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  1. Bush's buddy Prince Abullah-la-la-lah!
  2. Question for you about Mexico
  3. Would You Ever Support A Third/Alternate Party??
  4. Kansas Evolution Debate Continues
  5. Bush's Sunset Commission - thoughts?
  6. Don't you hate when you get a stupid song...
  7. Secret Service Investigating Err America
  8. Dems Mark 1 Year Anniversary Of Abu Ghraib
  9. Texas School Board OKs Bible Class
  10. Bitonti- you must be loving President Bush!
  11. Greatest Song ever!!
  12. The Mullahs Must Be Sweatin'
  13. Stagflation
  14. Russia's going (back) to Hell
  15. Jet Man 67 takes it up the a$$, he will delete this thead, because its the truth
  16. Jetman67 chickenhawk twat
  17. Ahmad Chalabi: Iraqi Oil Minister
  18. Akbar Sentenced to Death for Grenade Attack
  19. NASA finds 'Smoking Gun' to prove Global Warming
  20. Tony Blair just about done
  21. Bush's new boyfriend? oh Abullah-lah
  22. Laura Bush Def Comedy Jam
  23. Thanks Dubyah....For Keeping America Safe
  24. being ignored can give you a heart attack
  25. Discover the network
  26. MSNBC To Change It's Name
  27. record oil profits
  28. Bush Sr, caused the first major terror attack
  29. Whcih is likely to happen first?
  30. President of Family Research Council donated to KKK
  31. Jeb Bush signs Lumsford Act
  32. Terri Schiavo....Libs To Quick To Kill Her???
  33. Iraq, Afghan Wars Strain U.S. Fighting Ability
  34. Brain-Damaged Man 'Wakes Up' After 10 Years
  35. Pat Robertson:Judges worse than Al Qaeda
  36. hmmm...GIs need some transition counseling
  37. the co-BEAR ra-PORE
  38. Army Recruiters Break Rules, Accept Anyone
  39. Hey Matt
  40. Captured .....Abu Farraj al-Libbi
  41. Al-Qaida's No. 3 Man Arrested in Pakistan
  42. French Troops invade Iraq!!!!!!!!
  43. Larry King tonight: sociopaths, serial killers
  44. Hey Conservatives & Pepublicans (like me!)
  45. David Hackworth Dies...
  46. The Slow Painful Death of an American Industry (Part 3,456)
  47. Political Hypocricy: What Goes Around Comes Around
  48. House Republicans support govt.-sponsored propoganda
  49. Tony Blair wins...another defeat for Bush haters!
  50. Sex abuse worse among teachers???
  51. Bin Laden's New Movie
  52. Blair Re-Elected
  53. Peter Paul Plans Documentary about Hillary
  54. 274,000 Jobs added last month
  55. The Disadvantages Of Pissing Off America
  56. East Waynesville Baptist Church expells all Dem members
  57. Terror Suspect Gets Bush Fundraiser Invite
  58. Fund Raising Down 50% For Democraps
  59. Hamas: Islam's biggest enemy is Bush
  60. 46th cop killed in Denver
  61. The perverse logic of French politics
  62. curtisthegreat
  63. U.S. Attack in Iraq Kills 100 Insurgents
  64. Dim Mayor toats @ taxpayor expense while his city nears bankruptcy
  65. Gay, Straight Men's Brain Responses Differ
  66. Insatiable demand, questionable supply
  67. Insurgents kidnap newly elected govenor of Anabar Province
  68. Hillary in 2008? No way!
  69. 3 more cops killed in 24 hours
  70. Capitol and White House being evacuated!
  71. It's about damn time
  72. Tiennamen Square
  73. Self cloning Robots (with video)
  74. Four Killed in Afghan Anti-U.S. Riots
  75. An Example of Family Values
  76. If You're Going To Speak....Don't Do It In San Fran!
  77. Move on to 'Plan B'
  78. Hillary's New Indian Name....
  79. U.S. Decline 'Good News'
  80. Lawmaker Hopes to Open Churches to Political Speech
  81. No Federalism on the Right
  82. any SMOKERS in the HOUSE ? ?
  83. Robert Byrd's Fillibuster
  84. "Minutemen"
  85. Six helicopters **** down...according to WCHole news source?
  86. I continue to be amazed at human stupidity
  87. OT: You all still happy voting for Bush?
  88. DemoCraps Fight To Keep PBS Bias....
  89. French Documentary...US Sank The Kursk
  90. Predator strike kills key al Qaeda operative- bad weekend for WCHole
  91. Jump in the debates
  92. I glad we are such good friends with the Saudis
  93. Quiz........Are You A Liberal?
  94. Liberal Media putting our soldiers at risk....again!
  95. How not to be poor
  96. Our great leader spreads freedom and democracy to another nation
  97. Rebuffing Bush, 132 Mayors Embrace Kyoto Rules
  98. Missing Chapters of Clinton's "My Life" Exposed in New Book: Sexual Abuse
  99. Pick your favorite
  100. Iraq: verge of civil war
  101. Newsweek was right the first time !
  102. Everyone Read This
  103. Have a GREAT Week and Weekend Guys!
  104. George Galloway torches the a$$es of Norman Coleman and Carl Levin in the US Senate
  105. A Tribute To The American Soldier
  106. Why are we at war?
  107. the irony of Newsweek/White House
  108. Space Weapons Programs
  109. Palestinians Used Bible As Toilet Paper..
  110. The U.S.S. John F. Kennedy
  111. First Newsweek.....Now NBC...
  112. A Quiz For Libs Against Airport Screenings
  113. Our Tax dollars hard at Work....in Alaska.
  114. Episode II: 4 More Years
  115. Saddam Protected al-Zarqawi
  116. Al Qokka in the Gaza strip?!
  117. Islam: the religion of peace
  118. Democracy in ME will only strengthen the Islamists
  119. ABC Journalist Admits Anti-Military Bias..
  120. Muslims chant "Bomb New York!"
  121. The garbage the Left celebrates: Amiri Baraka
  122. The Liberals would love to implement this policy in the USA
  123. Big Time Bigotry
  124. Europe is gonna blow up
  125. Our firs amendment is their Trojan horse
  126. Arafat's Nazi Connection
  127. You Might Be a Right-Wing Radical If . . .
  128. Why is marijuana illegal??
  129. Heil Howard at it again!
  130. No 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' Cannes film depicts war in Iraq as liberation
  131. Pat Tillman's family disgusted by US Army Lies
  133. New York State is a horror show
  134. Well this explains a lot about Ann the Man Coulter
  135. Rick Santorum (R-Naturally) compares Dems to Hitler
  136. Karzai denies article prompted riots
  137. Supreme Court to Review Abortion Law
  138. Iraq: Former PM Reveals Secret Service Data on Birth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq
  139. A lefty comes to his senses
  140. The anti-filibuster deal
  141. Beating Bitonti to the Punch
  142. Sky News reporting Zarqawi is injured in Iraq
  143. Another Attempt to Silence Free Speech
  144. Does George Bush Talk to God?
  145. McClellan Backs Away from Claims that 'Newsweek' Story Cost Afghan Lives
  146. Well this explains a lot about jeanine garbage garofalo
  147. Al Queda in MY TOWN!!!?????????
  148. That's so gay
  149. More Newsweek outrage...
  150. Newsweak Reporter: I dropped the ball
  151. Another Koran retraction from a lib media source
  152. Amnesty Slams U.S. on Human Rights
  153. Vets at Military Retirement Home Sue Rumsfeld
  154. FBI Records Cite Allegations of Koran Abuse
  155. Relief Efforts Curtailed by Violence in Iraq
  156. FBI says it was all good...
  157. Bill Maher responds to right-winger Bachus
  158. Murder Charges Against Marine Lieutenant Pantano Dropped
  159. A View from Inside Guantanamo Bay
  160. Circus Animals
  161. The litmus test on libs and "anti-americanism"
  162. Memorial Day is not a three day holiday- great story
  163. Inquiry Finds Five Cases of Koran 'Mishandling' at Gitmo
  164. Clinton Finance Director Acquitted
  165. Muslims protest U.S.- Nope; Newsweak lies having no effect...
  166. Mother of Slain Soldier Denied Gold Star Membership
  167. Nation's Dumbest Drivers
  168. Judge Rules Against Treasurer of Delay's PAC
  169. Howard Dean: Cut the 'Psycho' Some Slack
  170. This explains it 5ever.
  171. My first issue of National Review
  172. My cousin's Iraq blog
  173. See BS liberal bias again.
  174. Judge Sends Guilty to Church, Not Jail
  175. U.S. Has Long History of Waging Wrong Wars
  176. Deep Throat revealed...
  177. Deep Throat revealed...
  178. UK war memo
  179. Accidental Arrest of Sunni Leader
  180. July 4th weekend party
  181. Hey all you boxing fans, a poll
  182. The Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries
  183. Captives may make torture claims as tactic
  184. The ULTIMATE Bitonti Oil Movie!!!
  185. Today's Views on Repulican Radio
  186. Today's views on lib/leftist Err America radio
  187. Battle to Tear Down a Tribute
  188. Howard Dean's Raised Voice Isn't Raising Cash
  189. Finding the Way Home
  190. Dizzy Dean Does it again!!
  191. What is the Best Solution for Social Security?
  192. State Dept. Releases Human Trafficking Report- What AI dismissed
  193. Greens Are the Real Energy Problem
  194. When you can't get your own enthusiastic supporters...use Howard Dean's
  195. About that "Dean can't fundraise" baloney
  196. Found this shocking regarding Woodward and Bernstein....
  197. Kerry Touts Bush Impeachment Memo
  198. When The President Talks to God- Bright Eyes Goes Political
  199. The liberal lexicon
  200. Plagiarist Joe: Dizzy dean don't speak for dims...
  201. A Simple Question About the War in Iraq
  202. Supreme Court Rejects Women's Sports Case
  203. Court Rules Against Pot for Sick People
  204. Guantanamo....What The Libs Won't Report
  205. My new theory re: Iraq
  206. NJ gov. rep. primaries
  207. Kerry Was The Intellectual Candidate????
  208. Can Someone Explain THIS One??
  209. Dizzy Dean Doin' it again-
  210. Spanish Judge wants to question U.S. troops
  211. The Multi-Million Dollar 9/11 Insult
  212. ABC/Wash Post Poll: not good news for Bush
  213. U.S. Muslims desecrate American flag- didn't see this on the MSM tonight.....
  214. Homicide Bombers forced to do the deed??
  215. So, what are the oil alternatives? (for autos)
  216. Section, care to explain this?
  217. Is it just me, or do others think this is BS?
  218. anyone who is for the war
  219. Seems like progress
  220. Allied Soldiers Punched, Spit On And Verbally Abused Mein Kampf, Lawyer Says
  221. Osama Bin Laden...
  222. The ACLU....Wants Hannity Arrested
  223. My Neighborhood in the News
  224. Halliburton Shareholders Meeting
  225. Pension bailouts: The sht's about to hit the fan
  226. End of Public Tv?
  227. Charlie Company
  228. Criminal Liberal Media Ignores Hillary Blunder
  229. And the verdict: He's got to go! psycho-Ward
  230. An Aussie Thanks America......
  231. Junk Science?
  232. Christina Aguilara used as torture in Gitmo- THE HORROR!!
  233. Verdict in on Jackson case...
  234. 12 Senators don't support Resolution apologizing for lynching
  235. Did Bill Rape Hillary??
  236. Sinkhole: How public pension promises are draining state and city budget
  237. Who is in favor of Extrodinary Rendition??????
  238. More leftist claptrap revealed
  239. Where's the outrage?
  240. More proof Newsday is a liberal rag
  241. Schiavo Autopsy Backs Michael
  242. Palestinians: Oh yeah, they're ready for their own country
  243. Rat Sen. Dick Durbin: American military in Gitmo = Nazi's/Commies/Pol Pot
  244. Janice Rogers Brown: Why the left tried to derail her
  245. Religion is just crazy
  246. Bankruptcy Bill Bones Small Business
  247. U.S. military: Al Qaeda leader in Mosul captured
  248. Experts Say Iraq Insurgency Has Reduced Terror Threat in West
  249. self-flagellating white male
  250. On apologies, Democrats and conscience