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  1. 2014 is the worst Jets draft. Ever.
  2. Tom Brady threw 5 TDs. Jets QBs had 6 TOs
  3. ugh.
  4. Why is Chris Johnson on this team?
  5. Drafting last 4 years...
  6. What I want to happen tomorrow on napkins:
  7. Mike Mayock for GM
  8. post game presser?
  9. Two all-time NFL records within reach for this team
  10. SNF: Packers at Saints
  11. Everything should be BLOWN UP
  12. A Truly Sobering Thought on QB
  13. Plan by the Cookie Monsta...simple plan to get a 12 - 4 team next year
  14. 3-13 Maybe.
  15. Winning 3 of last 4 games last year has led to this disaster.
  16. Not Rex, not Idzik, QB play has been biggest factor
  17. Can we give time and see what we have in Evans before going nuts on no wr?
  18. "Trick play" kick return attempt
  19. So all us moron SOJF are probably now welcoming some of our newer members
  20. At least Sheldon still cares...
  21. Realistic draft position for Jets
  22. The nuclear option
  23. We should all focus on rooting for FSU, Oakland and the Bucs
  24. The reason our WRs can't get open
  25. OVERHEAD/SCOUT film of Winston, Mariota, etc.?
  27. Why didnt Geno use his legs?
  28. Geno showed a lot yesterday
  29. 75 % vote to let simms start
  30. lets not forget who drafted geno
  31. The Jets have driven me to drink.
  32. Lost in all of the commotion of yesterday's Jet debacle
  33. Thanks for the Memories Rex ..... post mortem mix
  34. How do we keep this team from going full Mercenary??
  35. Anybody catch the Steelers game yesterday?
  36. TRADE dept. " NFL Trade Deadline Primer : Bears, Redskins among 10 that... " ~ ~ ~
  37. We are bad but....
  38. " Jets Fans Sums Up Life As Jets Fans With Most Depressing T-Shirt Ever " ~ ~ ~
  39. This Article Sums up the Problem With Geno
  40. Fellow Jets fan needs assistance to shut up Pats fan
  41. Jets season in a GIF
  42. At least we won something yesterday
  43. I paid money for this team?
  44. jets need to improve security in stadium
  45. Incredible Stat
  46. Vick starting Sunday @ KC
  47. Rich Eisens Spot On Rant About the Jets
  48. A quick look at our record
  49. Bottom line - You keep Rex until the team quits on him.
  50. Too Many Stupid Questions
  51. Mike Fracessa - The Truth
  52. MNF: Skins at Cowboys
  53. the answer is Cutler
  54. Any chance Rex would stay on as our D coordinator?
  55. Jet fan knocks out Bills fan.
  56. Mark Barron reportedly on the trade block
  57. What is it with having extra time to prepare??
  58. Let's Talk Real Issues
  59. Lets be real, this team isnt that far off, it could and has been a lot worse.
  60. Rex had to ask permission?
  61. The Fingers of Blame
  62. John Idzik: Complete Mastermind?
  63. What 1-7 accomplished (or should have, and that's the problem)
  64. How was Luck more of a sure thing than Winston?
  65. Harvin trade will probably be a waste
  66. Woody Johnson Owns This
  67. ~ ~ Sun. Nov. 2 - 1:00 pm : jets @ chiefs ~ ~
  68. PFF - Rookie WRs sorted by # of Targets
  69. Should we be selling?
  70. could the jets be moving if the team is sold?
  71. Behind the circus
  72. And while we're cleaning house....fvck Kyle Wilson
  73. ILB AJ Edds cut?
  74. How About We Rally at Floram Park: "The Million Jets Fan March"
  75. Jets Promote CB Marcus Williams from Practice Squad Release LB A.J Edds
  76. who is running the draft for the jets
  77. TOJ:New York Jets A Rapidly Failing Culture Of Unaccountability - GREAT READ!
  78. This makes me sick
  79. Who do you want gone?
  80. I know football fans are crazy.....
  81. Jets Sign LB Chris Young To Practice Squad
  82. More Likely To Occur?
  83. NYJ- A Plan going forward...
  84. "The Dearth of Talent" Cliche
  85. Give me Bradford
  86. Mark Sanchez Part II
  87. Rex's "Culture of Defense" cliche
  88. The Sun Will Rise Soon ...
  89. Outlook on Jets cap space not as good as we think?
  90. Next Three Home Games
  91. Off-Season
  92. Football Gameplan's 2014 Wk 9 Jets vs Chiefs Preview
  93. the Schein 9 ~ ~ ~
  94. Vick broke Cumberland's finger with a pass
  95. Eric Decker asks fan why they love the Jets.....sadness, hilarity ensues
  96. When we win 8 straight games, we will make the playoffs
  97. Fire Idzik link....join now
  98. Winston v Louisville Gamethread
  99. TNF: Saints @ Panthers
  100. Tank for Winston please please dont win anymore games
  101. Sheldon is on a roll
  102. QB - What if....
  103. Midway thru the season, what surprised you?
  104. Stanford vs. Oregon This Weekend
  105. Message to Chris Johnson: You Don't Care and it Shows!
  106. Are Manning and Brady Cheating? How Rule Changes Have Helped Extend a Rivalry
  107. OMG somebody is picking the Jets to win
  108. We have signed QB Matt Simms from the practice squad and released WR Chris Owusu.
  109. Darrin Walls Out for Chiefs Game
  110. Is Chris Ivory a feature back?
  111. why don't the jets go after raven administration executives
  112. Who is Ernie Adams and What Does He Do?
  113. Draft a QB or trade the 1st for a QB?
  114. GAMEDAY BABY !!!! WOOOOO !!!!
  115. A video for the Negative Nancys around here :)
  116. UNOFFICIALLY OFFICIAL GDT: New York Jets (1-7) @ Kansas City Chiefs (4-3) W9
  117. This team was playing out of it's mind up 21-3 in GB -WTF Happened?
  118. Weather update
  119. Which current HC would have gotten the most out of this team?
  120. Jets Inactives Today
  121. LB Jeremiah George Is ACTIVE Today
  122. That was a pretty pass by sanchez
  123. Geno not dressed?
  124. Calvin Pryor Benched?
  125. Harris and Davis.
  126. Here you go Simms fans!!
  127. How many days until the draft
  128. So it's that time... Who do you blame the most for today's loss?
  129. Vick starting next Sunday vs Pit
  130. Defense started slow, team showed effort, offense showed it works with stable QB play
  131. Rivas is getting burned againn...
  132. will the jets intercept a pass ?
  133. Other Games Thread
  134. Harvin
  135. What do we do about QB next year?
  137. desean jackson
  138. Golden opportunity for #1 pick - Rex should be removed at the bye
  139. For all you fans wishing for a high draft pick...
  140. What the heck is up with Marty M?
  141. last time we lost 8 straight
  142. Ideal HC/QB combination for next season
  143. sanchez vs revis superbowl
  144. I almost think the Jets are trying to lose!
  145. The Box Score from KC Game
  146. Is this 1995 or 1996?
  147. So, we open at +2.5 vs a team that has thrown 12 TD passes in the last 2 weeks.
  148. Next year contracts...cap space
  149. Roethlisberger
  150. Aboushi
  151. Geno
  152. Your Vision of a Future Jets Winner
  153. ~ ~ Sun, Nov. 9 : jets vs pittsburgh - 1:00 pm cbs ~ ~
  154. Long Article On how Idzik blew the Vick -- Smith situation
  155. Marcus Lattimore thinking of retiring, before ever taking a snap
  156. Weasly Lupica Tells Us to "Get a Life"
  157. Bill Polian for GM
  158. I, for one, welcome our new black & yellow overlords
  159. Don't Use a Search Firm to Find Your GM
  160. Jets Bring Back WR Chris Owusu to Practice Squad
  161. MNF: Colts at Giants
  162. Stuck with Jets tix? Join us.....
  163. Maybe Sanjay Lal blows badly?
  164. Does Rex get Fired at the Bye?
  165. 2015 Roster Keepers
  166. Sanchez Gets The Last Laugh
  167. Bledsoe "Playing QB for the Jets ... like Virgin Sacrifice"
  168. Virgins say ''Playing on the Jets as QB is like being Drew Bledsoe''
  169. Anyone looking to sell their Jets-Pitt tix to a Jets fan?
  170. Herm Edwards coach like a potato link
  171. Chicken Salad
  172. 5 reasons why geno smith will get another chance to start for jets ~ ~ ~
  173. Bring up Enunwa... I wana see what he brings to the table
  174. Ravens CB Dominique Franks goes from starter to cut in Baltimore
  175. The future of the Front office
  176. Keeping Idzik is indefensible
  177. I am happy losing... because losing is needed
  178. Woody Johnson owes Jet Nation an apology!
  179. NFL Game Rewind
  180. So now that Geno has been benched for good...
  181. Jets vs. Opposing QBs this season
  182. Carton: Phantom Geno Shoulder Injury
  183. Bye week M.O. for Rex continue?
  184. Midseason report : New York Jets ~ ~ ~
  185. Jets nation owes Woody the Johnson an Apology
  186. Plane flies over Jets practice w/ "Fire Idzik" banner
  187. Poll: Fire John Idzik, Fire Rex Ryan, fire both or keep both of them?
  188. Jim harbaugh thoughts
  189. Create your own Airplane Banner...Fly it over JetsInsider!
  190. Pennington with his 2 cents. A change from all the negative
  192. Michael Kay heard whispher Idzik and Rex fired Monday
  193. need a parking pass this week
  194. Michael Kay rips Francesa to shreds
  195. Lets have some fun for a change.....
  196. Report: Jets to play Dolphins in London next year
  197. Idzik and Rex heard whisper that Michael Kay fired monday
  198. 1 yr $3.25 million w/$500K incentive
  199. Shaq Evans was a steal
  200. Jets themed T-shirt designs
  201. When New York Fans Get Angry...
  202. How do Jets Beat Pittsburg Steelers???
  203. TV Interest: Steelers/Jets 1pm vs. Eagles/Panthers MNF?
  204. Sign Conner Shaw please
  205. We are going to Beat the Steelers.
  206. Jets Worst Seasons
  207. I think it's fair to say..
  208. Pink Floyd....endless river leaked yet?
  209. Kyle Shannahan potential head coach?
  210. What an amazing statement.
  211. If new CS wants 4-3 D...
  212. Say it aint so Jameis
  213. From Today's WSJ: On Jets air attack/defense
  214. If Being A Jets Fan Was Only As Easy As Game Of Thrones
  215. Woody ready to cave and fire Idzik
  216. As an side to clevleands beat down - Hoyer can really play.
  217. Potential Tuna return?
  218. Your starting cornerbacks this week..
  219. Having a high pick is overrated
  220. Having to pick high is over rated....
  221. Curtis martin in Charlotte NC 11/7 Jets fan club
  222. Palmer signs 3 year extension in Arizona
  223. Ohio St vs Michigan St game thread
  224. Source: Jets Not Likely To Draft Geno Smith
  225. Head Coach candidate Pep Hamilton.
  226. Walking Around as a Jets Fan
  227. 10 Reasons Why Geno Smith Should NOT get a Chance to Start Again For the Jets
  228. Chosen One vs Virginia game thread
  229. I really hope
  230. Jameis Winston is ...
  231. Saturday night CFL game thread
  232. Mike Vrabel's Super Bowl rings stolen
  233. Bryant and Sanchez
  234. In defense of Idzik....
  236. Woody deserves a stadium full of Black and Gold today.
  237. NFL.com: NY Jets coaches told Geno what reads to make
  238. Any scenario with both gm and hc back next year?
  239. GDT: Steel Working Sex Offenders (6-3) @ Crashed Green Flying Machines (1-8) W10
  240. Inactives
  241. o/t WIFI in Cars? Are they serious?
  242. Jets Inactives Today
  243. LB Jeremiah George Watch
  244. Guess Antonio Brown's Stat Line Against our DB's (I don't know what their names are)
  245. Jt Barrett is a beast
  246. o/t Mods Please Do Something About Jungle Shift Jet
  247. Mike Carrey is a moron
  248. Marcus Williams, Amaro
  249. START GENO!!!
  250. Jaiquawn ****ing Jarrett