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  1. Uh oh, no you didn't Afghanistan.
  2. Fox News Implementing A Slow Growth Strategy
  3. Unemployment Matches 5-Year Low; Jobs Surge by 180,000
  4. Newt Gingrich to Debate John Kerry on Climate Change
  5. The Corps leads the way - Wounded Warrior Program
  6. GOP’s Hagel calls Bush impeachment an option
  7. An Administration's Epic Collapse
  8. Tpo Hurricane Forecaster Thinks Goracle Is Full Of Sh!t....
  9. Liberals Will Sign Anything
  10. Pratfall in Damascus
  11. U.S. congressman meets with Mubarak's banned rival
  12. The horribly mismanaged war..pathetic
  13. Supreme court steps in on carbon pollution
  14. Wolfowitz World Bank Sex Tour
  15. Where was so called liberal media in run up to war?
  16. 10 States Introduce Impeachment
  17. Can Neoconservative Belligerent Dogmatism be Halted by the Empire’s Realists?
  18. Rats continue to beack away from troop withdrawal....
  19. Duke Lacrosse Charges to Be Completely Dropped
  20. Imus' words any worse than Jackson's?
  21. Oil showdown looms with Venezuela's Chávez
  22. Republican candidate off the mark on cost of milk, bread
  23. Feinstein quits committee post after corruption - MSM: "Who cares?"
  24. 'Imus Treatment' Ignored for Catholic Bashers
  25. Google is the ultimate money making machine
  26. Doomsday for the Greenback
  27. Presidential Candidate: U.S. In Danger of Dictatorship
  28. Haditha prosecution said to be fraught with problems...no coverage from the lib media
  29. Novak: Surge will fail, US deaths skyrocketing, pull out starts by 2008
  30. The Duke case: Will the Times Apologize?
  31. Gold Star Dad Says Anti-War Dems 'Too Busy' to Meet Him
  32. Getting Out of Iraq Soon May Be the Best Choice...
  33. For History Buffs
  34. Sharia law vs. Western law--great read
  35. OT: Most Hated TV/Radio Personalities
  36. 'Hate-crime perpetrator' given a pass: Media skip other side of Sharpton
  37. Wwrjd?
  38. Congressional Pardon of Border Agents
  39. Israeli Army using Palestinian children as shields
  40. Mike & the Mad Dog were just KILLING MSNBC, Olbermann, and CBS
  41. Blair blames spate of murders on black culture
  42. Get Well Soon, Governor Corzine
  43. Topeka Church To Pay Marine Funeral Costs
  44. Iraq (PKK) and Turkey
  45. The People's Cube
  46. New Cartoon
  47. Loserman getting spanked...fighting Zahn/Grace for third/fourth place..
  48. Regent Law can get you a good gig in the Gov't
  49. U.S. should be wary of offending its biggest lender - China
  50. Obama Returns Lobbyists' Contributions
  51. White People Are Screwed....
  52. Mexico
  53. Webb Says McCain Is Impugning Patriotism of Iraq Debate Foes
  54. Clinton reports $24 million in the bank, trails Obama in primary donations
  55. Iraq's Real 'Civil War'
  56. Story from the Heartland
  57. on a day like today...
  58. Gun Ownership
  59. "He’s a draft dodger" - Rudy and ’Nam
  60. Hey Winny peep this:
  61. Fiscal sanity? Let's hope so
  62. Political & Media Vultures: It's All Video Games Fault
  63. subprime solution
  64. JI gives Rudy the kiss of death
  65. Bombings in Baghdad kill scores
  66. US Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Partial Birth Abortion
  67. 171 Murdered in Baghdad Today i.e. 5 X VT
  68. Tacoma Police Riot against peaceful protesters
  69. Religious bigotry at Convocation??
  70. K thru 12 Education
  71. Jim Moran Politicizes Virginia Tech Shooting- rats remain as classless as ever...
  72. Ann Coulter Was Right... John Edwards Is A Butt Pirate
  73. Pro-war veterans group and anti-war adversaries warily promise peaceful event........
  74. April 19, 1993 Waco TX.... April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City OK.
  75. Campus killer's purchases apparently within gun laws (CNN)
  76. Sharin' the love by the peaceful religion!
  77. U.S. National Debt Clock
  78. Gonzales Testimony Transcript
  79. Alec Baldwin...big shout out for another kind, tolerant lib
  80. AQ's newest poster boy
  81. Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
  82. Required reading at the US justice department
  83. ugly details of tillman coverup
  84. Another example to back up the right to bear arms
  85. Factory Jobs: 3 Million Lost Since 2000
  86. USS New York City
  87. Hey Black Death
  88. Who cares we are in debt to CHINA.....
  89. wall in baghdad
  90. Yup, the war is lost; we have failed....
  91. Ultra-Green: Radical 100-MPG Toyota Prius in the Works for 2009
  92. I really dislike these three individuals as presidential candidates...
  93. Gore Allies Work on Shadow Team In Case of 2008 Presidential Run (FoxNews.com)
  94. "Run Fred, Run ... Now!" (FoxNews.com Editorial)
  95. Sheryl Crow Has A Dirty Ass
  96. This Will Make You Proud
  97. Latest Rasmussen Pres Poll
  98. Former Russian president Yeltsin dead
  99. Translator wanted
  100. NBC to Fire Alec Baldwin From 30 Rock
  101. Signs of Intelligence?
  102. 335K more jobs for this "rotten" economy
  103. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia – two sides of the same coin
  104. Potentially Habitable Planet Found
  105. Rosie Odonnell Is Classy
  106. L-o-s-e-r
  107. Mark Burnett Develops Online Election
  108. The case against Rudy (video)
  109. U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
  110. patience
  111. Congressional Democrats Spell Reform: CA$H! - Culture of Hypocrisy strikes again!!
  112. Obama and his Rezko ties: hussien's corruption coming to light
  113. OT: Democratic Presidential Debate Tonight, 7 p.m., MSNBC
  114. Univ. Of Wisconsin
  115. Tenet..too late pal..
  116. Perfect slapdown of liberal media and judges
  117. OT - This is just a joke, don't open thread if you're sensitive!
  118. Mars is being hit with global warming, too...
  119. Now that barry osama has shifted to the right...
  120. An Inquiry...
  121. Western hair styles have been banned in Iran
  122. In Iraq, Congress is just as clueless as the President apparently is
  123. Appeals court rules against Bahgdad Jim McDermott-Culture of Hypocrisy Strikes Again!
  124. Happy Anniversary!
  125. Alquedacrats trying to intimidate free speech....Culture of Hypocrisy strikes again!!
  126. Bush 2nd veto ever
  127. McGreevey teaching ETHICS at Kean University???
  128. Study of N.B.A. Sees Racial Bias in Calling Fouls
  129. Just Find the Body
  130. History says, "Keep the tax-cuts."
  131. The Movement for 4/29 Truth
  132. OBL is in Pakistan
  133. History revisited...
  134. Iraq's economy
  135. Any youngsters pissed off at the stock market?
  136. Where's that bull-dyke Rosie today???
  137. ‘Mission Accomplished’ By The Numbers
  138. Times 100 Most "Influential People"...gotta love the lib media...
  139. Iraq War Funding/Timeline Vetoed...Opinions and Whats Next?
  140. Jon Voight... A Hollywood Actor That "Get's It".
  141. Condi Meets With The Syrians--Wheres the outrage from the Hypocrite Right?
  142. Bush Redefines our Goals in Iraq- Aim even Lower
  143. OT: So It Begins: Obama Threatened, Placed Under Secret Service Protection
  144. New job for sHrillary?
  145. Ann Coulter/Ted Nugent responds to Rage Against The Machine
  146. First Republican Debate
  147. Junk Science: Green Gas-Lighting? (FoxNews.com Editorial)
  148. Climate Change Roadmap (CNN.com)
  149. Overlawyered??
  150. Ron Paul...is this guy crazy or what?
  151. OT: fair and balanced media
  152. President Fred?
  153. Giuliani Complains To MSNBC About Olbermann
  154. Fantasy Congress
  155. A plea from an Iraqi-
  156. Bush's Real Record On The Economy
  157. Last week's Iraq report
  158. The Latest Scourge on the Enviroment: Children 'bad for planet'
  159. Really Bad News From Iraq
  160. Eating Crow- The Liberal Culture of Hypocrisy Strikes again!
  161. George Bush Stops Another Attack On The Homeland
  162. Solving the Illegals Problem: Exchange "Progressives" for Mexican Immigrants
  163. OT: Do You Believe in Global Warming/Climate Change Calamity Poll
  164. France voted for sacrifice
  165. Everybody makes mistakes, possibly even Obama
  166. Gasoline Prices
  167. What Democrats Think Of The Military
  168. NY Slimes Campaign to Acquit to Fort Dix Six Begins
  169. Michael Moore
  170. Global Warming fight is affordable, says new report
  171. Alternate fuels
  172. NRA fighting for you?
  173. Response to Plumberkhan's adaptation to climate change question...
  174. Global Warming
  175. here's a story that the MSM ignores
  176. Were the 'rats deceptive last election?
  177. Interesting view about the current attack plan in Iraq.
  178. Blair Outski
  179. Voters Disprove Of The Democratic Led Congress
  180. Voters Disprove Of The Republican Led Country
  181. Culture of Hypocrisy Strikes Again! Obama Condemns Gas Guzzlers, But Drives Hemi V8
  182. Another example of the liberal media purposely lying/misleading people....
  183. Hillary Vs. Obama
  184. Gas Strike On Tuesday/wednesday
  185. Jetdawgg?? MIA??
  186. Life as a Marine Grunt in Afghanistan (video)
  187. How many legal immigrants do we allow each year?
  188. JI's Political Forum Political Platform
  189. Jerry Falwell Dead
  190. OT:Jerry Falwell Dead @ 73!!!!!!!!!
  191. State of the water
  192. Republican Debate tonight at 9
  193. Baby carries gun license
  194. OT: Ron Paul and the GOP Debates
  195. Assault on Reason
  196. I am not very political
  197. Senate reaches (BS) Immigration deal
  198. Deal may legalize millions of immigrants
  199. Defeatocrat Murtha staying true to the Culture of Hypocrisy....
  200. OT Jimmy Carter almost calls Blair Bush's Poodle.
  201. Is Gonzales a yes man?
  202. Would this be a 24/7 news item if.....
  203. But Remember, the rats Support The Troops- Culture of Hypocrisy Strikes Again!
  204. Hamas
  205. Yet More Hypocrisy From A Liberal
  206. Illegal Immigrants
  207. Inside the Taliban's heart of darkness
  208. Comey testifies: hospital incident
  209. Lets Face It
  210. Culture of Hypocrisy Alert..Nancee defends Murtha...but admits to not having a clue..
  211. Bloomberg Proposes Energy Efficient Taxi Fleet
  212. OT: Poll: A quarter of younger Muslim Americans support suicide bombings
  213. Dobbs: New immigration plan ignores history's lessons
  214. Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran
  215. Most foreign fighters from Gulf...But the defeatocrats claim it's a civil war
  216. Rosie O'Donell, another POS liberal- "American = terrorists"
  217. U.S. checking all toothpaste imports from China
  218. Another blow for global warming lunatics-Killer hurricanes thrived in cooler seas
  219. Bush gets what he deserves...
  220. Rudy gets what he deserves...
  221. Algore's facism ringing through for all too see...
  222. Good to see the defeatocrats and liberals remain as spineless as ever!
  223. Pre-war reports say agency predicted dangers of toppling Saddam's regime
  224. CBNY = Political version of the National Enquirer
  225. Respect.
  226. Experts Calculate Billions in Long-term Costs of War
  227. perfect GOP prez candidate
  228. The hypocrisy never stops- Edwards gets $55,000 to speak about poverty
  229. Another Senate committee again fingers Mr & Mrs Plame as liars....
  230. Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan dictator and hero to US liberals, ....
  231. It's Official.... Al Gore Is Full Of Sh!t...
  232. Photo of Khalid Sheik Mohammed's Sister Recently Captured on Camera
  233. Need Legal Advice o/t
  234. Wolfowitz blames media for resignation
  235. My Agenda for America
  236. Cindy Sheehan Quits Peace Movement
  237. Your Govt. at Work: Reportedly Most Senators Did Not Read Pre-War Intelligence
  238. Ex-China drug regulator to be executed
  239. Liberal Hypocrisy on the 2008 Campaign Trail
  240. Australian gay bar wins right to ban heterosexuals
  241. growing electricity?
  242. George W. Bush: Conservative or Traitor to the Values of Conservativism?
  243. Fitzgerald says Plame was a covert agent
  244. Fred Thompson planning to announce candidacy July 4th
  245. Fred Thompson will officially announce his campaign on the 4th of July...
  246. Rare TB Strain
  247. Alternative Sources of Energy: the Culture of Hypocrisy Strikes Again!
  248. Hillary Clinton: Socialist
  249. The Election Suprise That Will Change Everything
  250. Good to see that defeatocrat murtha acting for reform!!