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  1. Jets Tweets & Info 9/27
  2. call it maybe. great referee mock music video
  3. kellen winslow released by patriots.
  4. New York Jets 2-1 First place AFC East
  5. So what if ......
  6. Patrick Willis hurt and Sopoaga out for JETS
  7. Rex says SF has best Tight End not Patsies
  8. This F-22 Stealth fighter Jet
  9. New Story: QUINTON COPLES: Budding Rookie Ready to Blossom
  10. Anyone Watching the Ravens Game?
  11. Commentators on TNF
  12. Would we beat Cleveland? They remind me of the Jets..
  13. Reality check
  14. Grantland article shocker: Mark Sanchez is an average regular season QB
  15. What Do The Jets Do Well???
  16. Cromartie says he's now the NFL's top cornerback
  17. Jets App
  18. Coples: Im Ready Now for Increase in Reps
  19. Jets/Mets Shirt
  20. Jets tweets & info 9/28
  21. Monday Nights Game Revisited
  22. Patriots 1-4 ??
  23. Questions for Jets "fans" here...
  24. Why have we led the league in Hammy pulls?
  25. 49's rely on short passes
  26. The spread looks like +4-4.5 and rising for the...
  27. New Story: PREVIEW: 49ers (2-1) @ NY JETS (2-1)
  28. Will our Wildcat come out in 3 weeks in New England?
  29. running game
  30. Predict the Score Patriots at Bills
  31. TE dept. ~ ~ ~
  32. WR Jordan White released; CB Darrin Walls signed
  33. Roster Celebrity bling
  34. Refs win, Fans will pay
  35. Jets may give Aaron Berry a second chance
  36. Curtis Martin today at Microsoft Store. 2pm
  37. Geno Smith!!!!
  38. Why Pressuring Mark Sanchez Is Crucial for San Francisco Defense
  39. Robert Malone flexes his muscles as Jets punter- PFT
  40. New Story: FANTASY FOCUS: Love, War & Football
  41. "Put your name on it!" - Do the Jets win Sunday?
  42. ootba!!!
  43. Lexus club access sec 235 question
  44. The Homer/Sunshine Report: Why We're Going to Win
  45. If the Jets Play Well ....
  46. Merrill Hodge says the 49ers defense hold the Jets to 100 yds total offense!!!
  47. The problems in New England*
  48. Announcer for todays Jets/Niners game?
  49. Keller
  50. Will we be seeing
  51. 49ers Inactives
  52. ***Jets vs 49ers Official Game Thread***
  53. Jets Week 4 Inactives
  55. New Story: TWO-MINUTE DRILL: Tidbits from MetLife Stadium
  56. This game today!
  57. Lot of red in stadium today, embarrasing
  58. Rex: "Expect more Tebow today"
  59. Their Tebow is better than our Tebow!
  60. The ultimate humiliation: Jets can't defend the wildcat
  61. Can we get the replacement Refs back?
  62. Sanchez Fumble: My Tipping Point
  63. This isnt football!!!
  64. I dub this offense "Grumble & Pout"
  65. Tebow time!!!
  66. Why is Sanchez being outplayed by Weeden & every Rookie
  67. ACTORS!!!
  68. Kyle Wilson
  69. Tyler Wilson in 2013
  70. Our most effective weapon this year...
  71. Lose them all and draft Geno!
  73. JETS Make me *******************
  74. Hey Rex
  75. Does the Revis injury take Rex off the hot seat?
  76. Just End The Season
  77. Holmes ACL?
  78. And thats it for us...
  79. Help me Jet homers
  80. Completion to Holmes results in a TD.
  81. Best thing to happen to the offense all year.
  82. We need to rebuild
  83. As bad as the Kotite era!!
  84. The Harbaugh's OWN Rex
  85. Go with McElroy.
  86. The Media is actually dead on about the Jets
  87. 3-13
  88. The Downward Spiral
  89. So we have it....
  90. List of who goes.
  91. All Is Well.....
  92. I was a defender...
  93. First time I turned off the game
  95. Completions
  96. We Shut Down Randy Moss!
  97. Sanchez Supporters
  98. Bottom Line Gang- we ARE in first place still
  99. Jets R A CIRCUS!!!
  100. [b]C O W H E R[/b]
  101. We needed this beating
  102. BOLD PREDICTION TIME: NY Jets win the Super Bowl this season
  103. Jets Postgame Live streaming?
  104. 49er fans in Metlife
  105. This was a tough one to watch....
  106. With top 2 players down and no offense theres only hope in 1 player
  107. joe klecko is horrible...
  108. Sean Deegan and Jim "Mojo" Morrison
  109. did McKnight play CB at all today?
  110. The beginning of the end for Tanny
  111. Just the facts
  112. No Practice Monday or Tuesday
  113. WAY too much negativity here. Guys, we're in first place!
  114. At least revis might be healthy for the super bowl
  115. The missing element from the Jets organization
  116. Boycot MetLife, burn your tickets
  117. 256 Practice Squad Players in the league
  118. Missing eleement from Jets organization
  119. How's the Kool aid now? SAR I for mod.
  120. A year after Andrew Luck and RG3...
  121. NO more Rex Ryan free passes
  122. Message/Thread for the "critics"
  123. Bad Coaching Bad Players = Piss Poor Performance
  124. Embarrising!!!! really really Embarrising!!!
  125. Two receiver injuries led to turnovers today...
  126. Even Better... The Evisceration On MNF Awaits...
  127. sounds like no love loss with Holmes
  128. over/under on number of weeks until the team quits on Rex
  129. New Story: Jets Hit Rock Bottom in Blowout to 49ers
  130. Every team has clunkers
  131. It's amazing how much a meaningless win 5 years ago may have affected this franchise
  132. What do we address first?
  133. Let's look at the bright side
  134. We are simply reaping what we have sown
  135. Turn on the Miami game
  136. Rex's D-Day is upon us. The next 12 weeks will say EVERYTHING
  137. OT: jets brain Dublin, Ireland?
  138. Why Did We Extend Sanchez?
  139. Make Rex GM
  140. Tanny where's the playmakers
  141. 1/4 to 1/3 49er's Fans - WTF??
  142. Kerry Rhodes with the INT vs the Dolphins in OT
  143. Ssshh ! The sky is not falling and the world is not coming to an end
  144. Alex Smith v. Sanchize - Support
  145. The one big bright spot....
  146. Please join me in wishing IndyJet a Happy Birthday!
  147. It's Tebow Time!!
  148. Saints 0-4: Bench Brees, bring in Chase Daniels!
  149. Santonio Holmes' fumble
  150. Simple question - Who do you blame for the failings on Offense?
  151. So if Holmes is really hurt
  152. How About a Boycott?
  153. giants eagles game chatter.
  154. Lets give the kids a shot!
  155. Next game is key, it's huge...
  156. Boy was I wrong!
  157. Jets record this season?
  158. Current and Ex jets players lost for year.
  159. So you didn't like Shotty
  161. What the **** Is It Going To Take to Fire Rex and Tanny
  162. Rex Ryan Is Like a Used Car Salesman.
  163. Jets early 7 point dogs against Houston
  164. This Offense is Criminally Bad
  165. A new begining: We have been here before.
  167. Could Be Much Worse
  168. The inevitable moment where Rex turns on Sanchez....
  169. Cut Sanchez
  170. LOL @ "we're in first place in the division"
  171. It's the bravado, just STFU!
  172. The thing about great offensive coaches....
  173. Jim Mora on our performance today
  174. What if we win next week?
  175. Do we finally get a stud OLB in the draft?
  176. What ails us, and what can be done
  177. Eagles beat Giants 19-17. Vick Keeps WINNING
  178. 2010 off-season was the beginning of the end
  179. Is there a Dedrick Epps update?
  180. Sanchez Hurt?
  181. Man I miss Big Tuna!
  182. So what do you ACTUALLY expect the CS/FO to do?
  183. One good thing about yesterday game
  184. Jets sign CB Berry.
  185. 10.01 Tweets, News and Updates
  186. If we clean house ....
  187. ESPN: Is it time for the Jets to rebuild?
  188. If they stick with Sanchez, the season is over.
  189. PLAXICO, T.O., CHAD???
  190. Are we ready for 2-3 years of bad football as we rebuild?
  191. Copy of letter I sent to Jets ticket sales last night
  192. I am tired of defending Sanchez,but....
  193. Kyle Wilson Mouthing Off After Multiple Burns
  194. Feel Good Post of the Day
  195. Conor Orr: Jets suffer complete meltdown in 34-0 blowout loss to 49ers
  196. Colts HC Chuck Pagano has been diagnosed with a "serious" illness
  197. Sorry to all J.I. posters but................
  198. If we win the Super Bowl this year...
  199. When did you turn the game off yesterday?
  200. Before we go slashing wrists or crying for changes
  201. Jets traded for the Broncos back up QB a year too soon.
  202. Last five years of our draft = 0 STAR PLAYERS
  203. Accountability
  204. Some ugly statistics through 4 games
  205. Dont Draft a QB, Trade for One?
  206. This Regime shot its load
  207. Tweet Woody Johnson!
  208. NY is bipolar. There is no middle ground.
  209. 40 years without a franchise QB
  210. Good Idea Not to Practice Monday and Tuesday
  211. Harbaugh Brothers... eat REX's lunch.
  212. Ok I was wrong to defend this "team"...
  213. NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez hardly great in loss to 49ers, but all blame can't b
  214. Remaining Schedule: How many more wins?
  215. Recommended Safe Distance to Watch Jets - Houston?
  216. Did anyone else receive email survey
  217. It's not because we were thoroughly embarassed yesterday
  218. Our lack of athletisism on defense is sickening
  219. How to stop the bleeding... on the field
  220. LMFAO @ "rebuilding"
  221. Revis wears nice socks...
  222. Tanny
  223. Cro and Greene....
  224. Holmes could "miss weeks"/merged Holmes threads
  225. The Firing Hierarchy
  226. "Best Jets team yet"
  227. You're Problem Starts at Woody Johnson.
  228. Yesterday's Game in Pictures!
  229. Can you recall a Jets RB having a worse season than Greene?
  230. 2-2, From here on out Sanchez has to play like an MVP.
  231. Thomas Jones, Cotchery, and Tony Richardson
  232. could the chiefs want sanchez?
  233. Woody prefers political win over Jets W
  234. I don't know what's more depressing....
  235. Giving up PSL's?
  236. Joe Beningo
  237. A Few Words, Thoughts, Opinions...
  238. attention season ticket holders
  239. Sanchez analysis on ESPN NFL32 6PM Monday
  240. Epps waived
  241. Moves I'd like to see the team make asap that could help turn things around...
  242. New Story: MOURNING AFTER REPORT: Back to the Drawing Board
  243. Sanchez Under Lights
  244. It's official: I absolutely loathe Woody Johnson
  245. John Elway Dove Commercial
  246. "Sanchez doesn't make the players around him better"
  247. Aaron Maybin...
  248. All on the O? Really?
  249. This weekend
  250. Sum Up Jets Fans in One Word...