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  1. A Gift for my Liberal Friend Dawgg
  2. Adminstration doesn't care about Bin Laden, but everyone else does.
  3. George Will: "The surge has failed."
  4. Osama Bin Laden's dreams denied by US might
  5. Speaker of the House Pelosi Skipped the Generals Hearing
  6. Russian bomb.
  7. Former SD Sen James Abourezk (rat): Zionists involved in 9-11
  8. Two of the Seven NYT Op-Ed Soldiers Have Died in Iraq
  9. Park Police Investigate Vietnam Memorial Damage
  10. Israel was targeting nuclear facilities in Syria which are supplied by N. Koreans
  11. The Promotion Of Failure In Bush Administration(video)
  12. Mike Goodwin: Petraeus brings the facts, but some Dems can't handle the truth
  13. Marine kicked, hit recruits, court-martial told
  14. Assachussettes dim Govenor: 9-11 resulted "from a failure of human understanding."
  15. Afghanistan pumping out heroin better than ever.
  16. More proof the liberal media is nothing but a mouthpiece for the rat-wing
  17. Global Incident Map
  18. Soviet Russia arises again?
  19. 30 years dead: Biko, an African hero
  20. The baloney economy is over
  21. A new strain of anti-semetism is spreading
  22. Gary Sinese and a wounded Marine from Haditha
  23. Will the NYSLimes run Guiliani's ad at the moveon rate???
  24. Bush Announces Bill Belichick as New Attorney General
  25. Iran's Khamenei says Bush is war criminal comparable to Hitler
  26. African American Groups Call for Surge of 10,000 Men
  27. Former NATIONAL GUARD POSTER BOY (video)
  28. "Something Is Wrong When NE Face Stiffer Penalties For Spying...Than Cheney/Bush
  29. Dick Turbin & Fienstein put illegal immigrant riders to Defense Bill
  30. Another Great Hollywood Liberal
  31. AP Fact-Checks Bush Iraq Speech
  32. Military contributions shift — away from the GOP
  33. Antarctic Sea Ice At record High
  34. Thanks President Bush
  35. I guess someone
  36. From the Horses Mouth: the Iranian President
  37. Robert Fisk: the Death of History
  38. Alan Greenspan - Libtard?
  39. Argument for a smaller-but-longer mission in Iraq
  40. General Abizaid: We could Live with a Nuclear Iran
  41. Health Insurance...AH! UGH! What is it good for?
  42. Entitlements
  43. Barely Man At All
  44. If Iran Retaliates, the US Could Use Nuclear Weapons
  45. Zimbabwe Close to Complete Collapse
  46. Obama’s Tax Plan
  47. Isiah Thomas Racism....where' the outrage???
  48. Student Arrested, Tasered at Kerry Event (AP)
  49. 'Dozens died in Syrian-Iranian chemical weapons experiment'
  50. Charges dropped against another Haditha marine
  51. Diplomats not allowed to leave Green Zone in Baghdad.
  52. America - Taking Down Security Threats One At A Time!
  53. Republicans breaking the Army
  54. Rev Jesse Jack- Hussien Obama "acting like he's white"
  55. Grand Theft Iraq
  56. Iran draws up plans to bomb Israel
  57. Unbelievable
  58. Democrats' attempt to limit Iraq duty fails
  59. Burma: a brutally violent government
  60. Murtha Refuses To Apologize.....Cuts And Runs
  61. Once again the UN shows its' complete incompetence....
  62. RE: The Marches in Jena, LA
  63. Dan Rather-biased....another member of the incompetent liberal media
  64. George Bush: decadent perversity
  65. U.S. Marines Battle Insurgents In Fallujah (video)
  66. U.S. Federal Debt breaks 9 Trillion
  67. Well Well
  68. Gold Star Father Who Lost Son In Iraq Allegedly Beaten By Gathering Of Eagles
  69. GWB: Saddam killed Mandelas (video)
  70. Carter: Iran No Threat to Israel Now
  71. Congrats WarFish
  72. The President Of Hypocrisy (text/video)
  73. Liberal Professors Try to Stifle Free Speech
  74. Return on Success
  75. Republican Addresses Banking Hearing on Moral Hazard
  76. Giuliani Tells N.R.A. He Opposes New Gun Limits
  77. fake bomb art jacket
  78. Democrat files lawsuit against God
  79. Columbia “Invites Hitler to Campus” --As it Did in 1933
  80. OT: Check this out - From ESPN (Fuel Efficiency)
  81. Top U.S. General in Iraq Blames Public's Antiwar Views on Media: Moveon Ad coming????
  82. Governor ****zer
  83. NYPD Officer Jailed for 32 Years Wins Parole
  84. Can a Free Market Save Healthcare?
  85. "Futbol Americano" pisses me off.
  86. Marines In Search of A Mission - George Will
  87. Select a Candidate Website
  88. Can liberals explain...
  89. VA: 73K Gulf War Deaths
  90. 1,000-page-long Islamic Terror Timeline
  91. A Joke.....
  92. Rudy the classy $9.11 Mayor
  93. Parties war over condemning Iran- rats won't condemn Iran..
  94. Ex-commander in Iraq cites leadership crisis in U.S.
  95. Inspector Finds Broad Failures in Oil Program
  96. Daily Kos blog: Why I Have A Crush on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  97. Perspective
  98. U.S. Air Force Sets Up Cyber Command
  99. Marines Barred From Filming Commercial on Streets of San Francisco
  100. Iran Does Far Worse Than Ignore Gays, Critics Say
  101. Blackwater Inquiry Blocked by State Dept., Official Says
  102. Sunni Insurgents in New Campaign to Kill Officials
  103. Interesting Article
  104. Paging Al Sharpton:Racially Motivated Beating in Norfolk!
  105. Dems bone chickendoves yet again!
  106. Fallen soldier
  107. New piety squad patrols Ramallah
  108. Ok, why is Ron Paul a nut job again?
  109. Gates expects to approve Army expansion
  110. Interesting article on why Iraqi Govt is Failing to Unite The Country
  111. Will The CONs Now Vote to renounce Rush??
  112. US: Forces Kill Top al-Qaida Leader in Iraq
  113. Gotta Love it!!! Democratic leaders call Limbaugh comments ‘beyond the pale’
  114. Returning Soldiers Gunning For Democrats....
  115. Phony Soldiers
  116. Hillary Nut Cracker... A Must Have For The Holidays.
  117. Report Depicts Recklessness at Blackwater
  118. The forgotten war.
  119. Last letter from doomed Al Qaida chief: 'We are so desperate for your help'
  120. Attacks on the Media
  121. Blackwater Chief Defends Employees Before House Panel
  122. Cornered by Troopergate, Spitzer is showing his desperation
  123. The Few, The Proud, The Marines slogan wins
  124. $13.6 billion over the next decade to fix all of New Jersey's deteriorating bridges
  125. Obama got it right from day 1
  126. Bush Vetoes Children’s Health Insurance Bill
  127. *** Dr. Ron Paul raises over $5 MILLION in 2007 Q3!!! ***
  128. 50 Years ago Today: the start of the Space Race
  129. Sports Figures and Who They Support in 2008
  130. Terrorists Invite Rosie To The Middle East
  131. Pathetic Craig
  132. Military starting to think like the military.
  133. Democrats want to see interrogation memo; aka- rats want terrorists treated kindly ..
  134. Giuliani Pulled No Punches on the Radio
  135. The Republican Collapse- a la David Brooks
  136. No one wants to know today's Iraq.
  137. Attention RON PAUL supporters who vote in NY
  138. Oral Roberts University spending the Cash on themselves.
  139. U.S. Marines in Fallujah take city (video)
  140. Uh oh Iraqi government is starting to think for themselves.
  141. Bush Administration Actions Reveals Al Queda Security Breach
  142. Novak: Wilson did not forcefully object to naming of CIA wife in column
  143. Iraq insurgency: People rise against al-Qa'eda
  144. George Bush Denies Armenian Genocide
  145. Beyond my scope of understanding
  146. OT: Hangman's Noose Found On Black Professor's Office Door at Columbia University
  147. Marines Press to Remove Their Forces From Iraq
  148. Peacetime and wartime military casualty figures
  149. John Edwards....what a guy!!
  150. Conservatives help!! You know who you are...
  151. Anyone catch Linda Cheney on the Daily Show?
  152. Who Will Be Punished for Haditha?
  153. Shpitzer's gestapo at it again......
  154. Coulter's Controversial Recent Quotes
  155. Come party with Ron Paul in NYC tonight 10/12 and also Rally on 10/13
  156. Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize
  157. Lt. Michael P. Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, LI to Get Posthumous Medal of Honor
  158. Pop Quiz Hot Shot: Do you know the eyes of the NFL?
  159. Rush Puts Smear Letter On Ebay
  160. NASCAR E-Mail Flap Stings Democrats
  161. Report: Israeli airstrike targeted Syrian nuclear reactor
  162. Bill Cosby on MTP talking about Race (video)
  163. Wiretap Law Fails Missing American Soldier (Merged X1)
  164. Here is something funny
  165. Troops donated to Ron Paul more than any other Repubican candidate in Q3 2007
  166. Drought-Stricken South Facing Tough Choices
  167. Gossip Trumps Truth --- and the Liars Take the Spoils
  168. This is AWESOME. Artist draws picture of Mohammed as a dog
  169. Bush Continues Massacre of the English Language
  170. Skank-news-alert
  171. Romney Says He Represents GOP Values
  172. Spitzer hiring city lawyer on taxpayer expense in Troopergate
  173. Keeping their faith's flame lit
  174. Parliament in Turkey Votes to Allow Iraq Incursion
  175. Bush Says Iran Nuclear Project Raises Risk of War
  176. When are you so-called "Conservatives"
  177. House fails to override healthcare veto
  178. S.F. considers ‘shooting gallery’ for drug addicts
  179. Inappropriate comments made by Rep. Pete Stark
  180. Completely OT: Hurt people. Hurt people.
  181. US cites rapid changes in Arctic
  182. Sen. Chuck Graham, D-Columbia, arrested for suspicion of DWI
  183. where is the outrage???
  184. Tom Tancredo does it again!!!
  185. Cape Cod Commission denies Cape Wind application
  186. Who Here
  187. Frontline show on Iran last night...
  188. 10 Questions for all the "Islam is a Religion of Peace" Multi-Culti Crowd
  189. Mafia is 'Italy's biggest commercial business
  190. Bush Admin: We tortured an innocent by accident, but aren't sorry
  191. War costs may total $2.4 trillion
  192. Viewer Alert!!! Vier Alert!!! Valeria Plame on MSNBC now to pimp her book....
  193. OT- Mob Bosses discussed killing Rudy Giuliani
  194. I know you guys get asked this a lot...but why is Jesus depicted as White?
  195. Randi Rodent Suggest Blackwater Started California Fires
  196. Sen. Barbara Boxer Blames Bush For California Wildfires
  197. Biden...first Indians and now blacks....
  198. FEMA apologizes for fake "reporters"
  199. US to Require Diplomats to Fill Posts in Iraq
  201. Outsourcing government
  202. Ron Paul on Leno Tonight
  203. Warren Buffett on the US Tax Code
  204. Another Republican In Gay Sex Scandal
  205. Licenses for illegal immigrants: el dutche sptizer rolls on....
  206. OT - Political Quote of the Day
  207. Mukasey calls waterboarding repugnant but declines to say it's illegal
  208. Podhoretz Vs Zakaria
  209. Interrogation & Torture
  210. NY governor needs a learner's permit
  211. Media Sitting On A Devastating Sex Scandal?
  212. What was hussien obama doing?? Facing mecca????
  213. George Bush is Stripping Our Military of Honor
  214. The Fed's continued rate cuts are reckless
  215. 2004: Schumer Supported Torture
  216. Justice on 'The Windward Side' of Guantanamo
  217. OT: Ridiculous, unecessary, silly stunt to be pulled by NBC during SNF
  218. Very OT: So, I think I found faith.
  219. The Top Issues of Importance for Election 2008
  220. God Bless America
  221. Guy Fawkes Night
  222. Possible voting loophole concern for presidential race
  223. Our Ineffective Educational System........
  224. History Quiz
  225. Ron Paul just rendered media generated polls obsolete.
  226. Marines Fire Fight In Norther Babil
  227. John McCain: "No waterboarding, period."
  228. Iraqi war veterans protest against looney leftists John Hall & David Crosby
  229. The presidency of GWB has now devolved into a criminal conspiracy...(vid)
  230. Giuliani Says Successes Surpass Kerik’s Mistakes
  231. Pakistan mocks Bush
  232. New Jersey Voters Defeat Stem Cell Measure
  233. Mike Huckabee for President
  234. New Iraqi weapon...
  235. Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani; Brownback Goes for McCain
  236. OT: Giuliani Employs Accused Pedophile Priest
  237. A good read on Mike Huckabee
  238. Too funny ... CARBON CREDITS on ebay
  239. OT-World Incident Map
  240. Free Trade is the Awsome-ist!
  241. Peace Protestors celebrate return of troops....
  242. Since 10 Nov 1775...
  243. Giuliani Ally Kerik Reported Indicted
  244. Fed Chief Warns of Worse Times in the Economy
  245. The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush
  246. Alexander the Great
  247. Waterboarding is torture
  248. Hillary's campaign admits planting questions
  249. Hillary's Jihadist Donors
  250. Hollywood is casualty of war as movie-goers shun Iraq films