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  1. how many points
  2. Abraham out 2-to-3 weeks
  3. Any Jet Fans in New Jersey?
  4. I have to say it!
  5. Abraham......changing his number
  6. For all who think we are going to the superbowl...
  7. Fabini at guard in a few years? what do you think?
  8. separated at birth
  9. Queens Stadium is Selfish....
  10. Just wondering...
  11. stadium status?
  12. GASTINEAU will make the Hall of Fame!
  13. O.T. Tech support
  14. I Got Kicked Out Of Jets Camp Today
  15. How to solve the Abraham issue...
  16. lets go jets
  17. "Get Rid of Chad" thread....
  18. Hackett, come back all is forgiven
  19. I'm spending a lot of time at the JI garbage dump.......
  20. Sandz, do you still think
  21. 64 million-better spent
  22. Ravens | Ogden Released
  23. Helmet
  24. Rumors have it P.Price is going to work for Kraft...
  25. Move my thread back Buzzsaw..
  26. who would you want to own the jets if woody sells the team?
  27. OT-Steroids should never have been made illegal
  28. I'll Say It If Nobody Else Has The Guts:
  29. How long????
  30. Giants-Saints game moved to Meadowlands
  31. Turk's here!
  32. Chad, J. Abraham, and Law out or the season#$%&
  33. New Patriots Visa Commercial
  34. Gragg should replace Fatbini...
  35. OT - Comparisons
  36. Breaking News: New Hurricane Heading Towards Missouri!
  37. Herm must go!
  38. Official draft MATT LEINART thread
  39. The Official bring back Kotite thread
  40. Wfan Shows today
  41. OT: Rosenberg Resigns
  42. I will only be at the game Sunday because......
  43. OFFICIAL TAILGATING THREAD - Who will be at 16-H this Sunday??
  44. Brady vs Pennington debate is over
  45. Our Season Is OVER
  46. Last Laugh!
  47. Does Chad Get pulled next week
  48. Oh dear oh dear
  49. If Chad stinks up against the Phins
  50. Jets 5-11 AT BEST.
  51. Is Chad tradeable?
  52. here is an idea.... please dont hurt me!
  53. Charlie Weiss next Jets HC?
  54. Chad to have arm transplant Tuesday?
  55. Trade a 2nd round pick for Larry Johnson?
  56. Imagine if Brooks was our QB
  57. Could you be a qb in the NFL?
  58. Penny is better than Peyton!
  60. The LAST things Jets fans want: Official "doom" thread lol
  61. nobody eats butter for a week!!!
  62. Justin Miller needs to be CUT!
  63. Stupid QB Trade/Sign Threads (MERGED)
  64. who would you rather have on the sidelines - herm edwards or jessica simpson??
  65. hey jetsbabe
  66. Would Charlie Weiss make these calls?
  67. Is Bollinger the Next Brady??
  68. Bollinger is the next tom brady
  69. This just in
  70. J-e-t-s
  71. This is all Doug Brien's fault: He doesn't miss, we might not care
  72. Which statement is true?
  73. I hope "Fad" Pennington has the respect to simply retire
  74. I WANT TO BELIEVE! Jets make "deal" with Rozelle in '69?
  75. I guess Brady won
  76. Who will be Jets Coach Next Season?
  77. The Deal
  78. Chad's brief career is effectively over at 29
  79. pennington authentic jersey up for grabs (inside)
  80. Who should coach the Jets next year?
  81. Besides Hermo, Pennington, Martin, Chrebet, and Fabini must go
  82. Vilma Traded
  83. Dump Duh Herm- Now!
  84. Isn't it great being a Jets Fan?
  85. Jets sign new receiver
  86. Copernicus.......Why?
  87. OT for a laugh- imitate the poster above you.
  88. Vinny Math = Destiny !
  89. Jets Fans Need To Boycott The Games!
  90. An Epic Switch in The Offseason.
  91. This horse has been beaten and beaten. Lets kick it one more time.
  92. I Hope The Jets Lose At Buffalo.
  93. Current draft order
  94. forget about draft picks, Jets will always stink
  95. Would the USC Trojans beat the Jets?
  96. Tom Brady vs Chad
  97. Herm Quotes
  98. Gays in WNBA? What a shock!!
  99. Herm is a CLOWN!
  100. You Go King!!
  101. Jets should move to San Antonio
  102. Pete Carroll's Halloween Stunt: Very Inappropriate
  103. My Analysis of the San Diego Game. . .
  104. Dumb names I give my Jet players
  105. Vilma on eBay
  106. bollywoods height
  107. Thankful Not To Be....
  108. Who needs Leinart
  109. Vilma sucks
  110. Do Not Flame... Start Kingsberry
  111. OT-Eddie Guerrero Former WWE Champ Dead
  112. Will team be able to field 22 players by seasons end?
  113. Julius Jones?
  114. Totally, completely, undeniably, screwed next year as well
  115. Pipe Dream
  116. the new cullpeper or however you spell it
  117. Shaun Alexander vs the Jets entire team
  118. With a top ten draft pick ...
  119. Who Will Replace Jetman
  120. Guess what -herm didnt know 2 pt convs existed
  121. Forget Bush, Leinart, and Young
  122. Go for the WIN, of go for the 1000 yards for Martin?
  123. Should Jets trade #94/63/87 and stockpile picks?
  124. Bellicek to coach the Jets in '07? Crazy?
  125. How about this: Jets v. USC - Who Wins?
  126. OT: Bin Laden dead?
  127. Curtis special on espn right now.
  128. OT: Why Chuck Norris Rules the World
  129. Conspiracy theory?
  130. i love...
  131. trade for culpepper (my own idea)
  132. Herm will NEVER beat Bellicek. THIS is the #1 bottom line.
  133. Who is Going to Sign Vinny for 2007
  134. why does everyone make out green jets and ham to be a god?
  135. Justin Miller-you stupid moron
  136. Coaches are dropping like flies
  137. Dear Herm Edwards
  138. Same Old Jets, Same Old Jets
  139. Walton Expected to Be Interviewed
  140. The Jets Algebraically
  141. Move to L.A.?
  142. We NEED Mike Tice
  143. Plea to JI - Don't post any pro-Herm garbage from Cannizzaro
  144. Will GOD follow Coach Herm ?
  145. What the New coach has to work with
  146. How Can Any Of You Be Positive????
  147. RUMOR: Jets offer 2nd round pick for Harrington
  148. To all the Herm LOVERS
  149. Silly False HC Rumor Threads
  150. Official 3 Hours Until Herm Is Gone Thread
  151. What, no interview for Pete Carroll?
  152. Fake Report about Jets Hiring SHERMAN
  153. Rumor: Chad Johnson Blowout
  154. My 200th post
  155. I say we go and get Reggie Bush
  156. Bills interested in Mangini
  157. Damn You Justin Miller
  158. pats fans...
  159. Colts Kicker to Be Cut.....Colts Expect to Take Kicker in 2nd Round
  160. If Mangini Falls Through, Dungy to the Jets?
  161. Screw the Mangini hiring, what the hell happened to Tom Shane!
  162. OT: Be careful; new scam!!!
  163. Did the Jets Miss Badly with Mangini???
  164. A Real Trade Possibility
  165. If we kept Santana and Lamont...
  166. What all Jets decision making is based on (pic)
  167. Pennington for Eli Manning??
  168. Jetsbabe where art thou
  169. We Need Jack Bauer For Qb
  170. Trade Ellis now before he's untradeable?
  171. ***Breaking News***
  172. Flowtrain: I'm Calling You Out Too.
  173. lions officially hire henderson
  174. A separated Husband : OT
  175. Chad to QB in the Lingerie Bowl
  176. CMART trade value?
  177. Jets fans are PATHETIC
  178. Herm Talk In Kc
  179. Proposed Trade
  180. Will we remember Abe's just like Gastineau?
  181. Curtis Martin is a Fossil
  182. OT: Foot Worship Party
  183. Hilarious Quote on Chad
  184. The Jet's will only trade or release Mawae
  185. Flying Elvi'"Mangini in over his head"
  186. This board is cluttered
  187. Cut Cumar?
  188. If Penny stays will it hurt our rebuilding?
  189. Boston Sucks
  190. OT: Barry Bonds
  191. Pennigton rehabing well....IMO He WILL be opening day starter
  192. Untouchable: You are Nothing but Unstable!
  193. To get better NOW, ya gotta gamble
  194. How many carries per should Cumar have this year?
  195. Question about "activity" at Jets Games
  196. In reality...what is Curtis Martin worth on the open market?
  197. Off Color Humor: Rumor has it Mawae was a Lockerroom Cancer
  198. The Island of Misfit Threads
  199. clenbuterol
  200. with ten picks in the draft
  201. Tuna Surprise: Parcells Out In Big D
  202. OT: Best place to go to bathroom in America
  203. OT: Best Restaurant in South Dakota
  204. OT: Best Waterboy and/or TD Flag-Waver
  205. OT: Contact Lens Solution Causes Fungus
  206. Chris Russo laughs lyk a retard does any1 notice?
  207. OT-Top 10 Worst Words
  208. Who's the LEAST knowledgable poster?
  209. jetswin, Where's the courtesy you speak of?
  210. MRI Scan images of my Brain taken........
  211. OT: (Save) My Mother's Dogs
  212. Need Help: Bro's Bachelor Party
  213. OT: "Kiss & Make Up"
  214. Interesting BJ askew insight on the Jets- Was at my friends building
  215. Pats Fan TX
  216. Mangini seems to love white players
  217. Amber Alert! Missing:Jetsrule128
  218. jetsbabe...
  219. Let's Find out from the people of JI
  220. What happened with Mawae? Is he trading hate email with fans?
  221. Tangini = Duquette
  222. TRADE ? ? ? : CHAD to . . .
  223. Must Read For All Jets Fans!!!
  224. OT: Would you...
  225. OT: Would you..
  226. giants sign former jet and an arena football 2 player
  227. Jets Nation
  228. OT Whats your real name,address,and social security #
  229. OT: More disturbing news out of Florida - Indiantown man accused of sex with puppy
  230. All Stars
  231. Top 10 List of How the Jets are Better than the Pats
  232. OT: Star Jones
  233. Herm should be at his best in KC
  234. ENOUGH WITH THE PATS!!! (Part Deux)
  235. OT: Favorite OT thread to satire/complain about OT threads
  236. What's with all the OT threads complaining about OT threads?
  237. OT: favorite flute players
  238. OT: favorite flute players
  239. OT: favorite flute players
  240. Where do you post from most?
  241. OT: Official Miss Universe thread (9pm)
  242. Who are some of your favorite JI posters?
  243. Tired of waiting!!!!
  244. watch that tossed salad
  245. n
  246. Jets win AFC East and are going to Super Bowl
  247. pennington's arm is a joke
  248. New topic: The JETS SUCK.
  249. Chowds SUCK!
  250. Showdown: TX vs Ray Ray