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  1. Sales tax in NJ going up
  2. Once Again The NYT Proves They Are On The Side Of The Terrorists
  3. If you could meet President Bush!!
  4. If you could meet the president what would you do?
  5. "That's just hearsay."
  6. Dems, Schumer, ACLU and God
  7. The War Is In Iraq But AGAINST Jihadi Islam!
  8. Another Secret, Unconstitutional Program By The Bush Administration
  9. Why the World Will End Within 200 Years
  10. Incredible but apprently true story about one of the planes that hit the towers
  11. what a schmuck
  12. Mother of JonBenet Ramsey dies
  13. bush wants out
  14. curveball
  15. Jean Kerri..the candidate for all Americans
  16. Another joyous day for Lib's
  17. Schwarzenegger Denies Bush Troop Request
  18. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates: the Anti Republicans
  19. LI Congressman Peter King: NY Slimes treasonous and should be criminally charged....
  20. Yet even more Democrat corruption.....
  21. Bush presses for more power to rein in spending
  22. Dumb Republican Quote of the Day
  23. Do Republicans Forget How We Cut and Ran in Lebanon Under Reagan?
  24. Republican-Controlled House Passes Bill Exempting Estates Valued Up To $5M From Taxes
  25. LA Times Bureau Chief Admits: criminal liberal media's reporting could aid terrorists
  26. Rush thinks the law applies to everyone except him.
  27. is flag burning such a big problem?
  28. The fake Indian gets canned
  29. The culture of hypocrisy continues from the criminal liberals at the NY Times
  30. We'll put a boot in your @$$
  31. Limbaugh going to jail???
  32. Torture Them........Then Kill Them.
  33. so... does this war have a plan?
  34. “A Good Program…to Make Us Safer…Is Over.”...9/11 Comm. Co-Chair Kean on Times leak
  35. Changes to the Freedom Tower
  36. Protecting secrets calls for strong measures
  37. Is war coming?
  38. Notes on Iraq
  39. How to Stop Terrorism
  40. Check out super secret "SWIFT" website
  41. Does Barack Obama Read JI?
  42. SCOTUS- The AUMF does NOT give the POTUS a Blank Check
  43. Reagan's Vision
  44. Et tu Superman?
  45. Rest in Peace: Al-Zarqawi Buried in Unmarked Location
  46. The enemy within strikes again
  47. The War on Terror is becoming EXACTLY like the War on Drugs
  48. Judges rule against Dumbya regarding Gitmo
  49. Republican Hypocrisy in Kentucky
  50. Liberals Fleeing to Canada
  51. Since when is rape in the US Military handbook?
  52. USA Today RETRACTS story.
  53. Dumbya's administration wants to rebuild Cuba's government
  54. horrible
  55. Woody Harrelson... Yet Another Peaceful Commiewood Liberal
  56. New Bin Laden tape: Iraq is the key to the whole region
  57. Libs, here's a poll for you...
  58. For the Fourth of July... "All Four Stanzas"
  59. As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July!!
  60. Bush Admin Sold out America
  61. Former WaComPost editor..."criminal liberal media makes tragic mistakes"
  62. EX-GI now charged with murder and rape in Iraqi deaths
  63. Amazing Story of Female Helicopter Fighter Pilot Now a Double Amputee
  64. July 4th
  65. Screw King George!
  66. One Year Ago Today.... The Criminal Liberal Media....
  67. Ronald Reagan's 7/4/83 Radio Address
  68. Good thing we are chasing after WOMD in Iraq..
  69. Honor the French
  70. A World Without America
  71. OT: North Korea Launches missile's
  72. Say Hello to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi for us, will ya?
  73. A question for YellowSubmarine and Jetsin2004
  74. Phonetic Spelling - Yea or Nay?
  75. Jersey Budget
  76. Ahhhh the religion of peace
  77. A Convienient Lie... John Stossel vs. Al Gore-Bot
  78. I have an announcement to make
  79. What Is With The Left And Voting
  80. "Patriots"
  81. Saddam had nothing to do with Al Qeada
  82. Hey New Jersey'ites
  83. Whats Wrong
  84. Another sore loser liberal loses another election
  85. CIA Closes Unit Hunting Osama...Strange?
  86. Bush: I respect and Like Ken Lay
  87. Will the media call Joe Biden out for his "racist" comment...
  88. N.Korea missle aimed at are off of Hawaii
  89. We are not safer: FBI disrupts New York City tunnel plot
  90. Terrorism not the only threat to NY....
  91. An inconvenient truth for Gore
  92. Summertime Satire
  93. Happy Birthday Dumbya
  94. Bush calls for diplomacy on N. Korea crisis
  95. This soldier has common sense
  96. HADITHA Review
  97. Hugo Chavez: Hero of the Left
  98. Didn't the Liar Bush claim to have never met Abramoff
  99. The Writing On The Democrats' Wall: Origins Of Terrorism
  100. too many scumbags in the services
  101. FALN Pardon Violates Federal Victim Rights Law
  102. We remember, Hilary!
  103. Why is Sandy Burglar walking free???
  104. Orrin Hatch- Helping a brother out
  105. Kids urinating on Tomb of unknown soldier
  106. LIberal Professor Makes Threats Against A 2 Year Old
  107. Good game, libs!
  108. More Lunacy From The Wing Nuts On The Left
  109. Bush Administration Keeping Another Major Intelligence Program Secret
  110. Iran move over -- here come the American Ayatollahs
  111. Appeasing North Korea: the Clinton Legacy
  112. My Declaration of Independence!!
  113. It's getting nasty in here...
  114. NYT’s Media Menagerie & Netroots Hand Republicans 2006
  115. Gitmo Detainees to Get Geneva Convention Protection
  116. Tax Revenues Explode....liberals wrong again...
  117. The Bush Hypocrisy Machine Continues Full Steam Ahead
  118. Plot to overthrow the government during FDR's term in office
  119. Cindy Sheehan...starving....for attention...
  120. did Coulter plagerize?
  121. Marine refuses Medal from Bushy in protest
  122. How much more pathetic can the NY Times get???
  123. Vernon Robinson For Congress
  124. 'The Race' schools: Your tax dollars at work
  125. Terror Targets: Petting Zoo & Flea Market
  126. Time: ME Top Models
  127. Voting Rights Act
  128. Liar Joe Wilson outed his wife...where's the coverage???
  129. Genius move withdrawing from Gaza
  130. Popular Mechanics: Debunking idiot conspiracy theories of 9-11
  131. Frustrated world powers send Iran to U.N.
  132. Metal Storm Weapons
  133. Will America ever vote a Democrat into office for President again??
  134. Religious Debate - Klecko73isGod vs Sackdance99
  135. Letter from Pete Hoekstra To Mr. President
  136. BetOnIraq.com...
  137. Pray for Peace
  138. Dems dishonor dead soldiers, what a shocker
  139. This is why I love David Horowitz
  140. UFOs Over Myrtle Beach
  141. latest polls
  142. ??
  143. Miss Me My Democratic Friends?
  144. The real axis of evil
  145. I Stand with Isreal
  146. Toronto police officers to wear nametags
  147. Criminal Liberal Media Blames Bush For Zidans Head Butt
  148. Where is the "family values" outrage now??
  149. OT- Any Lawyers Among Us?
  150. Hillary must be looking for the jewish vote
  151. Bill Clinton on the Today Show this morning...
  152. Why is an anti-Semite like Pat Buchanan still given such prominence?
  153. Katrina Docs & Nurses left holding the bag.
  154. Religious Debate 2: Creator/non Creator
  155. I'm a decider...I'm a problem-solver
  156. Bush is going down!!
  157. Breaking Network News
  158. we certainly made iraq safe!
  159. 37 Years Ago.... July 18 1969
  160. Excellent Analyses by Thomas Friedman on the current MidEast Situation
  161. first veto: Stem cell bill
  162. American evacuees angry at Lebanon air strikes
  163. Bolton b!tchslaps the UN.....
  164. Who is the Real Party of God - Hezbollah or the GOP?
  165. Who are the real threat to America - radical islam or liberal democrats?
  166. Is Cynthia McKinney really Buckwheat's lil sis??
  167. my plan for peace
  168. The Second Coming Of Christ
  169. Debate: child pornography-freedom of speech or deviance?
  170. I gotta go...one last debate to start for tomorrow
  171. Bush backrub
  172. The Real Lesson of the Korean Cloning Scandal
  173. Power Vacumns
  174. if isreal does a full scale invasion of lebanon
  175. without the USA, Israel is nothing
  176. I like Pat
  177. jerusalem
  178. Hams 7 Point Plan for Victory
  179. Look Republicans!!
  180. Con-Edison
  181. we share Isreali values but....
  182. The Islamo-Nazi Connection
  184. Dubya apologists, wake up!!!
  185. Wow....this board is disturbing
  186. bush the failure
  187. The Saudis asked Bush to intervene!!
  188. Hezbollah
  189. Chicken Vs Egg. Foolishness
  190. Mod Needed on the Politics Board ASAP
  191. Wow...this am brutal
  192. all you French bashers take note...
  193. I Like This Forum..but..we Definitely Need An Active Mod
  194. Malignant neglect -Hezbollah is a cancer
  195. wow..Spector going after little Bush
  196. Iran Calls for a New Holocaust
  197. I-r-a-q
  198. A Clash of civilizations
  199. Lebanese evacuees suing us!!!
  200. Pigs fly: UN actually condemns Hezbollah
  201. Motion to elect me as a Mod in this forum.
  202. BLAH BLAH Criminal media BLAH Neo-con Islamo Fascist Blah Blah
  203. Hezbollah: Didn't expect Israel's reaction to soldiers' capture....good for Israel!
  204. Poo Poo is Going to Hit the Fan Now.....
  205. Where were these guys eight years ago????
  206. Republican Senator Arlen Specter Preparing Bill To Sue Bush
  207. U.S. Military in Iraq needs to stop taking POW's
  208. Scientology
  209. Now here's a really pleasant thought
  210. Listen To What The Iraqi Paliament Speaker Had To Say About Jews
  211. Good Ol' Fashioned Texas Justice
  212. Democrats Who Supported The Invasion Of Iraq
  213. real heros..unlike internet chat room haters!!
  214. Today..We are all Ethiopians
  215. ACLU finds a new cause
  216. UN Troops Beg Israel To Stop Bombing
  217. Seven democrats vote "nay" to codeming attacks against Israel and right of defense
  218. Will Korrupt Annan say anything about this?
  219. Interesting take on Christian Conversion
  220. Time to cut and run...
  221. Islamic Terrorism against the USA
  222. These videos are hilarious
  224. Lt Col Higgins
  225. Conspiracy theorists...here
  226. Pravda from "Islamic Republic News Agency"
  227. Plan for Iran
  228. Questions I've been pondering for weeks
  229. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!
  230. this is a new one...
  231. TAXES & President Kennedy ~ ~ ~
  232. A Possible Solution
  233. Will Cindy She-man be invited?
  234. OT: China sells Missiles to Iran who gives missiles to Lebanon, so....
  235. Wake up, people .. this is WWIII
  236. Breaking news: American Jews shot in Seattle
  237. I Found Jesus
  238. How would america feel?
  239. The religion of peace strikes again, in Seattle
  240. Before sympathizing with Hezbollah, don't believe what you see on TV
  241. Breaking news: 65 lebanese civilians dead in israeli airstrike in town of Qana
  242. Here's what a hero looks like
  243. Dump John McCain (R) For President In 2008!
  244. Is it possible
  245. why religion should be banned...
  246. nah..there's no global warming!
  247. How Many Israeli soldiers are helping us in Iraq?
  248. Qana....what the lame-stream-media/UN/world "community" sadly dismiss & ignore
  249. Liberals holding their breaths: Fidel undergoing surgery!
  250. The Ineffectual Arab League