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  1. Rangel at it again
  2. anyone know a good employment lawyer?
  3. More job growth
  4. Do you find the CBS/ You Tube Papdits Show As Offensive To People of Indian Descent
  5. Should the US
  6. It's **** like this that give our soldiers a bad name
  7. Stress on the USMC troops
  8. Happy Thanksgiving
  9. Fixing Iraq in Five Minutes.
  10. Now That The Dims Have Taken Control Of Congress....
  11. New US Dollar Coins Hide In God We Trust. Godless Libs To Blame
  12. Are you financially diversified?
  13. Forced retirement savings
  14. What do you think of this ...
  15. What ever happened
  16. OT: Russian former spy
  17. Liberals have yet another terrorist ally...
  18. Sundance lineup ...
  19. Your position on guns
  20. Hawking: humans must colonize other worlds to survive
  21. "Jersey Girls" get suckered
  22. What Causes More Trouble In America, Using Marijuana or Alcohol?
  23. Koran replaces Bible at swearing in oath
  24. Bolton Out...
  25. 1957 - 2006. My Conservative friends will like
  26. Senators to Exxon-Mobile: You wanna watch that excercise of free speech
  27. Egyptian police arrest foreigners for allegedly plotting attacks
  28. Gates approved by Senate for Sec of Def
  29. Bush's Policy “Is Not Working”...Iraq Study Group
  30. How World War II Was Won/How To Win In Iraq!
  31. Mangini reveals he's a Democrat in today's press conference
  32. Another dim President pays homage to a commie hero....
  33. Jimmy Carter...just another liberal anti-semite...
  34. Another Global Warming Article
  35. Dick Cheney will be a grand dad!!!
  36. Do you want the terrorists to win?
  37. Tillman's father not expecting answers
  38. Dumbya ignores Iraq war report
  39. Airport removes Christmas trees because of Rabbi
  40. While bin laden planned and carried out attacks clinton was bugging Princess Di
  41. Iranian Students Disrupt Speech by President Ahmadinejad
  42. Barack Obama
  43. Baker wants Israel excluded from regional conference
  44. Prager Interviews Giuliani
  45. Isreal
  46. Saudis to support Sunni insurgency?
  47. Another Democratic House victory, and an interesting fact
  48. Democrats:Don't know their sunni from shiite!
  49. Dirty harry reid brushing up on his CPR skills
  50. Wow
  51. did Comets bring life to Earth?
  52. Why are Liberals loathe to call themselves Democrats lately?
  53. Britain stops talk of 'war on terror'
  54. Rosie the Racist?
  55. Carter on Israeli Aparthied/Media bias: it's the fault of American Christians...
  56. McCain Bill Is Lethal Injection For Internet Freedom
  57. Danny (Partridge) Bonaduce B!tch Slaps Libtard
  58. Good Ole US Army recruiters
  59. 'Funeral procession' for Progressive Talk planned
  60. George Bush and Matt Millen: Seperated at Birth
  61. John McCain on Civil Unions. He was for it before he was against it.
  62. Progressive talk radio off the air
  63. Bush has lost battle for U.S. hearts, minds
  64. Another Ford from Tennessee....Another Indictment....
  65. ISO:Jetdawgg
  66. victory in Iraq
  67. If you were running for POTUS in '08, what would be your platform?
  68. Liar Joe Wilson Doesn't Want to Testify....
  69. the darwin principle
  70. The dollar is killing me
  71. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa
  72. more troops
  73. Lawmaker stands firm on Quran criticism
  74. Example of too much freedom of the press
  75. Charges dropped against Duke lax players...
  76. Cheney could be first sitting VP to ever testify
  77. Isreal breaks promise to US
  78. Klecko73isGod
  79. Gerald Ford may be in a world of trouble right now....
  80. The opinionated Fox News Channel is giving ground to increasingly noisy competitors
  81. Freemasonry -- It ain't "free"
  82. When liberals speak...
  83. North Carolina Bar Files Ethics Complaint Against Nifong (Duke Prosecutor)
  84. JonDirtSubmarine
  85. Many soldiers say.....
  86. Katrina versus North Dakota
  87. will there be an artic in 100 years?
  88. James Brown getting more press than Gerald Ford
  89. OT Saddam to be hanged at 10 PM eastern time
  90. Saddam's execution
  91. ship carrying 850 people has sank.
  92. Which would you prefer on 2/4/07 (Supe Sunday)
  93. Olbermann/MSNBC continue to get b!tchslapped in the ratings...
  94. Man races pigs near planned mosque site
  95. Yeah, yeah, I know this is OT
  96. Saddam's Hanging Captured On Cell Phone Cam
  97. Poll: Americans See Gloom, Doom in 2007
  98. Weather Happens
  99. sad milestone
  100. Betrayal of the Big Easy
  101. 2006 Bill of Wrongs
  102. By George W. Bush
  103. Imperial John Conyers Continues Liberal/Progressive Culture of Hypocrisy...
  104. Peace Surge - video and transcript
  105. Hussein Obama- First a Junkie then a baby killer
  106. Kerry's line works! scared straight!
  107. Ford and His Republicanism Perished Together
  108. This bothers me! Am I a bad person?
  109. Duke students reinstated- are they due reparations?
  110. What Is the Dumbest Thing Bush Said in 2006?
  111. Science and Human effort.... the creator of true miracles
  112. An Important Day: Democratic Congress Begins!
  113. Gallup: Majority of Americans Feel Iraq Coverage is Inaccurate & Purposely Negative'
  114. Congressman Goode's Office Vandalized
  115. Ex Mass. House speaker indicted
  116. ExxonMobil’s Tobacco-like Disinformation Campaign on Global Warming Science
  117. Global warming still a fear, not a fact
  118. Fifteen Republicans Squeaked by in 2006, Analysis Shows
  119. Once again the liberal media caught lying about Iraq
  120. massachusetts senators
  121. Head's up Political posters...
  122. the US Army wants you! Dead or Alive
  123. New Orleans sees 6 Murders in 4 Days
  124. Here is a rule change the Democrats put in that will make an immediate difference
  125. OT Al Gore was right
  126. Macy's vs Gimbel's
  127. Sunday Times of London: "Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's nukes"
  128. Cheney's wet dream
  129. Jets V Patriots, ignore everything else
  130. Top Ten Bushisms of the past year
  131. Sure didn't take long
  132. Bye Bye Islamic Extremists,nighty Night
  133. Militarized America Is Approaching Spiritual Death
  134. ISO:Jetdawgg:Part II
  135. 1,000 people gathered on San Francisco's Ocean Beach to spell out the word "IMPEACH!"
  136. Federal Flat Tax, Why Not?
  137. One of Jetdawgg's Service Stations
  138. More charges dropped against Duke lax players...
  139. www.BushRevealed.com
  140. School Bans Service Dog
  141. Anyone else sick of the Anti-Smoking Crusade?
  142. ISO: minimum wage discussion
  143. Bushes Speech
  144. More Evil U.S. Military Moves(For Bit & Jetdawgg)
  145. " CHECK HIS PANTS " ! ! !
  146. My personal observation of your basic Army Soldier and Marine enlistee....
  147. Defense: Duke Accuser Changes Account- Again....
  148. Six more Jews got saved today!!!!!
  149. Explosion In U.s. Embassy Compound In Athens
  150. Olbermann/MSNBC continue to get slaughtered in the ratings...
  151. Pelosi: I guess the 100 hours are up!
  152. Throwing my hat back into the Political forum
  153. Tears Are Shed at the White House for a Marine’s Bravery in Iraq
  154. The Republican I want to win the 2008 nomination
  155. DA in Duke Rape Case Asks to Be Taken off Case....
  156. Gates asks Bush for 92,000 more troops
  157. Kiva - a revolutionary way to give back
  158. Two of my best friends are now going to Iraq
  159. Climate change 'is the norm'- Dr Martin Keeley
  160. Political agendas, massive misinformation fuelling climate debate
  161. Liberal Jimmah Carter endorsing terrorism against Israel???
  162. Bush: 'Iraq should be grateful'
  163. Al Gore....continuing the liberal/progressive Culture of Hypocrisy
  164. Obama Is In - from his website
  165. Ant 24 fans? What do you think so far?
  166. Progressive 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rules for terrorist
  167. Relative and Absolute Morality
  168. Iraq Dad, Vietnam USMC Vet Sen Jim Webb To Give The Dems’ State Of The Union Response
  169. Excellent article by Fareed Zakaria: We might win, but still lose.
  170. What 1.2 Trillion Can Buy
  171. Obama!
  172. Simply because neocon propagandists lied - Buchanan
  173. The Progressive's Plan to Stifle Free Speech
  174. The Trouble with Terminology & Race
  175. Iran shoots down U.S. spy drone amid growing military pressure
  176. Rep. Lynn Woolsey to Introduce Bill to End Iraq Occupation
  177. McCain takes up the @$! in Arizona straw poll!
  178. Fighting violence with more violence.
  179. Update from the French Quarter
  180. Netroots elevates the intensity - Bloggers Take on Talk Radio Hosts
  181. That horrible Bush economy.....
  182. New Dem Senate Tries to Stifle Christian Vote
  183. “John McCain is tanking,”
  184. Hypersonic Cruise Missile:America's New Global Strike Weapon
  185. Comedian Franken considering Senate run
  186. House Democrats target Big Oil with higher Fees & Taxes
  187. Crunch year for planet Earth
  188. Chinese space weapons....
  189. Why are prices at the pump not going down when the price of oil is?
  190. The NeoCons Route To Disaster
  191. The Washington ComPost Scuttles Fair Reporting (nothing we don't already know)
  192. About Time
  193. Stephen Colbert on O'Reilly Factor and Vice Versa
  194. Iran, China Seek Military Equipment From Pentagon Surplus Auctions
  195. OT- "24" protest- PC gone crazy
  196. Wow! Anyone here from Michigan?....lol
  197. Chinese blew up a satellite: what's the doomsday clock at now?
  198. 1 trillion dollars
  199. T Minus 2 years and counting!
  200. Webb to Deliver SOTU Response
  201. Lib panty shedding time: hillary's running!
  202. Bush and the Psychology of Incompetent Decisions
  203. Bush Orders More CIA Activity in Venezuela
  204. Soldier spent seven months in Iraq, received a Purple Heart
  205. Damage from Sandy Burglar's theft understated- what the liberal media ignores...
  206. Disappointment and the ghosts of Fitzmas past- the idiocy of progressive bloggers....
  207. "Obama's ambition could bring all of black America down"
  208. Brownback is in for '08!!!!
  209. 1962 : WHERE WERE YOU ? ? ? - - " Wise Old Indian " ~ ~ ~
  210. Will Spending More
  211. Swearing In On t he Quran - The Untold Story!
  212. Who here really believes
  213. Hey dawgg, what do you think of your fellow Marine?
  214. Warner leads effort on second resolution criticizing Bush's Iraq plan
  215. Pelosi ridiculously effective
  216. Yet another example of the loony left
  217. Progressives/looney libs on Capital Hill take up assualt on First Amendment
  218. Pathological Liar Al Gore Afraid To Debate Global Warmng Expert.
  219. Israeli President to be Charged with Rape and Abuse of Power
  220. GWB war "stories"
  221. CNN debunks false report about Obama - School not a madrassa
  222. How Iraq and climate change threw the right into disarray
  223. Global Warming happening NOW!!!!....on Mars anyway....
  224. OT: 'Smoking gun' report to say global warming here
  225. Official State of the Union Address Thread
  226. State of the Union
  227. Democratic response to State of the Union
  228. North Korea helping Iran with nuclear testing
  229. Deshowitz on Carter. I think these points are worthy of a new thread
  230. Jetdawgg, you continue to be a PR guy for the Marines
  231. Iraq War: The What Would YOU Do as President Thread
  232. New ethics charges for Duke prosecutor
  233. Kerry Not Joining 2008 Race
  234. Ex-U.S. bobsled, skeleton athlete dies in Iraq ambush
  235. Remains Of First Democrat Discovered
  236. Cheney's annual State of Delusion address
  237. Ohio Elections Officials Convicted of Tampering with 2004 Presidential Recount
  238. Hussein Obama's radical leftist voting record...
  239. Bottom dweller olbermann again shows his embarrassing ignorance...
  240. Dobbs: Two new voices will drive Iraq debate forward
  241. Ahmadinejad: Be assured that the US and Israel will soon end lives
  242. Global Warming Question
  243. Venezuela May Ask U.S. Envoy to Leave
  244. The Media Has No (Stated) Agenda
  245. Schilling vs Kerry in Mass?
  246. Troops Join Tens Of Thousands At DC Protest
  247. President Bush’s approval rating hits a new low
  248. Alberto Gonzalez denies existence of Habeus Corpus
  249. The Enemy at Home {Introduction}
  250. Israel violating agreements with USA