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  1. Onion: Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early
  2. Will we hear about this for the rest of the year?
  3. Change we can believe in?
  4. Great Commentary on the Usage of "Hussein" Obama
  5. McCain should select Mike Rowe as his VP
  6. William F. Buckley Jr. Is Dead at 82
  7. Hey, Conservatives!!!
  8. Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling
  9. Radicals never say sorry
  10. Upside down mortgages
  11. NYSlimes: McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out
  12. McCain to win in November
  13. Is the Terror Threat Overrated? (Article & Discussion - Merged x2)
  14. The gospel of B.O.
  15. Wow, Karl Rove Spin at it's Best
  16. 15 Years At War
  17. Great Email I Received - Strange Nightmare
  18. market recap 2/28...it'd be funny if it weren't true
  19. Hillary's last gasp
  20. Bob Geldof and President Bush
  21. Question for the Ron Paul supporters
  22. Hillary Clinton May Sue Democratic Party in Texas
  23. If you believe in 9/11 conspiracies
  24. Boy King: One dumb statement after another
  25. Name one poster who votes similarly to you but you don't like
  26. Please bury this story or we'll have to recognize improvement, success in Iraq
  27. This person is a hack....the official thread
  28. ***Now This Could Be The Start of Something Good***
  29. Obama plans to pick Republicans for cabinet
  30. Obama connected to corrupt fundraiser
  31. Welfare
  32. Economy may save Clinton's presidential bid..
  33. Obooma Thanks You
  34. The Iraq-Iran Love Fest
  35. McCain endorsement conflicts with Catholic backing
  36. Oil Prices Pass Record Set During ’80s Energy Crisis
  37. Americans Fire Missiles Into Somalia
  38. ***Politicians In Outrage; Time To Stand Up***
  39. Finally, the press (momentarily?) demanding some answers from Obama
  40. War looming between Columbia and an Ecuador-Venezuelan Alliance?
  41. Question about income tax
  42. Common joke in Moscow:
  43. America Ferrera campains for Hillary in TX
  44. Newsweek: Hillary's Math Problem
  45. Obama's Earmarks Request for the last budget: Over 320 Million
  46. Bush's Earmarks Request for the last budget: Over 330 Million
  47. Obama changed vote on war funding
  48. Hillary Ad Darkened Obama?
  49. The Unforgivable Acts Of an Administration
  50. Oil shooting to $120/barrel...
  51. Weather Channel Founder: sue algore to expose the fraud of global warming
  52. Remember that Alabama blackout of the 60 Minutes piece on Rove?
  53. Obama wins Vermont in a rout
  54. Right Wing Radio
  55. Iraq lets Shia death squad go free
  56. Question About Democratic Delegate Counts
  57. Another faux pas by an Obama
  58. The Broken Party Nomination System
  59. Fixing Social Security
  60. Why we should be afraid of warantless spying
  61. Obama's Real Mideast Problem
  62. African-American Superdelegates being threatend?
  63. Can Cindy McCain really be that perfect? -- CNN.com
  64. Hillary hinting to offer Obama the back of the bus
  65. Why Most Voters Shouldn't Vote
  66. Question for Obama supporters
  67. Hey I put this video together... My Iraq war spin.. thanx 4 watchin... JETZONI
  68. The Ugly truth That we are Supposed to Ignore
  69. Earn To Learn...Good Idea or Welfare Parenting ??
  70. TSA Gangstaz (video)
  71. Marines firefight in Haditha
  72. Greed-ridden, sociopath bankers strike again
  73. Hillary's math problem
  74. The Great Economy Bush Promised in 2000 and 2004 Should Kick in Any Time Now Right?!
  75. Have the WMD's we invaded Iraq for five years ago ever been found?
  76. Hey I put this video together... my spin on the war in Iraq
  77. money talks
  78. How do you feel about this form of affirmative action?
  79. Economy Lost 63,000 Jobs in February
  80. President Bush Attends Washington International Renewable Energy Conference 2008
  81. Conservatives who root for Hillary
  82. California banning homeschooling
  83. Hillary is a MONSTER!
  84. A New Form of Gov't
  85. Looks like the Left's favorite South American dictator...
  86. "The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation." - Rep. Sally Kern
  87. Halliburton Makes Billion$....And Shows why They are Worth It???
  88. intelligentjetsfan
  89. Smear campaign?
  90. OT: This could be trouble for the trolls on this board....
  91. How does Darwinism explain the Neanderthals?
  92. Gee I Didn't Know Supporting The Troops Meant Poisoning Them!
  93. Another NYSlimes hit piece on McCain....
  94. Spitzer Linked to Prostitution Ring
  95. McCain on the Economy
  96. New movie: Client 9 from Albany!
  97. One-Way to Mars?
  98. Clinton on the Economy
  99. More People Profiting From The Iraq War....
  100. McCain Saved Taxpayers From Getting Ripped Off... Commies Up In Arms.
  101. Gun Control & DC Gun Ban Opinion Piece (FOXNews.com)
  102. Iraq has budget surplus, US has deficit, WTF!!!!
  103. Spitzer may have spent big on call girls (il duetche- $80K to play hide the salami!!)
  104. Admiral abruptly retires after criticizing U.S. Iran policy
  105. Daily Show hits Berkeley/Code Pink
  106. Exit polls in Miss - Race
  107. Experts: Spitzer's potential troubles may include prison
  108. Silda Spitzer now has as much experience as Hilary
  109. Report: Spitzer to Resign Today
  110. 1 in 4 teen girls = STD
  111. An Interesting Trip Down Memory Lane.....
  112. Cheaper Oil Prices
  113. Delegate update
  114. Public clueless about U.S. death toll in Iraq
  115. Republicans and "Free Market" Zealots Bring Disaster to America
  116. Obooma's Pastor: God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11
  117. Will Obama be able to save the US?
  118. McCain's Paster: God Damn Islam, 9/11 Call To Arms
  119. Woman sits on boyfriend's toilet for 2 years
  120. Pentagon Cancels Release of Controversial Iraq Report
  121. Pentagon cancels release of controversial Iraq report
  122. Harvard Study: Antiwar reporting helping Iraqi Insurgents
  123. Marriage and Prostitution
  124. Obama earmarks 1 million to the hospital wear Michelle "works"
  125. What Type of Advisor Helps a President on Day One?
  126. Feds Examining Spitzer's Funds In Prostitution Probe
  127. 'Signs of Torture' You Can't Imagine - CNN.com
  128. FOX NUTWORK Dumps John Gibson
  129. Homeowners becoming arsonists
  130. Afghanistan pleasure cruise
  131. Democrats in Congress Introduce Resolution Attacking Bob Jones U. as Intolerant
  132. Is this truly a green Dem?
  133. Bill Gates on Immigration and H1-B Visas
  134. PlumberKhan
  135. Obama, Wright and MLK
  136. OBTW, How Happy is Hillary?
  137. McCain's Economics From WSJ
  138. Prostitution in Sweden
  139. SNL's Weekend Update
  140. Obama's Economics from New Republic
  141. What does America mean to you?
  142. Is Obama another JFK, Bush, or both?
  143. Obama's church accuses media of character assassination
  144. Become Informed - This Election Is A Hoax
  145. Gee
  146. Bear Sterns bought for $2 a share
  147. Iraqis See a Candidate’s Agenda in McCain’s Visit
  148. England get out of Ireland
  149. Ba-Racking Up Super Delegates
  150. Breaking News: Nazi Propaganda Takes a Huge Hit
  151. Teh haloz pwns teh nubs, fkin nubs, tey suxx
  152. tracey morgan on barack obama
  153. To The War Mongers; What Do You Say To These People???
  154. OT: Hip Hop Star DMX, political analyst
  155. Obama X's speech
  156. Obama speech condensed
  157. Curious about the military service of the candidates
  158. Hey Bit - new poll has the general in a statistical tie
  159. Hope you're not flying thru DFW today
  160. I'm kind of leaning towards Hillary
  161. OT: Westboro Baptist Church
  162. A short film by alexgutterson
  163. OT - Politicians
  164. Polls Show Dems Beatable This Year
  165. McCain urges Republicans to accept illegal aliens
  166. Hussein Obooma X.... Fire Imus
  167. Supreme Court will likely rule in favor of gun rights
  168. McCain links Al Qaeda and Iran????
  169. Obama: Fire Imus
  170. U.S. Eases ‘No Child’ Law as Applied to Some States
  171. Bush says Iraq War was worth it.
  172. Hey Bitonti
  173. Buried in Eloquence, Obama Contradictions About Pastor
  174. Obama Gives a Presidential Speech About Race
  175. New Black Panter Party....proud endorsement of obama..
  176. Interesting article about McCain's daughter...
  177. Head's up...
  178. Mike Huckabee: Cut Wright Some Slack
  179. My work is done here
  180. Shocking Military Death Statistics
  181. What is the difference between Obama and Mcain?
  182. Obama demanded Lott resignation
  183. African-American Perceptions About HIV...
  184. Hussein Obama...Grandmother a ‘Typical White Person’ Who Fears People She Doesn’t Kno
  185. Obama's Passport Data Breached; State Dept Investigation, 2 Fired
  186. Give This Country A Chance - Vote Nader
  187. Obama's pastor reprinted Hamas essay
  188. McCain Sought Endorsement from Reverand who Blaimed Katrina on Gays
  189. 5 years later, Women in Iraq worse off than under Saddam
  190. Who can offer a coherent explanation for declining real wages since the 1970s?
  191. Why Obama's anger goes unsolved!
  192. how can Obama be a racist?
  193. Who Is Jeremiah Wright?
  194. Iraqi Sunnis we Supported Now being Screwed bythe Democratically Elected Iraqi Govt
  195. Obama 'Typical White Person' Comment Delights Clinton Aides
  196. Primary Question
  197. Arctic Warming: Radical Changes in Climatic Conditions Observed
  198. New Gallup Poll; Obama Back On Top
  199. The New Republic: Far Wright- Why Obama's preacher problem isn't going away.
  200. McCain's pastor a sharp contrast to Obama's
  201. Hate to do this
  202. Nutjobs
  203. The Reverend Otis Moss III
  204. Dissension Arises at Fox News Over Treatment of Obama
  205. Spitzer & Troopergate scandal-any surprise he tried to halt the investigation???
  206. Amusing - Shillary caught in lie w/video
  207. Taking Credit or Embillishment?
  208. P.J. O'Rourke
  209. If McCain stereotyped or grouped all black people together, would he be "electable"?
  210. U.S. Death toll In Iraq reaches 4000.
  211. John McCain Girls
  212. What a Billion Muslims Really Think (Psst - They don't hate us cause we are free)
  213. McCain Warns Against Hasty Mortgage Bailout
  214. Obama FP advisor Merrill McPeak: NY/Miami Jews Get In The Way Of the ME Peace
  215. The Criminal Liberal Media Finally Comes Clean
  216. Rev. Wright in a different light
  217. Chelsea Clinton Claims Mom's Handling of Scandal "Not Our Business"
  218. OT: Wow, Italians really do make people "swim with the fishes"
  219. OT: Revolting Revolutionary NYC Taxi Driver
  220. The conservative case for Barack Obama
  221. OT Has Anyone Seen Florida Jet?
  222. Huge Democrat Scandal! Will these 3 treasonous rats resign?
  223. WSJ Poll: Pastor Flap Hasn't Hurt Obama Ratings
  224. If McCain vs. Obama; Only 28% of Clinton Backers Go for McCain
  225. Rev Wright in a different light- Obama's Pastor Slurs Italians in Latest Magazine
  226. WSJ: Controversy is "not the beginning of the end for Obama
  227. BREAKING NEWS: Hillary was NOT lying
  228. Another "mouthpiece" for selling out American Workers
  229. Uh Oh Micheele Obooma Slams America Again
  230. il duetsche Eliot linked to another prostitution ring....
  231. Al Gore KOs the "Flat Earth Society"
  232. Watch Out!!!!
  233. Israel Insider: Is Barack Obama a Muslim wolf in Christian wool?
  234. The Elephant in the Room: One-Day Democrats: A bad idea
  235. An Obama - Bloomberg ticket?
  236. Name That Party
  237. EU condemns Dutch anti-Islam film (CNN.com)
  238. Charges against Marine in Haditha case dropped
  239. Is Vogue Magazine racist?
  240. Education Mess in the USA
  241. Prosecutor: Spitzer Ordered Dirty Tricks
  242. Failed CEO still getting paid.
  243. Oh yeah, ... then there's Iraq violence.
  244. Bush Seeks Financial Regulation Overhaul
  245. A Case for a Change in Monetary Policy
  246. Obama Backers
  247. PBS Frontline: Bush's War
  248. Why do you come here?
  249. oh, yeh- Al-Sadr's throwing his hands up....again
  250. Solutions to Our Educational Problems ****