Rah Rah. We Despartely await your Brilliant Analysis.
  97. Just Maybe ....
  98. This vaunted Jets defense doesn't force mistakes
  99. Best Tailgate ever- Worst Jet game ever
  100. Pryors a Beast--Like Connor was a Terminator
  101. Rex: "I apologize to our fans...those that are left"
  102. Theory to Explain This Mess
  103. What does it take for Woody to fire Idzik?
  104. Willie Colon is good...
  105. "Blame me" / Marty / Inactives "Strategy"
  106. Another year, another SOJs
  107. So, who do you blame the most for this disaster?
  108. Geno Smith Misses The Team Meeting Saturday Night....
  109. Long term defensive scheme/structure
  110. The NY Jets just got shut out by a west coast team
  111. Demario Davis Offers Up Some Very Telling Quotes
  112. why is the offense regressing for the third straight year?
  113. This was the year for Rex to prove he really is a defensive "genius"
  114. Onto 2015
  115. Would anybody take a chance on Sam Bradford?
  116. Getting mad clouds your judgement
  117. Harbaugh
  118. We're sorry Nolan Nawrocki
  119. Practice Squad Players to sign
  120. Time to see what Aboushi and Dozier can give us
  121. I can't wait for Crossfire's Black and White Pics From Week 5!!!
  122. Rationality has left the building
  123. The difference between WRs you draft in the 1st rd and scrubs you draft in later rds
  124. Who is most to blame? Stephen A. Smith points at Idzik
  125. Bilal Powell
  126. Jets have a really valuable trade asset
  127. Free agent Qbs next year- we need Hoyer
  128. What exactly is Idzik's (in)famous "plan" everybody always mentions?
  129. Players should be afraid of their Head Coach not his best friend.
  130. Rex, Idzik, almost everyone has to go now
  131. Still a chance for a decent season...
  132. 500 TD passes (Peyton Manning vs Each NFL Franchise)
  133. How did we get here?
  134. MNF: Seahawks at Redskins
  135. Walls has a patellar tendon injury
  136. predict the next NY Jets head coach...............
  137. In Genos defense
  138. "Ryan will be fired not because he can't coach but because he has nothing to coach"
  139. Unnamed Source: Rex is done, Players Angry He Didn't Punish Geno
  140. Does Simms get one more shot at starting this year?
  141. Rex's Defensive shortcomings were masked by Revis and Reed
  142. Billick explains Jets mess, short & sweet
  143. ARTICLE: Woody Johnson Created this Mess
  144. ~ ~ Sun., Oct. 12 - 1:00 pm : Denver @ Jets ~ ~
  145. How many jets offensive skill players drafted have made the pro bowl with the jets
  146. Here's some #Jets news for you all ... [10.7.14]
  147. A Pro-Idzik Article- Interesting Read
  148. We have a dumb team
  149. Francesa say Idzik is ready to fire Rex and hire Dan Quinn
  150. RIP Aunt Julie
  151. Rex is the only option for change, but will that really improve the team?
  152. Jets Release CB LeQuan Lewis and Sign CB DaShaun Phillips To The Practice Squad
  153. Fire Rex is getting old...
  154. First Take on Jets mess
  155. wrs we passed on
  156. FXFL debuts tonigt
  157. Who would you change or get rid of for 2015?
  158. We Need an Intelligent QB
  159. What's the state of the Jets if we beat Denver?
  160. Can Anyone Explain Exactly How the Cap Carryover Works?
  161. The Demario Davis comments epitomize what's wrong with this defense and Rex
  162. "I have never seen anybody chug a beer faster than Tom Brady"
  163. What if.......
  164. A few Random opinions on Geno
  165. Reality check
  166. Does 16H still party?
  167. Pic that sums up the 2014 Jets
  168. The Mike Vick comments epitomize what's wrong with this offense and Rex
  169. Reason For Hope Jet fans
  170. Rex Presser
  171. Nike wants to "Oregonize" the Thursday Night Games (clownsuits)
  172. TNF- Texans Colts
  173. The NFL isn't biased against the Jets
  174. I'm buying the Jets right now
  175. Rex Likes Vick's Honesty - Well that will help win games
  176. Does this year disprove the BPA strategy
  177. Why would Pep Hamilton be a bad HC?
  178. Braylon on Rex and The Jets situation
  179. Rex being Rex...
  180. I was wrong.
  181. Cromartie on 41-20 loss to Denver Broncos: "Not My Best Day"
  182. Even the Chinese know!
  183. Jets need to hire Jimbo Fisher maybe package deal with Winston
  184. By next Friday we could be in first place
  185. Unnamed Source: "Team doesnít have bad practice habits. This isnít an issue here"
  186. If Calvin Pryor was a sub; what would he be?
  187. time for woody to sell the jets
  188. Can CJ play the Wr/Rb (jet) role that Harvin plays in Seatle?
  189. Bill parcells says he wouldn't have benched geno.
  190. Never seen it this bad
  191. Jets aren't as bad as advertised
  192. Why Brady
  193. Everyone here will most likely be dead and buried before the Jets win a superbowl
  194. Despite the record, I still say things aren't as bad as they appear...
  195. Anyone know why Bills/Pats game is on Fox tomorrow?
  196. Why was Ray Ray banned ?
  197. Official Jets vs Broncos prediction thread
  198. ****Official GameDay thread. .Jets vs. Broncos****
  200. Decker and D. Thomas together again in 2015?
  201. Its official Quinton Coples is a bust
  202. Rex's job safer then Idzik's?
  203. At least the talking heads are getting it right this time.. calling out the GM
  204. The Circus IS back in town.
  205. Milliner feared to have a torn achillies, likely season-ending
  206. Every single other NFL team has WR's that can catch the damned ball
  207. Well this loss is on Idzik more than Rex
  208. Either get Rex a veteran QB and some WR talent, or start over.
  209. Tarvaris Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!
  210. Anyone else notice the pass protection improved with Aboushi in for Winters?
  211. This team is a joke.
  212. Anyone blaming Geno for todays loss is an idiot
  213. "It seems like situational awareness is not coached"
  214. Milliner likely out for the season with torn Achilles ...
  215. The Rex crushing stat and why he sucks
  216. Giacomini, Vick, and CJ(1/)2K
  217. The offensive line
  218. Only 5 games out of First Place !
  219. Is Jeremy Kerley on this team?
  220. Well, well, well (3 holes in the ground)
  221. Haha Mike Nugent misses the FG. Game ends in tie.
  222. ***
  223. Official Other Games Thread
  224. No.1 problem with Jets is
  225. Some positives...
  226. Jets need to start over on offense
  227. How about that Decker catch that wasn't overturned
  228. Time to stop drafting and acquiring injury prone players!
  229. The Milliner injury is on Idzik
  230. Adding Insult To Injury -- Woody's Ego
  231. Idziks plan: tank the season
  232. Two Phrases That Should Be Banned From This Forum
  233. Jets fear Brian Winters has a torn ACL
  234. Why the Jets are below average
  235. Couple of thoughts.....
  236. Ill say it til he signs an extension or with another team-Hoyer is our guy
  237. I still LOVE our front 7 play...
  238. On to Brady and the Patsies ....
  239. That is the second time we were down one score at end of game and punted it.
  240. Game thoughts
  241. sandiego was an aberration, jets have been competitive in every other game
  242. This team blows and the offense is unwatchable
  243. Trade for CB Brandon Boykin?
  244. Jets Inactives Today
  245. LB Jeremiah George Watch
  246. is this site sticking around?
  247. Imagine if they signed Sanchez instead of Vick?
  248. Does having a strong defensive minded coach hold us back?
  249. Dolphins unveil new defense that involves doing nothing and giving up
  250. Is it time to let Kerley & Bilal handle returns?