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  1. Prepare To Be Nauseated........
  2. Defeatocrats: Then & Now
  3. Iraq War Increased Terror
  4. Questions for Republicans..
  5. Million Year High
  6. Ah, TMQ
  7. As expected the liberal media and NY Times tells half the story....April's NIE report
  8. NYC proposes trans fat ban in restaurants
  9. What the NY Times won't print...
  10. Popular Mechanics EXPOSED as GUTLESS LIARS
  11. A Little Video For All The Lefties On The Board
  12. IRAQUIS..hate OBL, IRAN, and approve of attacks on US troops
  13. Iraq police academy: full of s--t
  14. The US is so
  15. A Question to Democrats, Liberals and Independants
  16. Oliver Stone: Bush Set America Back 10 Years
  17. What happened to good
  18. question for repubs..agree or diagree?
  19. Bush was offered Bin Laden...
  20. The Presidential Daily Brief from 1998 no one cares about...
  21. Able Danger- the big story that wasnt!
  22. Republican Foley resigns over sex with young boy
  23. Borat and W
  24. A True Patriot...(unlike bush/cheney/rummy)
  25. is rumsfeld more of a schmuck than bush?
  26. GOP Leaders Knew Of Foley's Messages
  27. Who is in charge in the White House?
  28. Again the media ignores rat corruption
  29. Question...since the NY Times likes to run with intelligence leaks/reports...
  30. Citgo
  31. On the 8th day......
  32. Rep. Foley Instant Message Transcript
  33. WSJ rips GOP do-nothing congress
  34. It's absolutely amazing...
  35. OT: Oprah for President?!?!?!?!
  36. Oh My
  37. It's the economy stupid
  38. Foley excuses..clergy touched him!
  39. Situational awareness as a citizen: Are you proactive or reactive?
  40. Who out there excites you?
  41. Can we agree on this?
  42. Osama bin laden has a twin brother
  43. Great Gifts for the anti-war people
  44. Oooooh, that's gotta hurt!
  45. red state terror?
  46. This Is OUTRAGEOUS!!
  47. Spanish a requirement in NJ schools?
  48. Who is the greatest president in American History?
  49. Our Hard Earned Tax Dollars At Work-$20 Mil Victory Party Approved
  50. Republicans: "Touched By Clergy"
  51. Bush At His Lowest Approval Rating
  52. Afghanistan getting worse? Never.
  53. Democrats: Touched by Corruption!
  54. Republicans: Sodomized by Corruption
  55. 5ever and anyone else who knows economics
  56. Maps of war
  57. Awful Quiet Here Considering The North Koreans Detonated A Nuke
  58. An Iraqui Vet speaks out
  59. Charlie Brown Democrats
  60. Japan Re-Arming
  61. Don't mess with Barbara Streisand's liberal views
  62. OT - South Korea preparing troops for atomic warfare!
  63. What did Donald Rumsfeld know about ABB's deal to build nuclear reactors in N. Korea
  64. OT: Cory Lidle on board small plane crash in NYC (merged)
  65. Harry Reid... Another Corrupt Dimocrat
  66. why the democrats won't win
  67. Wow Bush is a hypocrite~~
  68. OT: The Rapture
  69. Brits ditch Iraq again
  70. The Return of Jetsin2004
  71. PHOTO : great photo ~ ~ ~
  72. Nancy Writes To Hillary
  73. Rep. Ney pleads guilty; GOP vows ouster
  74. AIR AMERICA ( radio ) : to bankruptcy ~ ~ ~
  75. Black Minuteman leader prepares to sue Columbia University....
  76. Parody video -- or is it?
  77. The real reason democrats won't win in November
  78. 60 Minutes
  79. Has anyone else seen this nut-job the news??
  80. Open discussion surrounding religion
  81. Do you feel like we are living in the end times?
  82. Why Vote Republican
  83. Why should I go to hell if I am a sincere person?
  84. China May Back North Korean Coup
  85. Slightly different religion topic...
  86. Now Weldon?
  87. jokes in Iraq
  88. The US Hints At Using Nukes Against Korea
  89. It depends on what your definition of the word "WE" is?
  90. Stadium Threat CNN
  91. Stadium Threat CNN
  92. Dow hits 12,000! Those damn Bush tax cuts!
  93. To make one thing clear.......
  94. The Good Ole GOP
  95. Bush admits Iraq is kinda like Nam
  96. CNN Airs Video of Snipers Killing American Troops
  97. Shameless Self-Promotion - my band
  98. The blame America first crowd
  99. By Kevin Tillman - Brother and Friend of Pat Tillman
  100. Bush Wants Bath Party Back In Power
  101. 'pubs environmentally friendly too!
  102. Just Imagine
  103. The Left & Liberal Future....
  104. Bad news liberals- finally an election day law that makes sense.....
  105. The "New" Iraq= Stronger Iran
  106. Quick question
  107. OT: Kevin Tillman Breaks His Silence.....
  108. CNN "What You Are Politcal" Quiz
  109. Billboard on I-95 in Philly.
  110. Michael J Fox Says Republicans Want Him to Die!
  111. Brigette Gabriel -Survivor of Islamic terror
  112. Republican Add Against Harold Ford in Tenn
  113. Limbaugh says Michael J Fox is a huge faker
  114. The Dim/MJ Fox counter ad....with real blooded Americans!!!
  115. U.S. troops on active duty call for Iraq withdrawal
  116. 0ctober 25th...St. Crispin's day...
  117. Coming to America...soon??
  118. 2008 Democratic National Convention Schedule
  119. New Disease
  120. Is Stem Cell Research The Modern Version Of Cadaver Study?
  121. Cali Democrats & Props 85 & 90 (butt out Bush!)
  122. Middle East History
  123. Too bad this country is so PC we can't shoot from the hip like Howard
  124. GOP at it again
  125. damn liberal networks
  126. Yes, it's Halloween at the dnc!
  127. Lynn Cheney smacks down cnn-jazera
  128. Blue Jean Dye Kills Cancer Cells?!?
  129. 10 Reasons to vote 'pub this election
  130. Liberal/Democrat View on Enemy Treatment?
  131. Another Question For Liberals
  132. Did You Know
  133. Global warming: an economic concern
  134. Striking the US where it hurts - China and Russia
  135. Question: Why Does God Require Us To "Believe In Him" Rather Than Worship Him ?
  136. GAO chief warns economic disaster looms
  137. another Zawahiri miss
  138. Stem Cell Research Success
  139. An Analysis of the Presidents Who Are Responsible For Excessive Spending
  140. are all repubs grunts...or just Streisand repubs?
  141. JOHN KERRY said . . .
  142. OT: Shroud of Turin theories...
  143. The Failure of No Child Left Behind
  144. Maine Police Arrest Activist Dressed as Bin Laden
  145. I just did something good for America!
  146. The Dollar's Full-System Meltdown
  147. Moroccan Wins Holocaust Cartoon Contest in Iran
  148. post endorses Hillary
  149. Iraqi vets.....Kerri stealing Hussien's talking points...
  150. Cosmic Rays and Global Warming
  151. OT: November 7th=Election Day
  152. Olbermann: Bush ‘appearing to be stupid’ about Kerry’s joke (video link)
  153. How Can U Not Love This Guy
  154. Feds Order New York Schools to Have Cheerleaders at Girls' Sporting Events
  155. Not another hypocrite.
  156. Gee, would Saddam have wanted NUKES?
  157. Big Oil's 10 favorite members of Congress
  158. Cheney, Rumsfeld will stay through '08
  159. 97 Reasons Democrats Are Weak On Defense
  160. Jihadist's favorite members of Congress
  161. Another Right Wing Republican Gay Scandle
  162. wow..more white house chicken hawk corruption
  163. Tuesday Results - Right Leaning Chime In Please
  164. America is now seen as a threat to world peace
  165. Army Times: "Time for Rumsfeld to go"
  166. Report on the Final Survey in the 50 Competitive Republican Districts
  167. Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear
  168. A moment of truth New Mexico
  169. The parents of fallen hero's the liberal media won't cover for two seconds...
  170. BREAKING NEWS: Saddam Guilty - Death Sentence
  171. A Recipe for Defeat: Europe is Pelosi’s America
  172. OT: Saddam Hussein sentenced to death by hanging!
  173. The more-than-$2-trillion war
  174. Jimmy Carter helping to ensure another leftist tyrant wins election in SA/CA
  175. Gop
  176. What consequences will Daniel Ortegas win have for people and neighbor Costa Rica?
  177. So what do the Army and Air Force think of jean kerri??
  178. FINALLY!! A conservative who 'GETS' it
  179. I Have Been Waking Every Night With Numbness In My Hand & My Pinky finger Wont Fully
  180. Condi Rice's "husband"
  181. Happy Election Day Tomorrow to You All
  182. Connerly Criticized for Klan Comments
  183. a REAL conservative
  184. John Faso - tomorrow's election
  185. Video... Marines Chasing Terrorists Who Ambush Them
  186. Prediction Time! Everyone make your picks now!
  187. Bush has been 'making it up' for too long (video)
  188. Some election day blurbs from my inbox
  189. ****the Official Republicans Vs Deomocrats Gameday Thread****
  190. Libertarians Poised To Make Mark On Midterms (CNN.com)
  191. Harold Ford campaigning in the Volunteer state
  192. Congratulations Dems. Now what?
  193. Racist Boston Helps Elect African American Governor?
  194. I'm a Patriotic American
  195. The Democrats are like the Oakland Raiders
  196. Politicians Sweep Midterm Elections
  197. So, who will emerge as the frontrunner for the dems?
  198. US ready to face the world anew
  199. World sees Dems' win as a Bush rejection
  200. Rummy Resigns (merged)
  201. Tester wins in Montana!!!!!!!!!!
  202. help out a neophyte...
  203. The Democrats Promise to America
  204. Politicians with Strong Football Ties
  205. Hastert won't seek House leader post
  206. question about rummy's resignation
  207. Murtha: Dem Who Started It All Wins 60% Of Votes...
  208. The Forgotten Wounded of Iraq
  209. jetdawgg...
  210. More Electable: Clinton or Obama
  211. Isn't it funny how there are no election irregularities?
  212. The National Museum of the Marine Corps
  213. So Now That Rumsfeld Is Gone -List The Democrat Gripes With The Job He Did in Detail
  214. Congratulations Democrats - you deserved it.
  215. rip ed bradley
  216. old school steps in to help "w"
  217. Dimocrats 25-Point Manifesto For The New Congress....
  218. Hallelujah!!
  219. OT 2008 election
  220. Iran: American elections a victory for Iran
  221. Does anyone have a link to that Popular Mechanics article..
  222. Muslim’s Election Is Celebrated Here and in Mideast
  223. Rummy to be tried??
  224. oh my
  225. The Marine Corps celebrated its 231st birthday on Friday
  226. Veterans Day: God Bless the troops & thanks to Rummy
  227. It's a miracle: After the election, the ME begins to turn around
  228. Simple business law question
  229. This Has to Be Said.
  230. OT: Boycot supporters of a convicted cop killer
  231. Ahmadinejad of Iran: We'll Soon be Fully Nuclear
  232. Hollywood Smog an Inconvenient Truth
  233. Iraq: what a mess
  234. Democrats take majority of Wall St. financing
  235. CLINTON : a portrait ~ ~ ~
  236. Vinny a Patriot?
  237. Election thoughts by a soldier in Iraq
  238. Simple question for SD99?
  239. Will this be interpreted as the West lying to Arabs again?...
  240. Forest growth is encouraging, say researchers...where are the gl-warming alarmists??
  241. Meanwhile, we slide towards "ethical" infanticide....
  242. Milton Friedman RIP
  243. Milton Friedman dead at 94
  244. A tribute
  245. So General Shinseki Was Right After All
  247. Murtha rejected as Majority Leader
  248. utopia or else
  249. LBJ Agrees...NY Slimes a bunch of American-hating commies...
  250. Military Victory Impossible in Iraq