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  1. A Question for Conservatives/Republicans, The Ryan Budget Compromise
  2. Immigration Reform
  3. Take that, Paul Ryan! Elizabeth Warren beats back Social Security plot
  4. Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty love this guy!
  5. Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab
  6. Charity
  7. Scientists: Fallable, and Just as Prone to Dishonesty and Corruption
  8. The Subtle Racism
  9. Speaking of Science, For Once, I Agree With Dr. Kennyo
  10. DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility
  11. A Deadly Mix in Benghazi
  12. Meanwhile in Russia
  13. Aaron Rodgers is Gay?
  14. 57% of Republicans Don't Believe Evolution Happened
  15. The "Acceptable" Racism II: Racist Boogaloo
  16. An Amazing Lack of Understanding of Business and Economics (CNN)
  17. Jonah Goldberg Gets it Right
  18. Congrats New York: Bill the Savior is Here, Wealth Inequallity to End!
  19. How Long is Long Enough....to Find a Job, Any Job?
  20. Passengers stuck on Russian ship in Antartica ice rescued
  21. Billionaires Worth $3.7 Trillion Surge as Gates Wins 2013
  22. Four Freedoms
  23. Re: Progressives, Can someone explain to me...
  24. I Appluad Vermont (Single-Pay System Coming)
  25. Maybe Putin Was the Mastermind Behind Metlife Stadium?
  26. Christie Linked to GWB Lane Closures / Gridlock in September
  27. Obama Admin busted in another BLATANT Obamacare lie
  28. Holder Frees Terrorist - Obama claims he had no idea
  29. Congress Makes NASA Finish Useless $350 Million Structure
  30. Not Lane Closure Gate, But Still News -- Jobs Situation End of 2013
  31. Great Interview Article by Ezra Klein??? On Obamacare's fundamental problem
  32. Bank Tellers Join Fast-Food Workers in Minimum Wages, Public Aid
  33. sexting = child porn?
  34. Putting Things In Perspective
  35. If Fighting Wealth Inequallity is a Moral Imperative...
  36. In OTher News These Days....
  37. Why plural marriages make sense (CNN)
  38. Senate Intelligence Committee review of terror attacks on US facilities in Benghazi
  39. NJ Legislature Hires Blagojevich Prosecutor to Investigate Christie
  40. State of the Democrat Party 2014: What are the Major Policy Divides within (D) Today
  41. Executive Actions: Support or no?
  42. Ammo sales restricted, Do you feel safer?
  43. Man who paid $350K to hunt black rhino getting death threats
  44. Hoboken denied Sandy aid until mayor expedited project, says mayor
  45. As it goes at the Federal, so it goes at the State
  46. End presidential term limits - Washington Post
  47. Here's Exactly How Much the Government Would Have to Spend to Make Public College Tui
  48. Deeds, Typical Progressive, Blames Everyone But Himself and His Son
  49. Hillary Clinton: I haven't driven a car since 1996
  50. State of the Union address
  51. Congressman Grimm call your office.
  52. $24.00 Fee For Individual Admission To 9/11 Memorial Museum!
  53. Too many white kids in gifted program? Cut the program!
  54. The Biggest Problem With Obama...
  55. NYT: Christie knew about bridge closings
  56. Keystone XL pipeline report sees 'no objections'
  57. Executive Orders:
  58. Pete Carroll is a tin foil hat wearer.
  59. Obama v O'Reilly II
  60. The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World.
  61. The Post Office Solution: A "Public Option" Bank?
  62. The unprecedented water crisis of the American Southwest
  63. Creationism vs. Science, Ham vs. Nye Debate
  64. Fake campaign websites
  65. Government Agencies Coordinate an attack on a businesswoman for political retribution
  66. Justice Department to extend recognition of same-sex marriage rights to all states.
  67. As Super Bowl exits NJ, taxpayers on hook for many expenses
  68. How Government Should Work
  69. Liberal writer - Evil Republicans want everyone to work
  70. GOP Gov. of NV won't defend states SS marriage ban in courts
  71. DeBlasio State of the City
  72. Obamacare Mandate Delayed . . . AGAIN
  73. House Approves Higher Debt Limit Without Condition
  74. Federal Judge declares ban of SS marriage unconstitutional
  75. Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945
  76. Open Season on Black Kids?
  77. The Food Stamp Capital of the U.S. is WHITE and REPUBLICAN
  78. World's largest solar thermal plant is on the grid
  79. Ray Nagin (D), New Orleans
  80. Obama Administration Foreign Policy Successes
  81. The FCC and The News
  82. Finish this sentence: "If I had Michelle Bachman alone I would..."
  83. Ukraine
  84. Arsenic Flowing Into NC River Hit by Coal Ash Disaster
  85. We Serve Straights Only
  86. Why are we still debating climate change?
  87. Pentagon blueprint would cut Army size as military adjusts to leaner budgets
  88. Obama Orders New Efficiency for Big Trucks
  89. Good Guess on Gun Not Enough For Pursuit, Panel Rules
  90. An Op-Ed I Agree With: An attorney general's job is to defend the law
  91. Want to Talk About Gerrymandered Disticts?
  92. Is Obamacare working?
  93. Women, Eqallity, Descrimination & the Millitary
  94. Should the Supreme Court Be Televised?
  95. Two Classes of Peop Who Deserve Protection More than gays
  96. Spike Lee on gentrification in Brooklyn
  97. Compare & Contrast
  98. Oh. The huge manatee.
  99. Anyone else concerned about the Russians?
  100. Venezuela
  101. LOL, Political Correctness Bites Back
  102. $3.9 Trillion Budget Sent to Congress
  103. IRS Political Targeting Scandal Op-Ed
  104. Pope Moves Closer to Support For Gay Civil Unions
  105. North Dakota needs minimum wage controls and more government
  106. 2016ers split on Ukraine policy
  107. U.S. Hopes Boom in Natural Gas Can Curb Putin
  108. So.......CPAC?
  109. Are guns a health issue?
  110. Minnesota State Rep. Pat Garofolo (R) Not an NBA Fan
  111. It is scary that these people vote.
  112. Cash Abroad Rises $206 Billion as Apple to IBM Avoid Tax
  113. "Conservative' Christie OK's Ban on Direct Sales of Tesla
  114. Obama orders review of US deportation practices
  115. Cop Mistakes Cane for Shotgun, Blaps Old Man
  116. Entitlements and Subsidies
  117. Scottish independence: Campaigners mark six months to vote
  118. Born to Run Away From High Taxes
  119. Obama Scandal Brackets!
  120. A Good Day
  121. Obama "Nuke attack in Manhattan nations biggest worry"
  122. Doctors & Judge Take Child Away From Parents.....But Why (and How?) Can They Do It?
  123. Mayor Cannon resigns after facing corruption charges
  124. Obamacare Update
  125. Albert Einstein said it.
  126. Autism, 1 in 68, The Beat (still) Goes On...
  127. Did Christie Go Easy on a Human Trafficker Just to Bust a Small-Time Pol?
  128. Democrat Senators on the bubble finally present an Obamacare fix
  129. Dimocrap anti-gun nut charged with...gun trafficking?
  130. Clearing the decks b1tchessss!
  131. I guess all the world problem are solved.
  132. Misguided Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Comes to a Predictable Conclusion
  133. One America News Network
  134. Ryanís Budget Would Cut $5 Trillion in Spending Over a Decade
  135. How much will a politician cost now?
  136. In Congress, Democrats are the party of the rich
  137. Private Property? Lol, No.
  138. Voter Fraud
  139. Hypocrisy, thy name is libtard
  140. A Koch Brother in His Own Words, Judge Accordingly
  141. Motorist who struck boy critical after mob attack
  142. Your 2016 (R) Nominee: Jeb "G.W. Bush-McCain" Bush
  143. 7.1 Million
  144. Childless? Awesome, You Should Pay MORE Taxes!
  145. No Progressive groups were targeted by IRS
  146. Why I Don't Trust Liberals (When Maybe I Otherwise Would).
  147. Army Hair Regularions Racist/Sexist
  148. "Cheating" on your taxes
  149. No Wonder Rep E Cummings Was So Defensive of Lois Lerner
  150. Racism and the War on Women, Gays and the Gener Ambiguous
  151. Sebellius Resigns
  152. Words, words, some more words, and words.
  153. Obama's press secretary decorates home with Soviet propaganda
  154. Wealthiest Pay Higher Taxes With Scant U.S. Economic Harm
  155. In Startling & Unprecdented News, Democrats Call Republicans Racists.....Again.
  156. CNN on a Roll: "Right Wing More Dangerous Than Jihad" Op-Ed
  157. Main Stream Media at it's Very Best
  158. Nevada Ranchers versus The Feds
  159. OK gov. signs minimum wage hike ban.
  160. Al Qeada on the run/decline?
  161. Don't Like Money Influence in Politics, eh?
  162. A Publc Spending Program I Would Support
  163. Snowden Makes Appearance On Putin TV Interview
  164. Obamacare: It's Working!
  165. Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine
  166. India to Award 1 Gigawatt of Solar Permits by 2015
  167. Conservative heavyweights have solar industry in their sights
  168. Tennessee Weighs The Cost Of A Free College Education
  169. Federal Plans That Forgive Student Debt Skyrocket
  170. The Thoughtful Responses from Diseased Minds
  171. Voter FRaud Does Not Exist Ver. XXXVI
  172. 40 Veterans Die While on 'Secret' VA Waiting List
  173. Racism does not exists
  174. FRACKING. It was only a matter of time.
  175. For My Good Friend IJF
  176. Congressman Micheal Grimm (GOP-NY) indicted
  177. Media Matters digs in to stop union from organizing its workers
  178. Can Someonen NY Explain to Me......E-Cigarette Ban?
  179. Been-Gaaaaa-Ziiiiiii!!!!
  180. Minorities not signing up for Obamacare
  181. Perfect Example of Propaganda in Media
  182. 22 US soldiers die each day...no one cares.
  183. Woman Films Her Own Abortion
  184. Top Ally spying on US at 'alarming level'
  185. Women and Work
  186. Man Creates Life
  187. The Planet in Danger, so Stop Breeding!
  188. Sequester of Doom
  189. Tolerance
  190. Michael Sam
  191. More News from the Left's Police State
  192. The lemmings are buying up SAM jerseys
  193. Alec Baldwin Strikes Again!
  194. Boko Haram
  195. The ACA Might Have Some Positives......But This?
  196. /Chuckle, Obvious is Obvious?
  197. Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts
  198. Net Neutrality
  199. Science
  200. Got My Vote
  201. Native Americans: We're not your mascots (CNN Op-Ed)
  202. Tea Party RIP?
  203. The President a the VA
  204. Good News: The Bad News Is Overhyped
  205. CNN 2016 PropOpEd: "Why I'm Ready for Hillary"
  206. Preview of the Future: House Republicans Demonstrate Fiscal Responsibility
  207. Nice Job, Bill O' Reilly! (yes, you read that correctly)
  208. Athiests, Oppressed Minority (Like Gays Donchaknow!) CNN's Most Laughable Op-Ed Ever.
  209. OMG, Valerie Plame Part II!!!!
  210. Should a Man Have a "Right To Choose" as well, i.e. Reproduction Equallity?
  211. Compare/Contrast, Abortion Rights, Gun Rights
  212. Christie halts $900 million due for pensions
  213. G.O.P.ís Foreign Policy Hawks Wary of Paulís Evolving Views
  214. A Policy/Motivation Question on War, Negotiation w/ Terrorists and Prisoner Exchanges
  215. Obama & EPA: Cut Emissions by 30% by 2030
  216. Did You Know?
  217. Test bed for $15/hr minimum wage
  218. How I Sometimes See our Politics Forum
  219. Dangerous Dollars
  220. Senate easily confirms new HHS secretary.
  221. This Outta Scare The Hell Out Of Putin
  222. Two D-Day Statements/Questions for Politics Forum
  223. Positive Jobs News
  224. So It Begins (II)
  225. Glen Geeenwald on Hillary Clinton
  226. Climate disruption ROI?
  227. For your information
  228. Tea Party is alive
  229. Teacher Tenure, First In Last Out, Declared Unconstitutional by California Judge
  230. Gun Control Ideas Mk. VIII
  231. Sunni Militants Drive Iraqi Army out of Mosul
  232. Brat didn't go to Princeton Univ.
  233. The 10 most corrupt states in the United States are..........
  234. Wall Street
  235. Vacationer In Chief
  236. Back in Iraq
  237. An Interesting Book Coming Soon on Eric Holder and DOJ
  238. The "Most Pro-Woman President Ever" Engages In......the "War on Women"?
  239. Supreme Court upholds key element in federal gun laws
  240. WSJ Rupert Murdoch: Immigration Reform Can't Wait
  241. Excellent Work, Megyn Kelly/Fox News!
  242. Islamic Caliphate Forming in the Middle East
  243. Obama Did Not End the Iraq War, Bush Did
  244. House Passes $570 Billion Defense Bill Rejecting Cost Cuts
  245. Stopping the Lawless President
  246. IRS Emailgate: contract cancelled after Lerner's crash
  247. Clinton Pleads Poverty, Biden Has No Savings Account?
  248. Now That We know NASA And NOAA Fudged Global Warming Data
  249. Boko Haram: Guess the Hashtag Didn't Work After All
  250. On second thought, maybe the tea party is dead