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  1. 24-11!!!!
  2. Precedent for an Achilles Tear
  3. In other news, how unclutch is Mike Nugent?
  4. stop the madness bring in Bill Cower give him full control of the team
  5. our GM and our best player MO
  6. ~ ~ Thur. - 8:25 pm : Jets @ New England ~ ~
  7. Jets an attractive destination next year?
  8. Bills WR Mike Williams requests a trade
  9. Am I the only one that is still on-board with Idzik?
  10. Murky - How to Appraise Rex Ryan
  11. Just a quick positive point whilst the venom is flying.
  12. the stadium experience
  13. Dimitri Patterson is still available to be picked up.
  14. NYP pulls out flamethrower on Rex
  15. Jets place Milliner on IR and sign CB Josh Thomas
  16. The Toughest Part Of This Year
  17. Jets place Winters on IR Sign OL Wesley Johnson
  18. The savior of NYJ football!
  19. Rex Ryan is the primary reason yesterday wasn't a blowout loss
  20. How many wins will win the Division and projected records?
  21. MNF 49ers and Rams
  22. Is there a football reason not to sign incognito?
  23. When we fire Idzik, is it possible we can promote Rod Graves??
  24. An idea for a trade with the Falcons
  25. Youngsters at critical positions
  26. A link to all the NEW YORK JETS Drafts.. a look back
  27. Geno Smith’s latest stumbling block — the media, of course
  28. The windfall of 2015!
  29. Are You Prepared for Jameis Winston, and would it surprise anyone ?
  30. Joke's on you, Revis
  31. The media is no longer the voice of reason
  32. Patriot Injuries - Bad News for Brady?
  33. The funny/sad thing is...
  34. How would YOU make this Defense successful? 4-3? more Zone? different Starters?
  35. I like Walter Powell a lot
  36. I like Jane Powell a lot
  37. watched the game last night...idk...Geno didnt look bad.
  38. How to develop a QB, Jets style
  39. Imagining a chat between Jets' Rex Ryan and John Idzik- Daily News
  40. Enunwa case dropped
  41. Antwan Barnes Activated -- Josh Bush Released
  42. If the Jets somehow beat the Pats............
  43. Tajh Boyd is on SNY....playing QB.
  44. Take Me Back
  45. Parcells could have drafted Brady
  46. Lets go use TJ Graham same way Harvin is used
  48. OFFICIAL GDT: New York Jets (1-5) @ New England Patriots (4-2) W7
  49. Do you want The Jets to beat The Pats today?
  50. Anyone remember this from the NY Post?
  51. Revis to play receiver tonite?
  52. Fkin Pasts* Just Tweeted The Buttfumble for TBT.
  53. Running Game will win the game tonight
  54. The Jets can't even SPELL right...
  55. The plan to bring excitement to the offense next year.
  56. Jets Inactives Today
  57. Officiating at Pats Game *merged*
  58. "Fire Rex".....what a damn joke!
  59. Sick to my stomach.
  60. Say what you want about Geno
  61. Not for nothing......
  62. 2nd game in a row where I blame the lack of talent more than anything else
  63. 3 turnovers in 7 games
  64. The strategy should NOT be to "blow up and start over"
  65. Mushroom Barley soup, beets, peanut butter and onions
  66. Is Ivory hurt?
  67. Can we see some of that hurry up offense before the end of the 4Q?
  68. What a difference a guard makes (Aboushi)
  69. "Can't make chicken salad out of chicke $hit"
  70. Back-up QB
  71. Antonio Allen
  72. THIS loss hurts. But at least we dont live in Boston with a bunch of foul mouthed
  74. Calvin Pryor had a great game
  75. For all you Rex fans how about keep him as dcoordinator and get a new head coach
  76. On side kick
  77. 3-man pass rush?
  78. Trying to find a middle ground with the Rex Ryan Jets
  79. You get what you pay for...
  80. Think that both Rex and Idzik stay
  81. Some positives...
  82. Geno Smith smashes into woman on sidelines - Written By Mark W. Sanchez
  83. Let's get a real head coach in here!
  84. What a difference 2 years makes- a look back GM Mike Tannebaum & Rex Making Decisions
  85. What is going on with Coples?
  86. Face of the Franchise
  87. Rex is the Common Denominator in Every Loss
  88. No moral victories
  89. you cant win without talent
  90. talent on the jets vs the teams we have played
  91. The Thing That Shocked Me ...
  92. Redzone Offense/Defense has been the biggest problem.
  93. Douzable almost killed Brady
  94. Insane/depressing stat from last night's game
  95. 2014 Jets = Greatest Bad Team in NFL History?
  96. 2015 easy offense fix?
  97. Let's do this. Is it coaching or talent that is MOST to blame?
  98. " Are The Patriots In Trouble ? " ? ? ?
  99. It's not true that Idzik didn't do enough at cornerback
  100. At least Mike Pettine learned something while he was with the Jets...
  101. If we trade for a qb I would look for Aj Mccaron at Cinci
  102. Jets Trade for Percy Harvin *merged*
  103. Well now we're stuck with Idzik.........
  104. Let's look at this Jets team pragmatically.
  105. Jason: " No risk" in Harvin acquisition
  106. We have an offensive weapon right under our nose, and it's NOT being used
  107. Does HARVIN changed your Perception of IDZIK?... Cause it shouldn't.
  108. Best thing about the Harvin trade ....
  109. The jets can go 7-2 (does that save Ryan's job?)
  110. Idzik's Plan - Revisited
  111. Harvin fought multiple teammates, refuse to play last week
  112. Jets cutting Nelson per Manish
  113. I absolutely love this trade, buuuuut.....
  114. Jets will put the wood to Pats in NY
  115. Under What Condition Does the 4th Round Pick Become a 2nd in the Harvin Trade?
  116. Harvin is a Gadget Player, but is Perfect For Geno
  117. What Is Rex Ryan And Other Observations
  118. This is a good football team!
  119. Percy Harvin trade for conditional 6th (Up to a 4th)!
  120. Which WR Should Have Been Cut For Harvin
  121. Percy trade doesn't matter if.....
  122. Can we end with a better record than the Dolphins?
  123. Do you think MM can integrate Percy Harvin as a wide receiver?
  124. Harvin to Jets, bottom line
  125. Harvin talks Jets: "This team has all the pieces"
  126. Idzik snakes Rextillion!
  127. Darrell Bevell/Dan Quinn, Percy Harvin, and Rex' job security
  128. LB Jeremiah George Watch
  129. Seattle wanted much more: Bleacher Report/CBS
  130. Sundays NFL games....
  131. Still a shot?
  132. The rest of this season is about one thing: Geno Smith
  133. Just watched St. Louis - Seattle...Wow! Exceptional ST coaching wins the game!
  134. Refs Screw Up Again, This Time It Matters Because it's the Seahawks
  135. Jets still need CB's and Rex's defense still cant make big stops!
  136. The "Condition" for a 4th round pick
  137. NY media smear campaign in full effect.
  138. Seattle Showing Cracks? Baldwin Blames Harvin Trade for Team's Performance Today
  139. Favre on Peyton breaking his record
  140. Cincinnati shutout 27-0, Bears locker room fight, Seattle loses 2nd in a row...
  141. Idzik is a beast
  142. Remember when the Jets were going to draft Peyton Manning?
  143. Three Scenarios
  144. Easiest job in football...
  145. SNF: 49ers @ Denver
  146. Bears shocked to be booed at home stadium, criticize fans
  147. Could we attract D.Thomas in free agency?
  148. if tanny was a failure.then what is the trend for idzick>
  149. This can become one of our best trades
  150. Harvin Has Never Been The Player He Has Been Rumored To Be... Idzik Must Go...
  151. The Ryan Defense in 2014
  152. Harvin to wear #16
  153. Have we ever been all but mathematically out of it by week 7?
  154. You can't handle the truth
  155. what happened to following the seattle model?
  156. how do u define big time WR?
  157. The Bills game
  158. Brian Orakpo
  159. IDZIK SPEAKS! On Harvin Trade...exclusive JI Video
  160. Could David Nelson sign with the Bills?
  161. psl gold
  162. Inside the bitter betrayal that still fuels the Patriots-Jets rivalry
  163. Harvin meets NY media: VIDEO
  164. Breno on Harvin: "It's overblown. We play football - everyone's been in a fight"
  165. Rams waived WR Austin Pettis
  167. Oday Aboushi
  168. kelvin benjamin would have been the best WR pick for the jets
  169. Targets By Week and Team - Data Visualization
  170. One overlooked aspect of the trade
  171. Jets Rule! ...nowhere? wtf
  172. Harris countrywide poll. Jets 11th most popular NFL franchise
  173. Salary Cap Dept. ~ ~ ~
  174. Kerley set to sign 4 year extension today
  175. For you Harvin haters...a great article
  176. Percy Harvin, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley locked up for years!
  177. Pats trade for Akeem Ayers from Tennessee
  178. Panthers cut DB Charles Godfrey
  179. Michael Sam to the Jets?
  180. ~ ~ Sun. Oct. 26, 1:00 pm - Bills @ Jets ~ ~
  181. Significant RUMOR: NFL moving to 19 Week Season
  182. So Marvin Jones messages me on Facebook....
  183. MVP through week 7
  184. Sam Bradford
  185. Russell Wilson "Isn't Black Enough".....(seriously, wtf)
  186. "One Last Game"
  187. Revis sent home
  188. If Rex gets fired, how soon does he get a HC/DC job elsewhere?
  189. Reporter Conference Call with Sammy Watkins: Rex Jumps In
  190. We'll find out if Belichick is best ever
  191. Vick: Harvin ‘won’t be a monster here’
  192. Harvin & Special Teams
  193. GenoWatch: 9 games to evaluate the Jets 2nd year QB, Preface
  194. WSJ article- "Jets Pass Defense Has Been Passable"
  195. Football Gameplan's 2014 Wk 8 Jets vs Bills Preview
  196. " The 20 Richest NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time " ~ ~ ~
  197. media chatter for today: Jets reluctant to meet Wilkerson's asking price
  198. Geno's supporting cast ranked #31 out of 32 in article
  199. Football Fan Census Map From Facebook
  200. Look at what the F*CKIN Jets put on fakebook...
  201. Russell Wilson: "Percy and I never had any differences...ignore the noise"
  202. are the Jets in need of a new Coach ?
  203. TNF Chargers @ Broncos
  204. Harvin needs to be on the field for 90% of Jets offensive plays!
  205. Pryor Hasn't Played to Rex's Expectations
  206. How will Jets manage to misuse Percy?
  207. Jets Rewards
  208. How will Percy manage to misuse the Jets?
  209. We are going to the playoffs!
  210. Mike Pettine's H.S. cancels football season over hazing allegations
  211. Well at least one good thng has happened this football season.....
  212. Titans RB Shonn Greene arrested
  213. DT McCoy signs $98M deal
  214. CJ Too Happy
  215. No Mercy Percy design
  216. First game at the new stadium
  218. OFFICIAL GDT: Buffalo Bills (4-3) @ New York Jets (1-6) W8
  219. LB Jeremiah George Is ACTIVE Today
  220. Jets Inactives Today
  221. 1-7 +++
  222. This team is a disgrace
  223. I had my 1996 moment today. Time to blow up and start over.
  224. Mike Holmgren
  225. Rex Ryan should trade in his vest for a clown suit.
  226. Calvin Pryor failed geometry
  227. Winston is on the way
  228. Chris Simms can't be as bad as Geno and Vick
  229. Buffalo has 10 first downs
  230. jets are self destructing
  231. Season over.....Hate to say it
  232. Idzik Expected to Give State of the Team Address Tomorrow
  233. We are NOT going to the playoffs!
  234. Rex Must Go!
  235. Good news! The Jets had a "great week of practice"!
  236. Start Matt Simms to save the season
  237. GenoWatch: Week 8 against Buffalo
  238. Andrew Luck has all day to throw
  239. Rex Ryan is a very good coach.
  240. Best thing about today
  241. So when does Rex get fired?
  242. Well at least this was kinda funny
  243. Positives from todays game....
  244. Geno's injured
  245. It's good this happened today
  246. A Day of Firsts
  247. Watkins on early celebration "I'm going to get in trouble from my coach..."
  248. Cro with 2 interceptions today
  249. Fire Rex. Play Geno.
  250. Any chance we sign Mark Sanchez in 2015?